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  1. Funny though, because Takstar is the OEM on the headphones themselves...QPAD just adds the mic...
  2. It would work with both BT -> Phone and BT -> Headphone which uses BT + aptX. The MyST I have tried only works with BT -> Phone or music source. Not to headphones. It is indeed pretty cool, especially if you use some kind of external DAC with your phone, which usually gets connected through an OTG USB cable, then you have to manage that cable etc. With a DAC thingie with BT which connects to the phone, just as I mentioned in the OP, then you can use your phone without having to worry about that OTG cable, and just have the AMP hidden in a pocket or something.
  3. I've had both HE-300, HE-400 and HD555 and HD650. All are great headphones in their own ways. HE-300 and HD650 have a very similar sound signature. With minor differences in the bass region. I really like them both, but for comfort, I would probably stick with the HD650. HE-400, is not as creatip123 says less bright than the HE-300, on the contrary it is a lot brighter. And they are not at all dark, not darker than HE-300 and HD650. Not sure if you had something stuck in your ears when you listened to them. HE-400 are really easy to drive, the same goes for the HE-300. HD650 are 300 Oh
  4. Not sure if it has been posted yet, but Creative has just announced their Sound Blaster E5 USB DAC, which looks pretty nice for people who use their mobile devices to listen to music. Source: http://www.techpowerup.com/204717/creative-unveils-the-sound-blaster-e5-usb-dac-and-headphone-amplifier.html So from what I can see it is the only contender for the MyST PortraDAC, which also has bluetooth connectivity (I think this was the only one before Creative announced theirs). I've tried the PortraDAC and it is pretty cool to be able to just put the amp in your pocket and not worry about ca
  5. I had a Thermaltake XASER III V1000A a looooooong time ago. I was like 15 or 16 years old. It was a nice case, built in fan controller and all. Back then I think they had a more distinctive aesthetic to them, nowadays they seem to make very generic PC cases.
  6. I have the AudioEngine A5 (not +) and they are pretty nice. However, they don't really play suuuuper deep bass as they are not really made for it. So you would have to get a subwoofer to get that deep deep bass. I think they go as low as 60-65 Hz, and depending on the placement of the speakers, as they are rear-ported, you could get a bit more room rumble if you move them closer to the wall. As Goldilock told you don't actually need an amplifier for these, as they are active.
  7. In half a years time I am going to look at buying my first car. I have a thing for old cars and have been looking a lot at some Golf I, bugs and similar type of cars. They are also super cheap to insure as they are veterans most of them. Although, I am not sure how reliable a veteran car would be and how they would fare during the winter, as they throw a lot of salt on the roads.
  8. Your next step is to research what the algorithm I have mentioned does. Use your favorite search engine
  9. Yes you can Ever heard of 2L?
  10. PyCharm or Spyder, GitHub's new editor also looks pretty nice, but it is mainly targeted for web development.
  11. Not sure how Android development works in Netbeans, but I don't think it comes with any tools for that out of the box, so you would have to rely on a plugin for Netbeans to do that. I suggest you download Android Studio instead, it has everything you need for Android development, including gradle so you can build all those 3rd party libraries, a designer for your layouts, IntelliJ IDEA's awesome code inspector and much much more.
  12. You will need to enumerate both words and iterate over the characters, comparing them to each other. So something like: changes = 0 for char in word1: for char2 in word2: if char != char2: changes = changes + 1 Now this is a very naive implementation and does not take care of differences in length of the words etc. but this might get you somewhere... Basically what you are looking for here is a Levenshtein distance algorithm, loads of resources about that on the wide web.
  13. I've had the VSonic GR07 they were actually pretty good. The VSD3 are said to be tuned to sound like a pair of 400 USD Shure SE535's, can't tell you if that is the case though, as I have not heard them yet. You can find them here: http://penonaudio.com/Earphones/In-ear-earphone/VSONIC-VSD3 for 45 USD, which is a pretty good price. They even include a pair of comply foam tips, which saves you quite a lot on your first pair.
  14. That sound is over 1000 Hz, a bit hard to approximate it exactly, but I would think around 1300 Hz. That sound is very typical on laptops or similar with bad sound cards when it is doing intensive work. Could also be a fan or some other noisy component in the computer. But first I would try to find out where exactly the source of the noise comes from. If it is your PC or your mixer, or some other component you plug in.
  15. Which isn't audible. Usually buzzing, which is not high pitched is around 50 or 60 Hz, which is often due to grounding issues. You won't be able to hear 50 kHz...
  16. I will tag along with the choir telling you not to get wireless headphones. The price per performance is sub-par with an equivalently priced cabled headphone, and as ShearMe points out, using a wireless headphone would render your soundcard pretty much useless. The switch you mention could be something like a pre-amp which takes the output from all your devices and lets you switch between them. However, then again you wouldn't really need your STX as you would never use the built in amp for driving the headphones as that part would be pre-amps or an amp chained after that job. Also if
  17. You won't be able to hear 50 kHz, however 50 Hz is audible. Human hearing goes to around 20 kHz... 48000 Hz is just the sampling rate.
  18. They best way to improve your listening experience is captured in this picture: So the recipe is: 1. Find your favorite alcoholic beverage and pour it into a glass 2. Drink it 3. Feel the effect 4. ??? 5. Pure sonic bliss
  19. Grado's are a bit more expensive over the pond, so the SR125 are 250 USD here.
  20. I notice you are from Denmark as well, and if you didn't know there is a nice site called hoved-fi which is kind of like head-fi, just with a bunch of cool Danish people. We are going to have our bi-annual meet in October. So if you want to listen to a whole bunch of head-fi do visit and sign up. This time of the year is the Copenhagen meet, we also have one in the spring in Jutland.
  21. From the sound you describe I would maybe look into some HiFiMAN HE-300, I don't think they are made anymore, although you should be able to find them still. It is a really great headphone with Sennheiser HD650 type of sound signature. Philips Fidelio X1 are also very nice and often you can find them at a nice discount price. I've seen them as low as 160 Euro.
  22. I think, if you get almost any micro-jack to mini-jack cable in your desired length, with the micro-jack end being very slim you could probably cut the grooves for the locking mechanism yourself. Although a bit hacky. But I really don't like when manufacturers use proprietary type of plugs. Would have been better if they used something like MMCX, mini-XLR or similar. No reason to use their own shit so that you are forced to buy their cables...
  23. Cheesebaron

    DWI Legit?

    If it is too good to be true and you can't find any reviews of the company then don't bother sending your 1000 bucks their way.
  24. Rage Against the Machine - Take The Power Back is really nice to test bass punch. Slash - Vocalise is also really nice. Lots of goodies on that list