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  1. For me it is an obvious choice of getting the Intel i5 3570K, because the AMD counterpart uses much more power and has a larger TDP. Overclock that i5 and you will destroy that AMD CPU! Keep in mind that a motherboard is either supporting AMD OR Intel CPU's not both, so please make sure you are picking the right one for the right CPU.
  2. You are saying that the data stored on the drives are of no particular value to you. However imagine this scenario: You went to a LAN party and all of the sudden your one of your HDDs in your RAID0 dies. All your games are stored there. So instead of having fun with your friends, you are swearing over your mishap and spending time on re-acquiring the games you want to play and recovering from the damages. I would consider running RAID5 with 3 disks and be able to lose 1 disk at a time without loss of data and without a big performance hit. But if you really don't care about your data, go