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  1. webdev is nothing. used 2 use a potato with 1gb ram ubuntu to pump out my lambo creations. 4gb is enough just add an ssd
  2. why worry about bottlenecking if you get over 60fps unless u have 144hz+
  3. if you want more fps go witha used gpu. you can get 980tis cheap. everything else is overpriced atm.
  4. if you cant afford something better just go with it. tlc will last you long enough. always keep backups no excuses
  5. this is a lower class ssd. nothing special about it. would avoid if you don't have a backup, or if you transfer a lot of data. great for basic usage.
  6. did you do any sort of overclocking and are you plugged into a power surge bar or any sort of power bar?
  7. i would wait until the new stuff is released if you have a working computer otherwise you will feel shit when it is released and wish you waited. i buy used parts
  8. Here is some step-by-step instructions: click me basic steps to trouble shooting would be to check power check psu power switch try 1 ram stick check all power supply connections and orientations remove graphics card unplug all drives check your power button is installed correctly try using a screwdriver to jump the power pins check the mobo lights or for any leds/debug codes along with your keyboard numlock key led unplug all usb devices
  9. i have done this twice with oem aios. it will work fine if you are on a budget and nothing will go wrong if done right. you cankeep the soft tubing very short just to cover the aio out/inlets to convert them to hard tubes, but it will not look so great near the CPU waterblock. just go and buy some nice waterblocks off performance PCs with leds if you want lights.
  10. dont purchase a gtx 1060, 1070, rx 480/580 ect. prices are shit so go buy a used card or save the 1050ti until next year
  11. linustechtips is literally cancer now

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      a matte black pc painte with acrylic paint which is dead, and disney channel skits. this forum has posts about people leaving their girlfriend because they cheated or their friend cheated. what even happened over the past year

    3. BlueCrazii


      I got cancer from this comment

    4. smartroad


      I'm leaving my cat as I saw it going to food and petting with the next door neighbour! The hussy! :D;) 

  12. Check online. Samsmobile has a $15 unlocker that will unlock most phones instantly. Dont worry about it being illegal since it is gay and the laws in Canada will make unlocking phones free on Dec 1st
  13. this is a tech forum not a gay man sex forum asking about dating a girl if she left someone for you

  14. GPU, PSU, Res mount is very flimsy metal which hangs from a few screws. I ended up mounting the backplate from my GTX 1080 where the res mounts which helped a lot. The res is from primochill with the primochill mounting bracket. (you will need to find something solid to mount the mounting bracket too like the GTX 1080 backplate since the holes do not line up to the case) As for watercooling it is fun, and not very hard when doing a loop.
  15. Yeah, not too worried about it. I have an 850W, but I'll leave this in until it dies.
  16. Check out my system using 600W on my EVGA 550W EVGA G2. Specs: 7700K 980ti 1070 Running unraid. The plan was to run 970s - that is why the PSU is only 550W. Normal gaming usage is 450 - 500W.
  17. Thanks, I will attempt to add a USB controller. May make things easier.
  18. I find the most difficult part is finding the correct USB device since I'm running a lot of off-brand wireless devices. The biggest challenge I may face is that I am using a single 512GB SSD as my disk 1 which is not recommended