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    Rekx reacted to TechFan@ic in Fx-8320 Or I5 2500k   
    I agree with everyone else, the FX 8320 has a better upgrade path in the future & will probably offer better performance all round in the upcoming years.
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    Rekx reacted to Minjon in Best 3rd Person Game   
    Mass Effect
    GTA IV (sale right now on steam)
    Saints Row 3
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    Rekx reacted to Nicktrance in Amd Improving Crossfire With A Prototype Driver.   
    Awesome, it's nice to see AMD listening to their customers and review sites, although there's still much work to be done xD.
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    Rekx got a reaction from stevenbg in Amd Improving Crossfire With A Prototype Driver.   
    Great news :) 
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    Rekx reacted to Jozi in BF3 Stats   
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    Rekx reacted to Rhizo in Anyone worried about window's future?   
    It's fine, It's faster, and you can effectivly remove metro.
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    Rekx reacted to Kilobytez95 in IE 10 Awesome!!!   
    I know some people say IE is good but its really bad I know it may be fast and stuff but its security is sooo bad really so i would recommend you don't use it just use chrome.
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    Rekx got a reaction from Vanderburg in What do you hope will be anounced at CES this week?   
    the new 8000 series from amd :D and some cool desktop screens