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  1. With stock clock speeds, and the right game yes. (This includes poorly optimized games)
  2. I was looking at some real sun rays through some trees, and I actually said "wow" because real life has next-gen graphics.
  3. Do NOT go with out it! I have tested this before, and the idle temps were around 50 degress, load was over 90 degrees. Do NOT do it, you need the compound.
  4. There was no point in overclocking non-K chips anyway... have you seen the drawbacks?
  5. Yes, I've done it before. You shouldn't do it as I mentioned above.
  6. Would still suggest trying it in case a pin is bent or something. I really don't think it's a software issue.
  7. I mean if you want a space heater - go AMD. This was a joke by the way. If you don't care about features, and just want pure gaming performance - AMD!
  8. Phanteks Primo with custom mnpctech window.
  9. Check out this cool rare watch I bought!



  10. Try a different SATA port, and a different SATA cable. If it's still not working I would just say it's a bad drive.
  11. Do you know anything about the process, and really large side effects of overclocking? No temp readouts, no speedstep, lack of overclockability, unsupported, no iGPU, lower memory overclocks. It's not worth it at all, and I would not suggest it at all.
  12. There is no point in purchasing a Z170 motherboard, and a AIO watercooler if you're going to be running a locked CPU that cannot be overclocked. I would suggest a 6600K for the extra few $ - other than that everything looks good.
  13. Am I yellow? Do I have three lines that represent a mouth, and a pair of eyes? Is my head perfectly round? No. Emoticons are meant to show emotions, and a nose does not partake in 99% of the emotions out there - sorry, son.
  14. Check the random read speeds using Crystal Disk Mark, and compare them to your desktop. Apple likes to go cheap wherever they can.
  15. Yes. Depending on the fan, you can hit mild - high overclocks before being limited by temps.
  16. Does it do this with other systems? if yes - bad drive!
  17. 4690K would technically perform better by a little bit, but I prefer the latest generation.
  18. https://alloscomp.com/bitcoin/calculator No. You will lose around $60 if mining for Bitcoin.
  19. 1) Locate your mouse. 2) Grip your mouse lightly. 3) Look at the monitor. 4) Locate the "Standard Edition" as shown in figure 1. 5) Move your mouse to the 2.8MB active BLUE BOLD text. 6) Use your pointing figure to press on the left mouse button. 7) Your download will begin shortly. Please move onto the next page for How to Install Crystal Disk Mark -->