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    Rekx reacted to EllieThePurpleFuzzy in EVGA OR Corsair for power supply units?   
    Generally it seems EVGA's offerings are better in total. But depends what budget you are shopping at
    if it's budget PSU's (EVGA 80+/B vs Corsair CX/VS)? Both kinda suck. Go Seasonic S12ii if you can, or XFX Proseries/Bronze TS, i believe Antec has some good offerings too.
    if it's middish good range PSU's Evga wins (GS/B2 vs RM/CS)
    If it's going pretty high range (EVGA G2/P2/T2 vs Corsair AXi/RMi/HXi) Then Both are pretty awesome but i believe EVGA has the better pricing and not as much concern i see over coil whine.
    if you are PSU shopping what is your budget?. Cause there are areas where Corsair and Evga get beaten up by Seasonic/XFX.
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    Rekx reacted to Whorax in EVGA OR Corsair for power supply units?   
    EVGA G2.
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    Rekx reacted to TheSLSAMG in Which 980 Ti looks best? (Poll)   
    I think the Strix is one badass looking card, and the board design is the same as a Matrix card, so I'd expect good overclocking.
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    Rekx reacted to beebskadoo in [COMPLETED with TUTORIAL] Ambilight - Atmospheric lighting behind your TV/Monitor   
    Looks promising.
    You had me at the MS Paint drawings
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    Rekx reacted to TwistedDictator in Konami Assures AAA Development is not on Hold, Confirms Rumours were just lies.   
    In short, the rumor was just a fake that came from a french website that claimed their sources said Konami will stop all AAA titles. They will continue to develop AAA titles.
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    Rekx reacted to thekeemo in Evernote alternative?   
    I just use google keep
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    Rekx reacted to minibois in Konami won't be doing any more AAA console games (except games currently in production)   
    Welcome to the mobile market Konami. I hope your fan base will enjoy the micro transactions..
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    Rekx got a reaction from Guest in The PopCorn Time of Music - Aurous   
    Though the music industry isn't as bad as the movie industry. There's good alternatives like spotify, tidal and google music. I would rather pay for legal streaming services.
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    Rekx reacted to LukaP in Xperia Z5 lineup Launched [This thread is featured in Phonearena]   
    your video will be 4k. your games will be 4k. just that the usual stuff like the UI and FB wont be rendered with 4x the pixels for no damn reason
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    Rekx reacted to Virtual01 in China wants US tech companies to sign a PRISM-like 'pledge of compliance'   
    Don't make me say it...
    Illuminati confirmed
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    Rekx reacted to connorpiper in Are there any products where nobody but you on LTT recommends?   
    Most Sony products.
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    Rekx reacted to LAwLz in Qualcomm introduces Quick Charge 3.0   
    Quick charge was always possible on type C USB. It was just OnePlus that didn't implement it for some reason.
    From the Quick Charge 2.0 page:
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    Rekx reacted to ozziestig in Just got my master case pro 5 but....   
    no the pro doesn't come with a tempered glass window that is an upgrade that is not available yet.
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    Rekx reacted to minibois in Do you think Violent Games= Violent People?   
    Just no. I have been playing violent games all my life and they seem more like vents for my (natural) violence rather than causes of it.
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    Rekx reacted to givingtnt in Does anyone know if the i7-6700k works with the MSI X99S gaming 7 ATX Board?   
    no it won"t they are 2 different sockets
    x99 is LGA 2011 V3

    6700k is LGA 1151
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    Rekx reacted to Textosterone in Intel Mystery Unboxing - Meetup 2015   
    That fucking turnip kid?
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    Rekx reacted to manikyath in Really surprised me how many of the LTT employees don't know how to build a computer   
    they're editors, not system builders.
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    Rekx reacted to Pyromaniac225 in Robert Hallock: 'Vast Majority of DX12 Titles In 2015/2016 Are Partnering With AMD'   
    I'm ok with this.
    Remembered I have a GTX 780.
    I really hope this let's AMD gain some cash. They need it lol
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    Rekx reacted to Rohith_Kumar_Sp in Ubisoft Planning Its Own Theme Park   
    It better have a leap of faith spot and a hay cart below /s

    they will have separate lines for PC and console owners, PC owners have to show their ticket as a DRM for every ride, they also have to install uplay on their phones to enter the park. 

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    Rekx reacted to minibois in Ubisoft Planning Its Own Theme Park   
    I hope the rollercoasters are not as glitchy as AC: Unity
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    Rekx reacted to That Norwegian Guy in Acording To Carl Crowell You Can't Hide Your Torrent Activity   
    I was subbed to Crunchyroll last year (newbie mistake) but once I saw region blocking and assholery in action I dropped it. When they get a "Steam" for anime, they can start taking my money again. Every season there are like 4-12 shows I really want to watch. Crunchyroll has 1-2, Funimation has 1-2, Hulu or some other random-ass small player has 1, and the rest aren't even available at all in Scandinavia. So fuck them all. I will pay for one service UNT ONE SERVICE ONLY and I also prefer to download.
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    Rekx reacted to Manny Calavera in Corsair CX - WHY IS IT HATED?   
    Buying bad PSU, when there are seasonic and XFX units for a tenner or two more is hazard not just to pc but to house.
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    Rekx reacted to don_svetlio in Corsair CX - WHY IS IT HATED?   
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    Rekx reacted to Trik'Stari in Acording To Carl Crowell You Can't Hide Your Torrent Activity   
    No one is secure online. Everything can and will, eventually be compromised.
    What we CAN do, is point out that this lawyer is a scum sucking parasite feeding off of the teets of giant corporations. While piracy may be immoral, region locking, price fixing, and generally anti-competitive behavior are just as immoral.
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