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  1. Yeah, I bet ^^ I reset everything now and used the bridge connection now, and looks like this: M = Modem in bridge mode W = Asus router now in router mode S = Switch PC = MY PC Server = Server TV PC = TV PC hehehe So I tried to use the TV PC instead now, since it does not go through any switch, and I opend port 2456 and still its closed I also checked port 3389, I then turned on DMZ and 2456 was still closed, but 3389 was open! So something is working, I just dont understand why 2456 is still blocked. This setup is what I had before, and it used to work
  2. I dont have a cable long enough and I depend on remote desktop to use the server, in the process of adding a wifi card to the server now. I cant find the very strange displayadapter for the server haha. And yes, I did actually have that setup before with the modem bridged and the Asus router doing everything, I want that! Sometimes the port forwarding would work, sometimes it would just not work, exactly the same as now. That is why I tried using the setup I painted a few days ago, since that is the most direct connection I could make. I will try what you see and also go back to how I ha
  3. I have done everything now, still nothing
  4. I tried to check many ports when I had it in DMZ and turned the firewall off in windows and on the modem, every port in the portchecker said "Closed" Instead of timed out. This was 5 hours ago, so not something I did now.
  5. Oh, ok. I have the cable from the modem to the asus router in the WAN port. I will set the Asus router in AC mode. If that can cause interference I cant see it being anything else, will report back soon.
  6. Yeah, my ISP says it is not broken, so I am as lost haha Yeah it is the same, I read about that and my ISP confirmed it was not that.
  7. Oh ok, the WAN Public IP is 84.x.x.x And I have tried entering that too in the External host option, but now the server has DMZ on it and still nothing.
  8. Oh, forgot to answer the last part, I dont use any gaming software, and this is what your page says:
  9. I cant find anywhere it says WAN IP, only that all my devices are on I dont think the modem uses WAN since its the same box and it is connected with a TV cable, I am sorry if I misunderstood. This is the only one I have ATM, I have tried to factory reset everyhting two times now haha. I have tried filling the external host with both and nothing (then the star you see comes). Thank you for that, it looks amazing I have tested with https://www.canyouseeme.org/ and https://www.whatsmyip.org/port-scanner/
  10. Hello! Before I star, this is the setup I use here at home: M = Modem/router W = Asus router I use for ONLY WIFI S = Switch PC = My computer SERV = My server I want to have my server port forward for game servers as I have always been that guy for my friends. Port forwarding just doesnt work, I want to forward my server, the server has a static IP and is reserved in the modem. I open the port in the modem the server is connected to and I make an exception in the Windows firewall for the same port. I have tried both as TCP and UDP. I have tried s
  11. I read it when I searched around for what temps a 5820k with a NH-D15 should be at, and in the comments some said it was bad for the CPU to run at above 70C for longer, another comment said no higher than 80! That is why I ask here, since I feel like the idle temps should be lower. I have not had air-cooling for like 9 years, I don't know what to expect! ^^ That is why I ask here to get good answers from people like you who knows more and can tell me not to be afraid haha. But okok, I think I feel more safe at my idle temps then.
  12. Oki, I want to overclock soon, so that is good to know. I read that the CPU should not be at 70C at prolonged times? I guess it will reach that if I OC?
  13. No, its 12-19% load as it says in the picture, just having a few chrome tabs open and Discord! This picture is after running Prime95 after 5 minutes that I did just now, 100% load.
  14. Hello! I recently bought the Noctua NH-D15 chromax.black because I wanted to move away from AIOs. I forgot to check the temps before I changed the cooler because yeah, I just did. :/ I was wondering if the temps in the picture shown is good/bad for that CPU with that cooler? Thanks :)
  15. Yeah, I know I can see the usage, I want to see what the usage is and where it is used haha! Like does my 770 drive the what ever on my second screen where it is connected to etc. But that could make sense what you say about it being loaded in and out of the memory to get over to the other GPU