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  1. I had one of those XFX 5870 cards myself. Watch out with those. Mine had its cooler permanently attached to the black choke that sticks up on the top of the PCB, which you can see at 4:01 in the video. I had to order a new choke which wasn't super easy, because they are only sold in bulk to large companies. But I managed to find a manufacturer, which was willing to send a sample of 2 chokes to me. Another thing is that they are surface mounted, which made it hard to solder the new one in.


    Moral of the story. If you have removed all screws, and the cooler sticks to the PCB, watch out with using force to split the two parts!







  2. IMO, there's no real point to an IDE, if you don't have to manage code libraries, database connections or anything else that can't be easily stuffed into a text file.


    Don't stop believing that. But as soon as you have to manage a csproj and solution file with more than a couple of files and/or projects it becomes super tedious to manage. That is one of the things, which an IDE just does for you.


    Other things as static analysis, code inspection, refactoring, intellisense etc. is not useful either you say? I really want to see you work in a professional environment without any of these tools and be productive. This is some other things that a proper IDE helps you with.


    As already pointed out by Nuluvius, Visual Studio Community Edition is free, so is Xamarin Studio (previously called MonoDevelop) which also does C# very well. No other IDE I have tried does C# as well as they do.

  3. Thanks guys!



    Actually, yes. Can you spot the resistor in series with the tweeters?

    'Normal' tweeters are resistive and need a capacitor to create a first order RC highpass.

    Our piezo tweeters are capacitive and they need a resistor to create a first order RC highpass.


    You could use a coil on the woofer, but the midrange already has a very controlled rolloff.

    Crossover frequency is around 3.5kHz.


    There is also a highpass on the input of the amp at 40hz. It's to prevent the woofer from playing frequencies it can't properly reproduce anyway.


    Now that you said it I can see the resistor, it was hard to spot though. What is the reason to put sealant onto the tweeters? Aren't they already in a closed enclosure?


    Anways, it looks pretty nice.


    What amplifier are you going to use for this? Tripath?


    Edit: Nevermind about the amp. Found it in the OP :) 


    -Amplifier: MaxAmp20. A lot smaller than it seems from the pictures. 2x15W high efficiency class-D with digital volume control.

  4. I've tried both, and personally I think both headphones are boring and thin sounding. Now that is a matter of personal taste. 


    I'd also take a look at the Sony MDR-1R and Sennheiser Momentum they should be roughly in the same price range and be less boring.

  5. Nonono, that is not how you ask a question. If you expect someone to help you, provide the minimum reproducible steps and a proper error message, which tells exactly where it goes wrong. You can't just dump your code, even worse, you can't just dump your code unindented and uncommented and expect someone to figure out what you were thinking and where the error is.

  6. using System;using System.Collections.Generic;using System.Text;namespace ConsoleApplication1{    class Program    {        static IList<Person> _people;        static IList<Group> _groups = new List<Group>();        static Random _rand = new Random();        static void Main(string[] args)        {            var numPeople = ReadInt("Enter amount of people: ");            _people = GeneratePeople(numPeople);            var maxPeople = ReadInt("Enter amount people in the group with most members: ");            for (var i = 1; i <= maxPeople; i++) // does not make sense to make groups of 0 members...            {                var numGroups = ReadInt("How many groups of " + i + " people do you want? ");                for (var j = 0; j < numGroups; j++)                    _groups.Add(new Group { Size = i, Name = "G" + i + j });            }            foreach (var g in _groups)            {                do                {                    // pick random person                    var person = _people[_rand.Next(_people.Count)];                    _people.Remove(person);                    g.Members.Add(person);                } while (!g.IsFull);            }            Console.WriteLine("Generated following groups:");            foreach (var g in _groups)                Console.WriteLine(g.ToString());            Console.ReadLine();        }        static int ReadInt(string message)        {            var ok = false;            int val = 0;            while (!ok)            {                try                {                    Console.WriteLine(message);                    var input = Console.ReadLine();                    val = Int32.Parse(input);                    ok = true;                }                catch                {                    Console.WriteLine("Please enter a numeric value");                }            }            return val;        }        static IList<Person> GeneratePeople(int number)        {            var people = new List<Person>(number);            for (var i = 0; i < number; i++)                people.Add(new Person { Name = "Guy" + i });            return people;        }    }    public class Person    {        public string Name { get; set; }    }    public class Group    {        public string Name { get; set; }        public List<Person> Members { get; set; }        public int Size { get; set; }        public bool IsFull        {            get { return Members.Count == Size; }        }        public Group()        {            Members = new List<Person>();        }        public override string ToString()        {            var sb = new StringBuilder();            sb.AppendLine(Name);            foreach (var member in Members)                sb.AppendLine("\t" + member.Name);            return sb.ToString();        }    }}

    Some OOP sprinkled on top. Notice how I am not doing anything strange using ref or similar to manage the groups. I just generate them once and modify the objects.

  7. None, ive just got into this stuff and as im new to this its hard to understand what people sometimes say like "fun" which makes it hard to get a good understand of a review.


    With fun in this case I mean the bass and treble are kind of dominant, making them not neutral sounding and colors the sound coming out of them.



    I do know where these headphones stack up in sound quality though giving what people do say DT 990 then X2 but get alot of people saying they are better (Prefer them over) than something like the HD 700 or Audeze LCD-2. which makes me think why do people prefer them and praise them over something that is worth 2 or 3 times the price?


    Wow, super incoherent sentence. Consider some punctuation and re-reading the sentence... Anyways, you can't know anything from what people say as most of the time they are expressing their subjective opinion of the product. The best way to know is to listen to the product yourself and make your own mind up on the product.



    As the HE-500 went up $100 it leaves me no other choice but to now look at the 400i unless it comes down in price again


    You have the choice of buying used, you might save a lot of money doing that.

  8. Having owned HE-400 and now having the HE-500, I'd say the price jump is worth it. However, you won't notice a night and day difference between the two, but they have their differences.


    Bass wise the HE-400 wins, the representation in the lower regions is very good. Very tight and full.

    Mids are slightly forward on the HE-500 while on the HE-400 they have a dip in the upper mid region, which for me makes vocals less attractive and they loose some of their flair.

    Treble on the HE-400 can be sibilant and "tizzy" while the HE-500 are more neutral.

    I would say the HE-500 are more neutral, while the HE-400 are a bit on the fun side. Additionally the sound staging is a bit better on the HE-500 as well.


    I haven't heard the DT 990 Pro's, only the DT880 and DT770 and COPs. Of those I like the DT880's most and they were actually my first good pair headphones. However, having heard a lot of other headphone since, I've found out the Beyerdynamic sound does not really appeal that much to me. I find them too analytic and in many cases a bit thin and boring sounding. Don't get me wrong, they are fantastic headphones in a lot of areas, but I just prefer another sound.


    I've heard the Fidelio X1, and they are actually quite good. They remind me a lot of the Sennheiser HD650, although a bit less dark and they have that bump in the upper bass region which make them a fun headphone.


    Have you heard any of them?