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  1. I want to create a virtual machine from my Ubuntu 20.04 laptop to have it work on my Desktop's Virtual box, is there a way to do so ?
  2. Hi all I have B450 Mobo with 3600x and adata 3600 Mhz ram, I get error on the recommended slots for ram in motherboard ( with XMP about 10 errors or more but with stock setting I get only 1 or 2 error), I tried the other 2 non recommended ram slots and got 0 errors but can't run them higher than the stock clock tho. I think it's something with the automatic XMP profile and voltage can someone please help me with what exact configuration I should put I'm getting help from ShrimpBrime but kinda busy he wanted this images hope it helps u too. Thanks
  3. Thanks man, I'll have to try that in next week end tho because of work. I might get back to you for help of you don't mind
  4. Thanks But it did show 1 error tho on the 2666 MHz stock setting I don't know if the CPU need some sweet spot of ram clock but I can try to test it on 3200 Mhz but how can I do that without it do automatically normally I just go to bios and select one of the profiles, you meam I just turn it on and input the Mhz and volt manually ?
  5. Thanks alot, will do that when I get some free time
  6. so changing to the other 2 slots might help ?
  7. okay you got a point :3 so specs are: Motherboard: MSI b450 mortar max CPU: Ryzen 5 3600x RAM: ADATA XPG SPECTRIX D60G 16GB (2X8) 3600 MHz DDR4 RGB RAM GPU: MSI gaming X 2060 SUPER PSU: thermaltake toughpower gx1 700w gold
  8. speaking of which it idle on 49~55 and sometime jump to 60, it's ryzen 5 3600x and I live in very hot country. I tried to put a fan insted of the side panel but same temp lower under full stress tho. but can temp cause error in memtest86 ? I was using the thermal paste with the stock cooler but I replaced it still same temps tho. temps in my country 40~30
  9. My story is that I had a fauly CPU that was making the PC restart, also running memtest86 on stock clock was showing errors from the first pass so I replaced the CPU. The restarting stoped but now there is a slight small freeze maybe 0.1~0.5 second while gaming, it wasn't there after I replaced the cpu but maybe 2 months later started to happen. I ran memtest86 and got errors when using XMP got lots of error from the first and second run ( around 6 in the first 2 runs ) then i tried it on the stock clock showed only 1 error in the third pass and ran it another time sho
  10. https://www.game-debate.com/gpu/index.php?gid=4812&gid2=4751&compare=Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 Super Zotac Destroyer HA 8GB-vs-AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT Gigabyte Gaming OC 8GB
  11. I'm going to get a GPU and I have this PSU https://www.thermaltake.com/thermaltake-toughpower-gx1-700w-gold.html#additional I don't know if it have the proper Amps output as Rx 5700 xt require 42 Amps, can you please tell me if this PSU is Okay for rx 5700 xt
  12. It's just this my second AMD card in a row that fail, I just feel like I can't trust the AMD any more
  13. I checked Tom's hardware review they said it did, but can I take thier word for sure ? Orlr should I go for AMD ?
  14. Does Nvidia RTX 2060 super can support the freesync 2 on gigabyte CV27F ?