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  1. MSI z97,i7 4790k,AMD 290,500G SSD,2x8 corsair RAM(doesn't remember the bus :P).And no i don't thing there is an onboard card when i buy the MOBO
  2. i haven't try testing with other hardware cause i don't have any spare,the GPU is AMD 290.And i can't tell anything cause there is no feedback,i can't even get into the BIOS screen only a white dot :(. After the first time reinstalling window and only getting pass the BIOS screen i try to do it again with the same result,each times reinstalling i format everything just to be sure.And after that i try reseating which give me the above result
  3. After windows updating my PC can't get the VGA signal after the BIOS screen,so i decide to revert back to the old version which give me the same result.Don't know what to do i reinstall it which this time work for about 5 minute until the driver require a reboot which lead me back to the same problem.Desperate I'm opening the case to reseat each part to see if it help which give me the result below.So Does my VGA die :(. P/S:Can't even get into the BIOS screen is just a white dot right there,and Keyboard and mouse is not working.Thank you for spending the times reading this
  4. Well the dude set that he like the card so i have to build around it -_-. And so to you. <3
  5. he's not into hardcore fps so im guessing any mid range monitor will do,and i have speak to him about the 4k thing and the answer was because he like the card.And Will a h170 go well with 6700 ?
  6. yes im already have it im considering my option
  7. well is USD but i try to save money for the monitor
  8. My friend ask me to help plan his 2000$ build.This is what i came up so far. CPU: Intel Core i5-6500 3.2GHz (3.6GHz Turbo Boost ) Motherboard: (Im not really sure about this one because he's keen on not OC the thing so i dont really know what to pick ) Video Card: Gigabyte Geforce GTX 1080 Xtreme Gaming Premium 8GB (This one is a must have btw,he like this one) Memory: Corsair Vengeance Pro Series 8GB ( 2x4GB ) DDR3 bus 1600 x2 Storage: SSD Samsung 850 EVO 250GB Storage: Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB (is there any different between blue red and black ?
  9. thank for all the help guys much apreciated
  10. how can you tell ? And thank for the help,i guess i will try them out for myself
  11. how can you tell ? And thank for the help,i guess i will try them out for myself
  12. Got some money and decided to get myself an expensive headphone So I pick the Sennheiser Pc350se (since the normal version is no longer been manufactured),and in alot of review the only complaint and sugestion that i will need to buy an amp to make this headset good. Is it true?and if it true then what amp would you guys suggest ? (thank for reading and my apologies for the bad english --)
  13. it fine and i redo and check any loose wire myself the PSU it 850W and im only using 1 VGA so im suppose it fine ! BTW when i try to plug in my headphone and turn on my PC im still heard the window starting sound and when that done im clicking shift constanly for the sound it make does that confirm it the monitor that gone bad ?