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  1. Agree
    Razarza reacted to Matu20 in nVidia Fermi Cards Now Support DirectX 12   
    Power to the people who still use Fermi.
  2. Like
    Razarza reacted to rodrosenberg in Scrapyard Wars 4 Champion saves aunt lost for 5 days   
    Ok this isn't tech related but one amazing story involving the other half of BS Mods!!! Bob is pretty freaking amazing and can pretty much take on any problem this tells a small part of his weekend searching for his aunt. 

  3. Agree
    Razarza reacted to LAwLz in Windows XP patched to avert new outbreaks from three more NSA exploits   
    This is a good thing. Why are people comparing that they are releasing patches which could prevent malware outbreaks? Even if you think Windows XP is old and should be abandoned, the fact is they machines are still out there running XP. Those machines won't get updated just because Microsoft stop giving out updates, that has already been proven. So why keep patches which are already developed to themselves. 
    It's like having the cure for AIDS, but keeping it secret because "people need to learn to have safe sex. They won't learn if I give them the cure". 
  4. Funny
    Razarza reacted to VPrime in To reduce shipping damages, a Dutch bike company printed a television on their boxes   
    Original Article from the Verge: To reduce shipping damages, a Dutch bike company printed a television on their boxes
    Image copyright due to Jason Gray - hopefully this is fair use
    I just thought this was really cool and a practical solution - maybe the way to prevent damage is to make people think they are carrying a big TV.  It's not like the weight will tell them any different.

  5. Agree
    Razarza reacted to Misanthrope in Kaby Lake and Zen "only" on Windows 10   
    Well go ahead and answer it: what specific performance and security features does Windows 10 has that cannot be implemented and patched into Windows 7? No, new features do not relate to better performance and security. New features should stand on their own merit for the consumer to decide. Performance and security however, better have a damn good reason to require an entire new OS.
    I've never heard a good reason why they need Windows 10, other than Microsoft wants to sell new software. And despite your poisoning of the well we're not opposed to new features. Just not when they're forcefully shoved up your fucking ass to make you pay whenever you're ready to try said features or not.
  6. Agree
    Razarza reacted to Syntaxvgm in Sony has come up with an excuse for you to buy Kaby Lake CPUs   
    they can go fuck themselves. 
    which, btw sony, any video output can be captured. Even with hdcp 
  7. Funny
    Razarza reacted to Tech_Dreamer in Sony has come up with an excuse for you to buy Kaby Lake CPUs   
    Wow, this DRM will totally block out piracy all together
  8. Agree
    Razarza reacted to S w a t s o n in PCI-Express Gen 4 to arrive next year   
    PCI-E is probably the only data transfer/connetor standard to actually be ahead of the needs of the devices. I wish every other standard committee would follow their footsteps.
  9. Informative
    Razarza reacted to Trik'Stari in Tek Syndicate is Burning   
    So, Tek Syndicate is on fire right now. I am reporting this first hand.
    This started with Wendell blinking SOS in the last episode of The Tek in which he appeared (two weeks ago). Then tonight, Logan made some VERY poor decisions regarding transparency, and where the money from the Tek Syndicate channel is going.
    This spawned some shit.

    Logan basically banned a bunch of moderators, after they started calling him out for deleting comments that did not violate community guidelines, but where difficult questions that he did not want to answer, about where the money from Tek Syndicate is going.
    Exhibit A:

    Alamar, and Eden, WHERE moderators on the Tek Syndicate forums. Alamar has been banned or "suspended" from the forums, as well as Eden, and all other moderators except for two (whom I will not name) have subsequently been banned or suspended.

    A former moderator points out that Logan is trying to switch the forum to Read Only mode, which would allow Logan to ban and delete people at will. Also, Logan egging his own community on.

    Logan egging people on again.

    Pistol enters the fray.

    Logan threatens everyone.

    Pistol was banned from the private Discord chat maintained by members of the Tek Syndicate community after she flatout demanded admin rights on a server she has no affiliation with (the server is not officially affiliated with Tek Syndicate, merely maintained by a section of the Tek Syndicate community.), and then, when someone started sending her lewd comments, instead of reporting it to the admin, she decided to make it public, and tell that person to kill themselves.

    Pistol claims that she can respond to trolls "however she damn well pleases" which is a great attitude for someone asking for admin powers to have.
    There is more, a LOT more going on, but nothing that I have screenshots of. Currently trying to get Screenshots off of the Discord of Pistol behaving in said manner. This might not be possible as when an account is banned from Discord, all of their comments are deleted from the live instance of Discord (or so I have been told.)
    The source? Me, and several other members of the Tek Syndicate community. There is even more on Reddit
    TL;DR Logan refused to answer questions, Wendell, Qain, and Jennifer are leaving Tek Syndicate entirely (according to the Reddit post). There is a 4chan thread as well, but I dare not venture there. Several mods have been suspended, and the entire forum is down at the time of this posting.
    Imgur album I compiled: https://imgur.com/a/5NgkZ
    Edit: Wendell and Qain have been removed as admins as well. Which is funny because Wendell hosts the Tek Syndicate Forum Server (to my knowledge. He has physical ownership of the server the forum is hosted from)
  10. Like
    Razarza reacted to Trik'Stari in Tek Syndicate is Burning   
    Qain isn't bad. He took time out of his day to help me with a networking issue I was having with a school lab project. I couldn't get something to work, and he took at least two hours out of his day to help me, out of the blue.
    He might have a strong opinion and not censor himself as much as some would like, but he cares and is helpful. More than anyone can say for Logan.
    And Pistol? I'm just shocked. I thought she was better than this but apparently not.
  11. Agree
    Razarza reacted to JAKEBAB in The situation at Tek syndicate   
    Qain interested me the most, he seemed to have a lot of knowledge with networking, and i wish they used him more. Sucks he's gone now.
  12. Like
    Razarza reacted to Misanthrope in Oculus sued by ZeniMax   
    Hey now, it's not just "one of the chief engineers" it's John motherfucking Carmack we're talking about here. And if somebody snatched one of the most talented coders of the last 30 years from you well you'd be as salty as the lake in Utah as well.
  13. Agree
    Razarza reacted to NoobsWeStand in Cortana Can Not Be Turned Off In The Windows 10 Anniversary Update   
    but why? I never use it anyways. Opening a new tab and googling my question is faster anyways
  14. Agree
    Razarza reacted to zMeul in why is there a drought of GTX10xx series? because chinese miners are buying them in bulk   
    they would not bought so many if it wasn't profitable
  15. Agree
    Razarza reacted to Dabombinable in Windows 10 Anniversary Update - Here is everything you need to know - OUT NOW!   
    Still think the start menu is awful. I'll just have to replace it again.
  16. Agree
    Razarza reacted to Enderman in Razer Offering Promotions that, per their terms, Cannot be claimed.   
    If you're gonna copy paste at least remove the formatting after pasting...
  17. Agree
    Razarza reacted to comicsansms in Courts Decide that Google and Bing do not have to Censor the Word "Torrent"   
    There is nothing wrong with torrents. Torrents are good, it is just what some people use torrents for makes the "Bad". It is like banning cameras because people can record illegal stuff on them.
  18. Agree
    Razarza reacted to Technous285 in Courts Decide that Google and Bing do not have to Censor the Word "Torrent"   
    3 Alt - People make music more freely without ancient greedy middlemen stealing 99% of the cash from your music sales by fudging the records via Hollywood Accounting...
  19. Agree
    Razarza reacted to vanished in Tesla driver gets killed with AutoPilot active   
    Oh great now people are going to go running away from self-driving cars again for another decade...
  20. Agree
    Razarza reacted to Dash Lambda in Tesla driver gets killed with AutoPilot active   
    I'm not sure why it's important that autopilot was active, it's not like Tesla was touting it as a perfectly safe system or anything. They specifically say that it's not entirely reliable and tell people not to trust it with their lives. This is driver error.
  21. Informative
    Razarza reacted to byalexandr in RX 480 PCIE Problem   
    Basically the 750 Ti had this issue but has it far worse. The RX 480 'potentially' exceeds PCI-E compliance while the 750 Ti in most cases did. By far. Like it says in that podcast, the 12V rail supplies 66W for the PCI-E power. The 750 Ti, without any sort of overclock (even without a boost clock), draws up to 70W at peak load, around 65W at gaming load, again with no OC.
    Now to me that seems a bit ridiculous when you compare it to this RX 480 situation. The 480 'might' exceed it, AMD is still testing, but the 750 Ti clearly does, sold a lot more, and is a lot older. And no one even batted an eye, because they have nothing to hate on because it's not from AMD and everyone has to hate AMD for some reason.
  22. Agree
    Razarza reacted to TrigrH in Gigabyte announces GTX 1070 Mini   
    idk why everything isn't just 4x DP and included adapters
  23. Funny
    Razarza reacted to Sparviero in RX 470 and RX 460 specs confirmed by AMD   
    Rumor has it the 460 pulls 1.21 gigawatts through its ISA connector. Be warned. 
  24. Informative
    Razarza reacted to LinusTech in @LinusTech Twitter Account Hacked   
    On June 28, 2016 the Linus Media Group domain registrar account was compromised.
    The exact methodology of the "hack" won't be disclosed for obvious reasons, but I can assure you that despite any claims to the contrary, the appropriate safeguards were in place on our side, and as I type this Yvonne is having a very heated phone discussion with the 3rd party responsible for the breach.
    Anyway, the thing most of you are probably wondering about right now is what this means for your forum account or personal information, and the answer is very simple:
    The "hacker" simply changed the DNS settings in the dashboard and did not at any time have access to the linustechtips.com server. Any claims of a database dump are categorically false.
    The compromised accounts - including Twitter - have been restored.
    I hope this clears things up.
  25. Like
    Razarza reacted to awesomeness10120 in Second (Not Junky) AM4 Motherboard Spotted   
    The first thing that pops out to me is the massive cooler mounts. Jeez. Other than that, this looks to be an exciting time for AM4.
    Source: http://wccftech.com/asus-crosshair-vi-impact-am4-motherboard-leak/