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  1. Unsure if anyone knows what they are talking about, but regardless the PSU 20+ is fine. Even on a 500W PSU. Hell max it out and get a high OC.
  2. I already requested a refund. The software is complete shit with major bugs & the UI is broken on some systems. Glad this thread was made since I don't support hackforums-grade software sold as a final product without notifying the userbase. Honestly, shame on you symless. Even though I paid 15 bucks - it all adds up. Easier to buy trackpads & slap my dick on them a few times than push the only broken button on synergy 2 to try and connect systems.
  3. Do not purchase synergy 2 (symless). Essentially a broken product in beta stages, but sold as a final.

    1. she-bert


      What's not working? Have you contacted support? https://symless.com/contact

  4. well if you want your pc to become my second pc i wont stop you. its cool to play around with, but as a every day thing please avoid 100% at all costs. windows pcs are really susceptible to any form of attack from jdbs to rooted rdps
  5. just do ubuntu on a usb then select the live option and use disk/usb formatter. it is just as easy as windows. built into ubuntu already
  6. 8350 is a cpu from 2011. i would recommend anything else other than that. any ryzen 5 cpu or intel i5 even a ryzen 3
  7. what about textplus or something similar voip
  8. keep in mind vibrations can transfer through the screws into the case. id recommend the rubber screw anti vibration mounts
  9. i disagree. the gap is closed at least with the 8700k. the rest intel is still much better at gaming, and ryzen still great for workloads but it is so small.
  10. honestly ignore this guy about the res heating up. it will get very hot either way, and the air will if not help cool it down. plastic is a bad at transferring heat. all my professional builds have had the res infront of a rad.
  11. i personally would go for glass or acrylic tubing. after having petg in many builds it starts to turn a yellow hue, the tubes are not as clear, they start to bend a little due to temp changes (depends on the loop) mostly a personal preference since it isn't that bad unless you have really poor bends. 1 bottle of coolant will fill the whole loop. also handy to have a few fitting extensions in-case you need to use two 90 degrees to make a tube straight. also a slight port offset fitting if you can find one. make sure the fans + radiators fit
  12. 1080 sucks at hashing due to gddr5x op go for used cards. there is no point in mining though if you are not willing to lose 10kusd since it wil take about a year to make a return on that. anything less than 10kusd profits will be super small.
  13. should last a good bit and it is under $1000. if he wants something less overkill go for a nuc or gigabyte brix
  14. kill me... op just go for a ryzen 5 based system with 16gb of ram, 240gb ssd, 500w psu, gtx 1050, ect
  15. would not recommend this on an oem psu. bettr to spend the extra money instead of risking your parts + house.
  16. phanteks evolv has a super restrictive airflow probably the worst ive seen although modmymods has a fix for that
  17. check out reddits keyboard section. a lot of these coolermaster/corsair keyboards focus more on profit ratio rather than quality.
  18. honestly i believe an exhaust is more important that an intake. i dont really get the hype around how good airflow is in a case. as long as air can get in and out usually temps are around 5c~ in differences. case looks like it came from the action figure section of walmart though
  19. i agree. check out some of the other youtubers like paul/kyle gamers nexus jayz2cents scistudio level1techs. lots of guys out there. ltt has turned into a toys r us for small boys. good for the occasional watch
  20. if only ryzen had better ipc intel would still have a competitor
  21. sorry but this is a forum. https://goo.gl/ku8yfA
  22. cheap little systems are the best. after working with high end systems i miss my old r7700 + 8320.