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  1. lolwot? You'll end up shorting things with the PSU on..
  2. Thank you very much. I'll have a good read for later in the day. I'll see if I can find a few camera stores, and hold them since have never held a "professional" camera before. My last camera was a fujifilm finepix 8MP that someone left out in the rain so pictures were always foggy haha. I am leaning to a larger sensor, but we'll see what I think after reading. Thanks! Oh one more thing; is image stabilization important for taking pictures of movement, or just for the cameras movement?
  3. I said 4GB vRAM is not enough for 4K. You then stated I am completely wrong and went on the explain how HBM was faster. That has nothing to do with the fact 4GB is NOT enough for 4K resolutions. Even though the bandwidth it larger with HBM.
  4. Yes but... if a game uses 4GB vRAM, it will use 4GB vRam regardless if it's HBM or GDDR5. HBM = High bandwidth memory. HBM CANNOT store more than GDDR5. It CAN however output more faster. Hence the higher speeds, but HBM WILL be bottlenecked by the fact that it's only 4GB vram in size. Do you understand? It still needs to store the textures regardless how fast it can transfer/respond. I don't think you understand how vRAM works because you're missing a large part: storing.
  5. Yes but HBM isn't "larger" than GDDR5. Same storage, just larger bandwidth. 4GB will be used up quickly... in future games you will get major stutter due to going over the vRAM LIMIT.
  6. 4K? Fury was not made for 4K. 4GB vRAM is just barley enough... if not at all.
  7. The greatest feeling ever: When a Linux program installs, and works with no issues.

  8. Sucks to be the person above and below me. First thing I'll do is update my status.
  9. 970 because its better. Has a higher number. Also more vram because 390 has 8GB of vram total while the 970 has 4GB per fan. G1 gaming has 3 fans so 4GB x 3. /s 390 is better.
  10. Yeah there is just a whole lot to consider. Seems like there is a lot of I guess bs in the marketing, and I've just been comparing back and forth. Pentax QS1 seems like a better value. A chat would be great.
  11. The a5000 just seems like such a good camera for $100 more compared to an s120. I feel like the s120 will become outdated with high resolution displays.
  12. My skill level is next to zero I guess you could say. I don't plan on taking professional photos, or uploading these to websites (besides my own personal one). I just want something that is solid, lasts a long time, and takes great photos. I'll be mostly using it for vacations; saving memories and such. See a lizard on the ground? Snap!
  13. I mean I understand the difference between a good and bad photo, but the a5000 does look slightly sharper for distances compared to the rx100. Looking from multiple sources. Little less grainy haha.
  14. a5000 looks really nice. The photos also look a little better than the rx100. Is that mostly due to the sensor?
  15. Go with an i3. 6300 sucks and you'll regret it very early on.
  16. Yeah the HOF cards are good for white builds. None of their reg cards look great.
  17. Something that isn't huge. I'd consider the Nikon D3300 to be a little too big. RX100 is the size that I prefer. I will be using the camera for vacation photos such as mexico. Something I can easily carry around, slip into a purse ect ect. I wanna know if there is something better than the RX100 in the same price-range. Cannon S120 looks good, but seems to have poor image quality compared to the rx100. I'm not looking to be a professional sit there and adjust my camera type of person. I wanna whip it out and save a memory.
  18. Do you normally have to adjust everything with dslrs, or can I just point/shoot?