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  1. I would go with this build, but swap out the Gigabyte motherboard for something like a MSI H170 PC Mate, or an ASUS H170. Phanteks Enthoo Pro is also a great case.
  2. Forget about voltage overclocking if you're on air. You will need to enable voltage control in MSI's software, but I wouldn't recommend it with a 390.
  3. DDR3/DDR3L are interchangeable; the only different is the voltage - L stand for low. Skylake will work with regular DDR3, but you risk burning out your memory controller on the CPU.
  4. Did you use the official Windows 10 media creation tool, or did you download the ISO from a different website, then try to create the bootable USB?
  5. Yes, unless Microsoft changes with mid-way.
  6. The key lasts forever. The 1 year is the time you can upgrade for free.
  7. Do NOT upgrade directly if your machine has a lot of programs/files. You will encounter issues, so do a fresh install. This does depend on age, drivers, files, ect.
  8. Top is always the best, but the front will be fine. The overall cooling difference between a top-mounted rad vs front is only 0 - 3 degrees.
  9. Around 4.5Ghz most-likely. My last 8320E could only handle 4.2Ghz.
  10. Select the partition, and hit delete. You will loose ALL old files, so make sure you back-up.
  11. Yes this is fine. RAM is somewhat durable, but make sure it can't fly around in the box. Also don't shake it when you hear the kongo bongos.
  12. I see. The original OS won't effect the USB method, but a corrupted OS would if you were trying to reinstall from the original. How does it fail to restart? When it is about to restart, unplug the USB drive and manually restart if it doesn't. Also make sure you choose the custom partitions section, and wipe/delete all old partitions.
  13. Out of 100 systems built, we've had one 500B go bad (bad bearing), and a total of 6 CX power supplies with a different set of systems. It's not a bad power supply in my opinion, but a 280 may be a little much.
  14. What reinstall method are you using? Your OS could be corrupt. Use the USB install method: https://www.microsoft.com/en-au/software-download/windows10
  15. I would suggest neither unless he wants to deal with a lot of RMAs, or the possibility of outright killing everything in the system. An EVGA 500B is around the same price, but will offer slightly better reliability. If you need an answer, the Rosewill WILL be less prone to self destruction.
  16. They probably have a backup of the old database, but there could also be some visual bugs as things still propagate.
  17. I was thinking the same for build logs. "Good Point' doesn't make very much sense.
  18. What is the blue screen error message? How often does it happen, and when does it happen? Check device manager for any undetected devices. Check the event view for logs.