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  1. its all a joke. im not a manager. iamboredsickandwantingfun 5/hr thanks 4 playing
  2. email me and i will get back to u with proper grammar
  3. i am a highly intelligent human with spiritual connections to the outer world. i hope u realize i am joking grammar doesnt matter imo on a ltt forum
  4. is that a fact or is that ur opinion. where is my outlined sheet saying i am a bad grammist
  5. what if a fact is an opinion before the fact is a fact. who came first the opnion or a fact
  6. then what happens when u have a spec sheet with blurred lines. some disagree while others disagree on if it is a fact or not? u can be logical all u want but not everything is as solid as u would hope
  7. advanced ai would disagree. ur bowl cut is blocking my signals
  8. why not? in my opinion it is a fact while some say maybe it is not a fact because there is no spec sheet detailing that android has more to do but i believe it is a fact from comparing functionality
  9. lots more to do on andorid vs ios. ios is like a childs leapfrog os from toys r us. fact imo
  10. s8 is so much less borning. better camera imo
  11. make sure u plug ur monitor into the gpu not the on board
  12. check out blu's lineup. i liked the phones and would buy one myself
  13. windows in itself sucks and when you have it on a mobile phone trying to open ur email then ur email bsod's while ur boss is yelling at u to clean his spicy shit it isnt good. rip microsoft phones u wont be missed
  14. learn mysql + database management then use mariadb on linux to store
  15. I wouldnt even worry about fans. so may people over think this part in PC building. you dont need $20+ fans (unless you like them) to have a silent fully functional pc. static pressure fans are fans with wider blades that move less air, but they can move air through dense objects like radiators. high air flow moves air quicker, but they are not as good at moving air through dense objects. i also wouldnt stress about positive pressure. dust will find its way in either way. just buy the fans you like if you have no radiators or restrictive areas in your case like drive bays go
  16. probably wouldnt recommend hosting at home especially when spending that amount of money. seems stupid especially if you have anything under 100mbps. rent a windows rdp then u can have ur server for cheap.
  17. check line 19 and look at ur syntax. provide everything between the php tags. also i could rape ur shit sanitize all inputs. dont use a .txt file as a database
  18. sure as long as you know some spicy linux commandos. it would be cheaper to rent a vps though - $5 a month.
  19. sucks. i actually hate my surface. super slow even on fresh linux installs compared to el cheapo plastico laptopo
  20. motherboards include plenty of drivers. chipset, audio, lan, utils, ect. full reinstall would be a simple fix without removing all old drivers
  21. i would suggest just backing up your data, and do a full reinstall of the system. windows has terrible file management + drivers always cause issues when installing new hardware
  22. useless post but i hate my surface pro 2. terrible trackpad, hard to use on lap, overpriced. resell value is like $200CAD. using a cheapo old laptop over it.