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    Rekx got a reaction from Dandapani in Show off your latest purchase!   
    Last time i bought anything:
    Just ordered pizzza with a cola and a fanta from just-eat.dk
    Last time i bought some hardware:
    Fractal Design R4 from dustin-home.dk
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    Rekx reacted to Stuff_ in Deadmau5 watches LTT   
    He's setting up some sweet 5 PC LAN, fitted with cameras in multiple angles, etc. 
    Anyway, he mentioned the $1,000 HDMI cable, so I asked him if he watches LTT often.
    Well, he watches it occasionally. I thought that was cool. I suppose it's expected; Deadmau5 is a pretty tech-savvy guy. 

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    Rekx reacted to comicsansms in SSD Boot Failure   
    I feel that a fresh install of windows each year is a good practice to get into, but it is a pain and a minor inconvenience so I don't do it enough, but if you are getting a new boot drive there is no reason why you shouldn't do it.
    Reinstall windows.
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    Rekx reacted to DocSwag in Nvidia GP 100 Titan to debut in April, GTX 1080 to launch in June   
    Here is the source http://techfrag.com/2016/01/25/nvidia-2014-2017-gpu-roadmap-pascal-titan-gp100-to-debut-in-april-gtx-1080-in-june-and-volta-in-2017/
    Nvidia's Titan GPU will be debuting in April
    According to techfrag the titan will be coming in April, and the GTX 1080 and 1070 will follow it 2 months later.
    Apparently the cutdown version of the Titan won't be coming until june 2017, meaning that the GTX 1080 Ti won't be with us until next year.
    It seems Nvidia will be releasing the first of their FinFET based GPUs before AMD, which may give them an advantage.
    However most likely AMD will release in time for the GTX 1080 and GTX 1070. However Nvidia will probably dominate the high end gaming market from April to later this year.
    This is probably bad news for AMD, as this means that Nvidia will probably be releasing their first Pascal GPUs before their Polaris ones.
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    Rekx reacted to AluminiumTech in CS:GO is the best selling game on steam in 2015. Beats GTA V and Fallout 4.   
    So it appears that CS:GO (an almost 3 year old game) sold more copies this year than Fallout 4 (a month old game) and Grand Theft Auto V for PC (a 6 month old game ).
    This is quite interesting as usually as a game gets older the amount of sales slowly decrease. Usually most sales (probably around 70%) happen within 6 months after release with 30% happening after the 6 months. (MY estimations, not factual in any way shape or form).



    How did more people pick Arkham Knight than Mad max?
    Might be due to marketing, advertising and the Sheep lining up to buy Batman games.
    Brought to you by the letter W for WTF is this, wccftech.com. 
    Source -> http://wccftech.com/report-steam-best-selling-games-2015/
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    Rekx reacted to L4RRY in Using Ubiquiti to get 200/15 Fibre to my Farm (with pics)   
    After seeing Linus mention Ubiquiti on the latest WAN show, and their discussion about people getting fast connections to remote places, I thought I would share a project log with you guys to show you how I got a fibre optic connection from the nearest village to my farm 500m away.
    When I moved to my farm back in June, I called the ISP and was told I could get "up to" 1mbit broadband. Having moved from a town house which had been blessed with 150mbit for a few years, this was something I could not settle for. I discovered that the nearest village was served by Virgin Media's fibre optic and figured there must be a way to get this service to my farm. Obviously the first thing I did was contact Virgin Media to get a quote to put in a line. After some negotiation, the cheapest they could offer me was £7,000; and that was if I dug the trench myself.
    Then I came across Ubiquiti. After a good discussion on another forum, I put together a plan and 5 weeks later I went from having 1mbit broadband to what is effectively a 200/15 FTTH connection.
    The plan basically consisted of me gaining permission from my nearest neighbour to mount a Ubiquiti NanoBeam 5AC along with a external cabinet, on his wall and then "beaming" the connection over to my farm.
    I hope you find my project interesting and maybe even inspiring and if there is anything you want to ask me, I'll be happy to answer.
    So this is where it all begins. Packed inside a compact, weatherproof box is all the equipment need to give me a connection. Here we can see a dual socket power point, powering the fibre modem itself as well as a power over ethernet (POE) converter used for powering the Ubiquiti NanoBeam 5ac. Its a tight fit but I wanted to get the smallest possible box to reduce the visual impact on the neighbours wall. The coax connection comes through the bottom of the box into the modem, from the modem a cat5e runs into the POE converter and finally another ethernet runs from the POE up to the Ubiquiti wireless transmitting hub.     This is a view of the whole setup on the neighbours house. As you can see, the coax comes out of the ground after running along the property boundary from the road. They actually ran a new cable from the cab for me, it doesn't split off the existing connection. The upper cable coming from the Sky dish is the power cable which connects in the neighbours loft through a fused box. The cable running up the middle is the ethernet running to the white Ubiquiti transmitting hub.     This is a view from the neighbours house to the receiving hub. The dish is mounted on the telegraph pole which can be seen in the middle of the photo, just to the left of the woodland. The total distance between the two hubs is around 450m.     A picture from the halfway point between the two hubs showing both hubs.     And here is a picture from the receiving pole, back to the neighbours house.         This picture shows the connection between the receiving hub to the house itself. The total length of cat5e used was about 73m. The distance to the house from the pole is about 60m with a further 13m running around the house to the rear office. The cable is supported by a length of steel cable which is taught between the pole and the house. I then simply cable tied the ethernet to the steel cable. There is about 1m of excess at the pole end in case I need to make repairs.       Here you can see the cable running around the outside of the house and finally through the wall and into the office.     And finally the office where the connection is received.       As mentioned before, the superhub is in modem mode with the two Ubiquiti wireless hubs set into bridge; so they are essentially (and as far as any receiving equipment are concerned) a really long cable. After passing though another POE converter, the connection is received by a Asus RT-N66U router. The main desktop is connected via ethernet, with other devices making use of the wireless.   Here is a couple of printscreens of the Ubiquiti hub interface. There is a bit of tweaking to do hear and there but ultimately it is working as it should. Not bad considering I only lined up the dishes by eye. The channel width 40mhz. The extremely low noise levels in the rural area are probably helping things. I am not all too clued up on a lot of this sort of stuff so any tweaks will be carried out with the help of a mate who is a network engineer.    As you can see there is a <1ms ping between the two devices with a total throughput of ~300mbit.         The connection has been live for several months now and I've not had a single blip. I am a happy man
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    Rekx reacted to EChondo in "Squad" Early Access Release - 50 vs 50 Multiplayer FPS   
    Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/393380/
    Announcement: http://joinsquad.com/readArticle?articleId=68
    FAQ: http://joinsquad.com/faq
    Kickstarter(ended June 26): https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/offworldindustries/squad/description
    Official Forums: http://forums.joinsquad.com/
    Sub-Reddit for Game Discussion: https://www.reddit.com/r/joinsquad/
    Sub-Reddit for Group Recruitment: https://www.reddit.com/r/SquadUp
    Steam Discussions Forum: http://steamcommunity.com/app/393380/discussions/
    I've been following this game on and off since it's announcement months ago. It's based off of UE4 and it's been showing real progress these past couple of months. It's set to release on Steam as an Early Access game on Dec 15th(so in a few hours) *it is now released.. They are supposedly asking $40 USD, no information on "Special Editions" or anything of the sort. They plan to bring the game out of Early Access in late 2016, so in a year from now.
    Early Access announcement video;

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    Rekx reacted to Railgun in i want to design a lightsaber which 3d modeling software should i use   
    If you've got access to Autodesk programs then I would use those.
    EDIT: Although, MS Paint IS probably the best choice if you can afford the $69,000 licensing fee.
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    Rekx reacted to iamdarkyoshi in i want to design a lightsaber which 3d modeling software should i use   
    I use autodesk inventor. Student edition FREE for students.
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    Rekx reacted to stconquest in Best $0-80 pc case?   
    ... and all the cheaper than the S340 stuff:
    If you really want a full tower, there is only one choice and that is the Enthoo Pro ($99):

    White costs $15 more:  http://pcpartpicker.com/part/phanteks-case-phes614pwt
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    Rekx reacted to Nineshadow in Should EA Give Us the SW:B Season Pass For Free?   
    The game doesn't deserve to be bought at all honestly.
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    Rekx reacted to manikyath in 980Ti vs Titan X   
    dat ca$h money.
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    Rekx reacted to The Official Czex in 980Ti vs Titan X   
    980 Ti:
    Pros: Faster clocks, better coolers
    Cons: Much less VRAM, fewer CUDA cores and stream processors
    Titan X: 
    Pros: Much more VRAM, more CUDA cores and stream processors
    Cons: Lower clocks, worse coolers. 
    Conclusion: 980 Ti for gaming use, Titan X for workstation use.
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    Rekx reacted to Remmi2002 in 980Ti vs Titan X   
    980Ti. hands Down
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    Rekx reacted to Snef in [WIP] *****Snef Devil's Eye (Build for CES)********   
    Hi Everyone

    I'm working on a new project but I'm still under NDA

    cant wait to say more because its a big project for me

    for now I can post pics of some items I have and work I did

    like sleeving all my cable, I remember now why I ordered most of my cables, all my fingers are burned :demon:

    first want to say thanks to sponsor for their help on this project

    Parvum System
    Darkside and DazMode

    Thanks you so much

    now , photos

    look at these colors and the quality of Darkside sleeving, I'm always impressed
    and I made some little mod to the Asus 980Ti Strix

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    Rekx reacted to ZetZet in Do You Like Donald Trump?   
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    Rekx reacted to asim1999 in Shield Tablet X1 imminent? The perfect gaming tablet?   
    This looks very promising. Looks like a viable alternative to the new iPad Pro for gamers.
    Here are the performance figures

    Bearing in mind that this is pre-release software, and that Android will eventually get Vulkan integration, this seems like a good start
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    Rekx reacted to Samfisher in Warcraft Movie Teaser!   
    Looks alright, Stormwind looks accurate.  Also see the Dark Portal.  Blizzard moving the release to summer shows that they are confident to contend with other big Summer blockbusters.  Pretty confident it won't be shit!
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    Rekx reacted to SkilledRebuilds in Singleplayer games with an amazing atmosphere?   
    Much fun, sense of morality in choices.
    SpecOps - The Line.

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    Rekx reacted to Sharif in Singleplayer games with an amazing atmosphere?   
    Tomb Raider? 
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    Rekx reacted to Swndlr in Singleplayer games with an amazing atmosphere?   
    GTA, if you turn the game to Ultra, many parts of the city are really pretty.
    But even without the Ultra setting, GTA is still good.
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    Rekx reacted to ShadowCaptain in Singleplayer games with an amazing atmosphere?   
    Mass Effect
    Dead Space
    Alan Wake
    Alien Isolation
    Half Life
    LA Noire
    Deus Ex
    (edited this a few tiems, kept remembering games)
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    Rekx reacted to daniellearmouth in WB games taking full refunds until the end of 2015 for Arkham Knight   
    I still fail to understand how you can screw this game up TWICE.
    Sorry, but this is just making Warner Bros. and Rocksteady look more and more incompetent.
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    Rekx reacted to AluminiumTech in Assassins Creed Syndicate has had the worst launch of the whole series.   
    Sometimes he has topics which are very clickbaity. A lot of the time it's his own opinion and/or opinions of other people and thus they're not facts.
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    Rekx reacted to Suika in Unbox Therapy just uploaded a giveaway video   
    How does a single person get so many iPhones?