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    Rekx reacted to Tataffe for a blog entry, ASUS reveal their new ROG Gaming branded IDE cables   
    It's not often that you see tech companies care for so long. But when it comes to gaming, ASUS takes things seriously. "Republic of Gamers" (ROG) is their gaming-focused sub brand that provides the enthusiast with gaming motherboards, graphics cards, headsets and so on. There's even a backpack available for your ROG notebook.
    And their enthusiasm is not limited to present-day technologies. Today, ASUS revealed their new ROG IDE cables.

    John Trent, ROG representative, tells us: "We want enthusiasts to be able to build complete ROG setups. The technology is outdated, but hell, we released ROG SLI bridges not to long ago. We don't care."
    ASUS claims that these special cables can achieve transfer rates of up to 170 MB/s by the use of ultra clean and smooth copper, taking gaming to the next level. However, installing the cable the right way around is important. "Every cable, before receiving the ROG logo, is installed and tested for performance to determine the best direction of installation. Once it's determined, they print the ROG insignia on the motherboard side of the cable."
    And consumer feedback appears to prove them right. In many online shops, the cable was sold out only a few hours after release.