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  1. The amount of frames lost is really small depending on the game of course, but since these are 60Hz 1080P displays it won't matter much. Would have gone X99, but this wasn't the original plan for this system. I'll have a few game benchmarks showing the amount of frames lost on a system like this. Still worth it!
  2. Me and my girlfriend decided to build a rad computer, so that we could play games on the couch together with seperate monitors. Currently running UnRAID with two Windows VMs. 7700K GTX 1060 GTX 980TI 512GB SSD I'll post the buildlog sometime down the road along with numbers.
  3. They have US locations. I suggest paying with bitcoins. Generally all of their servers are fast, but if you're looking for anything 50Mbps+ I suggest purchasing a server, and setting up OpenVPN. I've had Mullvad reach 40Mbps on good days.
  4. Try Mullvad. One of the most secure, fast, and trustworthy VPN providers out there. Pair it with riseup, and you'll become as invincible as Lulzsecurity once was.
  5. My girlfriend is the cutest little kitty ever, and I love her very much. =^.^=

    1. Nicholatian


      My girlfriend was an adorable and modest little goddess… until she left me. Out of nowhere, like “I’m done.” :(

  6. 6900K directly from Gigabyte in Taiwan :x


  7. I managed to pick up this custom Digital Storm PC-05S X in exotic blue brushed aluminum for a decent price. The case itself is no longer sold. Planned Specifications: Broadwell-E CPU + custom blue tracer waterblock Blue LED 16GB DDR4 (Unsure which model exactly yet) GTX 1080 + waterblock Unknown ITX X99 motherboard (ASRock maybe?) Corsair SF600 Samsung 950 256GB (If compatible) 2TB SSHD Obviously some nice custom glass tubing. I also plan on adding that 120mm radiator on the outside with glass tubing connecting to it. I can't live with
  8. Yeah I own the .ca version of linustechtips. I'm not too worried about domain jacking - yes I fell for the .online sale.
  9. My current domain name list consists of: reeceleu.com linustechtips.ca lurking.online decompress.online trojanhorse.online logout.online capslock.online spammer.online terminal.online username.online reece.tech I thought a few of those would be cool to own - can't wait until next years bill.
  10. Not very well no. That may power the lower end demos for the DK2 (Two 1080p screens), but certainly not the HTC VIVE. I can tell you a single 980ti will power minecraft vr at 9 distance on the DK2.
  11. I've had issues with the Intel 750 series PCI-E SSD on a Z170 platform. Age is somewhat irrelevant, and it really depends on the model of the SSD + motherboard.
  12. Some X58 motherboards support PCI-E SSDs. Not too sure about the Rampage III Formula, but there is generally always a work around.
  13. So what is this machine for? Gaming? Rendering?
  14. Sound like sometime is wrong here, and I wouldn't blame the monitor. TN panels do suck; however, you should be able to read fine. I own a 144Hz BenQ, and text is completely fine.
  15. Would replace Corsair with Kingston. Even though the SV300 had a bad reputation I believe it has been fixed, and is now a very solid drive.
  16. Sounds like your MBR is missing, or Windows is corrupted. Try doing a repair through a bootable Windows 10 USB. Removing malware won't repair any files.
  17. Cool build, but I woulds suggest upgrading the motherboard to the next level if you can. Squeeze in a few extra dollars. I've worked with the H110M-A, and it's not a bad motherboard, but it is one of the very low end board with only 2 DIMM slots - not to mention an mATX in an ATX case.
  18. Cool system I made for our showroom.



  19. I never suggest upgrading to Windows 10 from an old OS. Always do a fresh install especially with OLD hardware. If you have a spare HDD lying around; try installing a fresh copy of Windows 10 on it, and playing a few games. Drivers are one of those really unstable things when messed with - Windows 10 does the best job it can with drivers when upgrading.
  20. I believe the S60 isn't compatible with their software for whatever reason. I had the same issue, and ended up just throwing the SSD into my parents laptop. Upgrading the SSD firmware did help a little bit, but overall it's kinda junk. The process is a little weird, but I'll write a tutorial tomorrow and tag you in it.
  21. I would swap out the SSD for a 120GB SSD + 1TB HDD unless he specified SSD only. I'm also not a big fan of any of the CX series power supplies. Even EVGAs NEX series is better, and I believe priced almost the same.