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    Melbourne, Straya
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    AMD FX 6300 @ 3.5 Ghz
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    ASRock 970-Extreme4
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    8 GB Hyper X Fury Red @ 1866Mhz
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  1. I hope I can still have a Ford Focus with 19 inch chrome rims, wide body and a beast of a sound system. But knowing EA it could just be a bunch of Supercars with a few paint and performance mods.
  2. Sadly not at the moment. I'm just thinking about what to get since my dad and myself will be looking for new and first cars soon.
  3. MB Battles look good on anything. But I haven't yet seen a Imprezza or Saabaru IRL with MB Battles.
  4. I'll agree with you there maybe if it had some Work Gnosis's or Emotions it would look nice.
  5. This is a really cool way for Ubisoft to help. I hope this money goes to the right people
  6. Angry Birds and FIFA over games like Half Life, Halo and no racing games like Gran Turismo.
  7. I loved Dirt 2 and Dirt 3 so I can't wait for this one. It also give me more of a reason to buy a G27. I just hope they have some unheard of rally cars like S12 Silvias, 1st Gen Subaru Legacy sedans and Ford Laser rally cars
  8. I'd be tossing up between the Tesla and Nissan mainly because I've seen both IRL. If someone ever imports a Hellcat in AU I'd be interested in getting loads of photos of it.
  9. If I go to China for a holiday I could see myself going with a few extra dollars for this phone
  10. If it was me I'd rather spend the same money on a Tag or Breitling watch that actually looks nice
  11. I'm going to have to wait till Sunday to install it but I'm excited to mod the shit out of GTA V like I did with IV. I just want to make drift videos in GTA V.