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  1. Confirmed it's powered by Nvidia: https://blogs.nvidia.com/blog/2016/10/20/nintendo-switch/
  2. The AotS benchmarks can be found on the site, they use the same settings. GTX 1080 RX 480 CF Found on the AMD reddit.
  3. Dude FFS stop it, you are nitpicking every article in order to hate on AMD. You are the primary reason I hardly am on this forum. This update is not a general performance update but a bug fix for 390 series and also 290 series but nobody using them in benchmarks. The other AMD cards perform as expected in OGL games. Also this Even when they fix their drivers you are still not happy. GIVE IT A REST
  4. Probably already posted, but those are rumored specs by the guys themselves, not leaked or based on anything.
  5. That might still change or that scenario hasn't been reported on. Change will only happen in a few months.
  6. Kitguru Youtube Blog Well, took them long enough. Pretty sure creators are a lot more happy.
  7. It's not leaked, it can be found here
  8. No Pascal Demo.That doesn't sound very promising with such an event.
  9. Problem seems to be only on the Fury cards anyway. The dudes 370 didn't have any stuttering with only 13% lower average. Article title sure is clickbaity.
  10. Can we get an actual source instead of Forbes, these guys are more idiotic then WCCF.
  11. Guru3d also did the test and they found something off with the FCAT analysis. AKA V-Sync is forced on at the end of the pipeline, which might skewer the results depending on where the measure point is taken in-engine. It's a driver issue.
  12. That's the only article I've seen that mentions that they are 144hz panels, so I'm not sure it's true.
  13. It used to be an actual part of AMD, but they spinned it off and sold it. It's no longer an actual part of them.