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  1. I don't really see anywhere to adjust the tracking pressure, azimuth and stylus rake angle or anti-skate. So I really doubt you will have a good time replacing the pick-up unless it is one that weighs and has a similar housing. Also due to its nature, there is nothing supporting the vinyl where the pressure goes onto it, no possibility to use a clamp for wavy vinyl, nor would I trust the motor running evenly. There are just too many problems with that turntable to even consider buying it. So using it you will hear rumble, uneven playback and just plain bad sound due to the crappy PU. Go fi
  2. I am pretty sure it sounds like shit
  3. Headphones in the gym... I am not a big fan of that. Interferes with my concentration and visualization of the next set. Either way, I would have probably gone with something a bit more sweat protecting. Squatting 400 pounds makes you sweat like you are walking in hell! And don't tell me you are not squatting. If you ain't squatting, you ain't working out!
  4. Not always a Headphone jack, often it is actually just RCA. DAC's are also built into sound cards + some kind of amplifier circuit. In some instances you could have noise or plain bad sound quality out of your sound card, this is where a DAC or combined DAC/AMP could come into play and help you with this problem. Usually you wouldn't really hear any difference with those kind of speakers whether you used the built in soundcard of your computer or using an expensive DAC, they are just not good enough to allow you to hear much of a difference. There could be a slight diff
  5. Maybe this can help: EDIT: Oh wait, you probably already watched that due to your choices...
  6. The only reason I would pick the Denon instead of the Marantz is if I would want to use the built in HDMI 1.3a switch. Otherwise don't waste your money.
  7. I think it must vary from shop to shop then. I've been in some where they had a nice lineup of headphones.
  8. Not sure if you have Mediamarkt, but that is usually a good place to find headphones, at least in Germany.
  9. A lot of different stuff. Metal, Rock, DnB, Acoustic.
  10. If you haven't sold the HD650 yet, then check what color the drivers are. Because if you have the slightly older model (and the drivers are not white), then you might be able to get better details with a very simple mod you can do to them. I had a pair once and did the "APureSound" mod to them and it made them a lot less veiled.
  11. I've had the COP, I wasn't too impressed compared to what else you can get at that price point. Not saying they are terrible, they just didn't suit my sound preferences.
  12. That is how code looks when you do chaining
  13. Best thing would probably be to not learn any programming language and spare yourself from all the hardship and struggle they bring. Use your time to chase girls, think about the meaning of life etc.
  14. You linked to Unity3D, and asked a question... Which made me think you were questioning whether I was talking about something not being Unity3D, but with a similar name.
  15. I really like that more manufacturers start putting the speakers in a front facing position, well at least HTC and Sony. This needs to happen on a lot more devices!
  16. You can do everything that you do in the IDE GUI in code as well, it is entirely up to you how you create objects etc.
  17. Well unfortunately the exploit is not only used on illegal sites, but on legitimate sites, where they are able to find out who people are based on MAC address. So if FBI is using their code on those pages as well, they might be tracking innocent people as well.
  18. Source: http://www.wired.com/2014/08/operation_torpedo/ So what the article describes is that FBI uses exploits in old versions of Tor Browser or Firefox which it is based on, to run instructions on the victims computer. This is done through an iFrame with some JavaScript. Look up CVE-2013-1690 for more details on the exact exploit used. Do you think it is ok for FBI to use exploits to lure out people who visit the wrong page? Maybe they visit it by an accident?
  19. I've run OSX in VMWare Workstation, it took some work to get it running, but it works. Although I am not sure whether it is a breach of their EULA, but that is up to you whether you want to follow it or not. With Unity I meant Unity3D
  20. Not exactly true. The current recommendation is to have as few Activities as possible and do your UI and interaction in seperated Fragments, which just like Activities have their own lifecycle, just being a single reusable component instead. Take for instance a ListView displaying specific data with specific interaction could be contained in a Fragment, which then could be reused multiple places in your application. Also UI can be defined through XML or you can dynamically create objects by either inflating XML or creating your own instances. So you aren't bound to only do UI in XML. I
  21. A couple of observations and requests for the current API. I get the following payload right now when I access the API: { "display_name" : "Cheesebaron", "new_notifications" : "1", "new_pms" : "0", "profile_img" : "http:\/\/linustechtips.com\/main\/uploads\/profile\/photo-thumb-122.png?_r=0"} Firstly the profile_img field's value is strangely escaped, even though we have quotes around the string. That is really unnecessary in JSON. It would be really useful if there was a date telling when a pm/notification was last received, such that you can compare with a local value. Maybe ex
  22. Yeah because it takes like 2 minutes of your time to convert it to slick... Your choice, your webpage.
  23. So you have a couple of options for developing for those platforms. Going native, Java and Obj-C/Swift LibGDX (Java) MonoGame (C#) Unity (C#/JavaScript (actually UnityScript)) However in all cases you will need to have a Mac (there are options of doing stuff in a VM) and accounts for the Apple Developer portal and Google Play which both cost money. MonoGame isn't entirely free either, it requires you to have accounts for the Xamarin tools but that is a cost of 25 USD per month, which is fairly decent if you are a serious developer. Unity isn't free either if you want to deveop for t