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  1. Cool! Very similar to us. Weekly live newscast and 3-4 weekly recorded talk shows. We also live stream student senate meetings and special events. Very cool you are able to offer that to students at such a young age. Any students interested in broadcasting you would like to send our way? Hopefully someone can help with the server rendering issue. Currently we do everything locally, but I'd love to edit off a gig/ten-gig local network so we don't have to buy Macs with large HDDs. Would make the workflow so efficient.
  2. Not sure how much cost wise. Sharing the district office has its perks. What's your primary content focus? Morning announcements?
  3. LOL. We currently operate off of Broadcast Pix for live broadcasts and Swank for movie/TV show programming. We use Tricaster for our ESPN3 broadcasts during the basketball season. Our ESPN setup is pretty ghetto, but it gets the job done. Not bad for high school. My high school had zero to do with television.
  4. I am curious as well. Have been mentally planning a similar setup. Would be for a closed-circuit university television station trying to mimic a small market station. Our workflow is the same as yours, mjc4wilton.
  5. So you're saying I should pull out the contact where the -5v pin should be? I really appreciate your help!
  6. Here is what the Cabled 24 pin looks like. Maybe switched with a 3.3v?
  7. Have a corsair cx600m and EVGA 550G2 power supply and both have the empty(white) pin/connector in the same place. (Five slots up from right if clip is on right) I am putting together a new build and my cablemod replacement cables have the white empty pin in the wrong place. My PC wouldn't post and flickers on for 2 seconds and auto restarts. Weird clicking from power supply. Now board won't turn on. Did it fry my motherboard?????
  8. You have to pay 100 bucks a year in order to publish the app and keep it on the store. I don't mind that when the time comes. I've alredy downloaded XCode. Anyone used this before? Is it what I should use?
  9. Yes. As long as the card outputs DisplayPort 1.2 so you can do 4K @ 60hz.
  10. I'm looking to develop a weather app using the Weather Underground API. I want to produce the app for IOS and Android. Then eventually to WatchOS and Android Wear. What type of program or language should I get started with. (I want to teach myself as I go, but I want to make sure I'm using the proper software. To be clear, this is a fun project for me. Not in it for monetization or fame. Just want to create a really cool weather app!
  11. Sweet, thanks! Do any monitors use displayport 1.3 yet or is it mainly 1.2 across the board rn?
  12. Is there any difference? Or will they do the same. For example if i have a displayport to mini displayport cable hooked up to my monitor, I can still do 4k @ 60hz, audio, ethernet, etc?