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  1. 65C is the max I would go. I run mine at 70C when under load, and I can already feel it dying. I believe AMD specifies 62C or 64C.
  2. I'm not too sure, I haven't worked with Phoenix in a while. Sorry man
  3. Try 7-zip otherwise it may not be a self-extracting executable.
  4. I've done this on an Acer laptop with a dead BIOS. You can extract the .exe file using WinRAR. I used WinCrisis and Phoenix BIOS recovery.
  5. I'd use this on a budget gaming system with old GPU(s). The reliability is slightly higher than Corsairs CX series (depending on the model).
  6. I agree, a monitor + peripherals is around $300 - you would have to find used parts for a $400 build.
  7. Writing code at 6am turned into this: http://reeceleu.com/ - Looks like the old me is back.

  8. Don't worry, I've limited the amount of egg bytes 420mlg.exe can use. Mountain Dew won't be needed just yet, once we enter the photon quick shooter stage we will.
  9. Still trying to decide the best route that's cost effective, and suites all my needs. I've ordered everything else besides the motherboard + case.
  10. 9 slaves, and a master to perform repetitive tasks for a few upcoming projects. I plan on going back to purchase more.
  11. OK guys, I went to FreeGeek in Vancouver to look for some things. I ended up purchasing 9 Intel E8000s (775 socket), 9 40GB HDDs, 3 17" 4:3 monitors, 1 ATI RADEON HD 3450, 1 USB 2.0 controller, and an Acer Aspire 2010 laptop. I asked them for a wireless USB network card with a BIG antenna to go along with my collection - haha... I purchased all this to hack into the pentagon download botnet execute 0day sql query code using the pikachu paket buffer overflow exploit /s
  12. This is why I never use a distro based off another distro that was based off a distro. Whonix for me!
  13. Optimization issues. The GTX 970 kills at 1080p gaming. GTX 980ti at 1080p is flat out stupid.