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  1. AudioNile

    DWI Legit?

    But due to the price I am sceptical. If the products are not legit I would buy it from somewhere else. What do you mean by street price. There MSRP is $1500 right?
  2. AudioNile

    DWI Legit?

    So do you think I should buy it from them?
  3. Anyone had experience with DWI Digital Cameras? Are their products real?
  4. AudioNile

    DWI Legit?

    I am planing to get a Senheiser HD 800 from DWi digital cameras. Are they legit, since the price is $1000 for the headphones. Normally they cost $1500. Anyone had experience dealing with them?
  5. Thanks @Aniallation. Really appreciate your comments
  6. Thanks. What headphones and sound card do you have?
  7. Hi there, I am planning to get a Senheiser HD 800 and Audioengine a5+ speakers. I already have a Asus Zonar Stx in my pc. Do I need to get another dac and amp or is it recommended? If so which one should I get. I am looking at Desktop Objective2/ODAC with RCA? This is a good choice if needed, since it has a speaker and headphones out ports. Should I get a cheaper version of this or is this model suited for my needs?