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  1. I'd probably just go with something like: http://kenwheeler.github.io/slick/ or http://slidesjs.com/
  2. Their M25 speakers sound really great. If the rest of the lineup matches that, then you've got a pretty nice setup
  3. Where exactly do you connect your stuff? Front ports or directly in the back? Are you sure, when you connect that the plugs are entirely in?
  4. No but you get a nice explanation around 5 minutes into the video of how they sound, which you can use to compare to your 558's... You can't really expect anyone to have owned both headphones at the same time, given that the ATH's are quite new. Not even owned them and written down any thoughts about them.
  5. Right now JVC HA-DX1000 when at home and JVC HA-FX700 when out or at work. I really like the JVC house sound.
  6. I've owned a pair of DT770 600 Ohm and I wasn't super impressed with the sound. The treble was a bit too forward and brittle sounding. They do go very very deep in the bass. Around 25Hz was still audible! The build quality on the DT770 is very good and the comfort i decent, they might clamp a bit to begin with, but can be stretched to relieve the pressure. They are built like a tank and can survive abuse very well. I heard some people say the the DT770 LE are a bit more lively and very easy to drive, so if you go the DT770 route, they might be for you. I haven't hear the Momentum yet, so I
  7. You could always modify them and build in a voltmeter to monitor the battery :-D
  8. I was looking if it had been posted before. I guess I didn't look deep enough. No need to get personal.
  9. The contract has been drafted according to a YouPorn Twitter account: What do you think about this. Is it appropriate that a porn site is sponsoring teams for a game that a lot of teens and pre-teens play?
  10. The commercial cracked me up, it is hard to find one favorite, the videos are all great! Good tips on how to improve at iRacing
  11. I have a Fiio X3 i bought from mp4nation.net. They sent with fedex, came two days later from China, no import taxes or nothing. I guess I was lucky. The player itself is very nice, I've bought a microSD to SD card adapter, because at the time I bought it 128 GB microSD cards were not widely available. Compared to the iPods the X3/X5 and iBasso DX50/DX90/DX100 beats them by far. There is just not enough room in them to accommodate the necessary electronics.
  12. The pads just stretch over the edge, pull them off gently.
  13. What was the reason they gave when they declined? What about your own insurance, does it cover? Also to be honest, if the box which is shown on the pictures contained the server I would say that it most likely was not up to the job.
  14. Well then just download the Ubuntu ISO and use Rufus to create a bootable device.
  15. There are loads of programs to create bootable USB. As I understand you want to be able to run Ubuntu on the USB stick and not use the USB stick as install media? Use UNetbootin to achieve that: http://unetbootin.sourceforge.net/ there is even a guide in the Ubuntu Wiki: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent#Installing_Ubuntu_on_USB_drive_using_Windows
  16. Not sure how the used market is where you are, but you really can find some gems hidden in between all the shit people sell. I.e. locally I can find a very nice pair of Rega RS5 for less than half the price when they were new. Mirage, Focal, Heybrook, and many more. Maybe take a look at some used speakers in good condition, that way you will get a LOT more value for your money. Best thing would be if you could borrow then and listen to them in the room you intend to put them in. As many other posts have pointed out, the room plays a big factor in how the speakers are going to sound. If you
  17. Cheesebaron

    Sony MDR 1R

    Could be the drivers for your soundcard that are missing, and you are using the default one Windows finds?
  18. Phillips Fidelio X1 is also around 150 quid, they are really great for the price.
  19. I had a nice course at my university where we had to implement a small computer on an Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA), we got the CPU handed to us, but we had to implement all sorts of things such as IO, UART, Displays and much more. Basically the CPU is a whole bunch of logical gates, but there is of course a lot more to it. CPU's have different microarchitectures, which usually are codenamed internally, for instance Intel uses locations for names, such as Haswell, Nehalem, Ivy Bridge etc. These define how the CPU's are structured internally. Then there are instruction set architectu
  20. I think you need to read this thread: http://www.head-fi.org/t/716711/the-best-bass-headphones-are-the-extreme-bass-club
  21. Yeah, so you probably won't hear much difference if you don't A/B test. Sure you might hear slight differences because they probably have some minor change in components around the chip. There won't be any night and day difference that you can remember for more than 30 seconds anyway...
  22. Sorry I just woke up when I wrote the above. With DAC in the second paragraph I obviously meant O2, but that doesn't change the fact that he was indeed using the ODAC. There could be some noise on the USB connection, which interferes with the circuitry in the ODAC. Not sure how the ODAC filters that out. Get a third person to listen. If you don't hear it, then don't worry about it