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  1. i got one of my r9 390s down from 275w to 180w. dont remember the voltages.
  2. what about adding a mini exhause that draws air over the heatsink and out the side/back/top
  3. clear cmos unplug all drives and pci devices besides the gpu double check that all the power cables are plugged in correctly to the psu and on the motherboard check that the monitor is actually working along with the cable try all ram sticks in all different slots every single one try the gpu in a different pci e slot check and see if the numlock lights up on your keyboard where was this bought?
  4. can you post pictures of the build. usually this means the ram/gpu is bad.
  5. look at any benchmarks. i would have recommended it a while ago, but since the new launch the intel processors really push it even at a budget level. i love amd but the amount of fps gained for a similarly priced intel cpu for just gaming is a large amount
  6. check ek or bitspower. if you need a bunch look on amazon
  7. use eset online scanner too better than malwarebytes
  8. i would not recommend a ryen processor for gaming. only heavy work loads where you need to save some cash. go for an i5 8600k
  9. all of the latest intel CPUs will perform just as good in gaming. go with an intel CPU i5 and up. more headroom for gpu upgrades over ryzen
  10. just use the mx 4. it is a great thermal paste. liquid metal is for delidded cpus
  11. with this theory any sort of mystery toy would be gambling. ie mighty beans. honestly who cares everyone 2017 seems to cry about everything. if you're addicted to buying boxes full of toys... i dont know what to say.
  12. as a miner that has been mining for a year with 20 cards. do not get into mining now. your return will be a full year, and the state of ethereum is always changing. there are new coins, but profit is very low unless you buy used cards super cheap which wont happen. it is not a fun hobby after the first few months. only good if you're a trader too with lots of cash and spare electrical outlets
  13. they were mining cards. all of my other asus, msi, amd fans handled it well. that being said a lot of the asus tubos were used as normal. gigabyte seems to use cheapo fans for all their cards
  14. mbr stands for master boot record. do not change this. i would remove all partitions assuming you need nothing then make a new partition
  15. only thing i would change is the case personally or go with a 500W gold PSU
  16. i have had troubles with the asus turbo fans going bad. should make a thread about it along with gigabyte... 20+ fans total in a few months at full speed
  17. i havent heard of this. i would contact samsung or your carrier. do you have a case on it? try restoring it too. android botnets are a thing rare though
  18. lots of people in the keyboard market aka check reddit 4 cool keycaps & custom boards use micro usb cables. i wouldn't be too worried as you can replace the cable. if you are worried about bad ports keep your receipt