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  1. Pretty insane news; Asrock worked with an overclocker called SPLAVE to overclock the 3990x to 5.748 GHz, in addition to breaking other records. SPLAVEs hwbot profile: https://hwbot.org/user/splave/ Original source: https://www.overclock3d.net/news/cpu_mainboard/asrock_claims_5_world_records_with_its_trx40_taichi_and_amd_s_ryzen_threadripper_3990x/1 What makes this interesting is that, since the 3990x is supposed to be using the messed binned chiplets that AMD makes, and that trx40 has some of the highest available power budget, is that this could become THE
  2. I'm personally really exited for it as a potential AI research card for myself. I'm a Computer engineering student and would have had to pay almost 50% more for this level of performance a week ago. I'm in Canada so that plays into it, but this could end up being a great budget card for people looking to maximize value for productivity.
  3. Gamers Nexus is reporting that they've been able to show that some versions of the RTX 2060 performs up to RTX 2080 performance in productivity applications. This is due to Nvidia selling their TU 104-410 gpu die (previously seen in the RTX 2080) that are speculated to not have met QC requirements. This new version of the die, codenamed TU 104-150, seem's to have many of its FPU's disabled, leading to floating point heavy applications such as gaming seeing similar performance to the TU 106 based RTX 2060's. What GN is speculating and hoping to gain confirmation on is that many of
  4. Update: From Mikrotik support: Hello, CRS305-1G-4S+IN supports only 10G and 1G links on the host side of the SFP+ interfaces. But if the 10G copper SFP+ module itself supports 802.3bz 5GBaseT and 2.5GBaseT like the MikroTik S+RJ10 does, then it will be possible to make the described connections. https://mikrotik.com/product/s_rj10 https://wiki.mikrotik.com/wiki/MikroTik_SFP_module_compatibility_table#S.2BRJ10 Regards, Jānis B.
  5. Gotcha! if it does work this could end up being one heck of a setup for inexpensive 5 gig per client with a 10g backhaul (or more depending on ports)
  6. I'm not overly worried about the freenas side, only concern is the crs being able to negotiate a link at 5g. If so I'm probably going to pull the trigger around the holidays. Have sent an email to mikrotik,and posted on their subreddit so waiting on that for now. Otherwise am waiting on a response from FS.com on their SFP+ -> Rj45
  7. Does it have to be the mikrotik rj45 to sfp+ adapters, or will the generics from FS do the trick?
  8. Hey everyone! I'm trying to pull more from my FreeNAS Box to maximize performance. My development box which also hosts my FreeNAS install is running 2 Xeons, 144GB Ram, 256GB NVME L2arc, 3*3TB Z1 My client device is a 2014 MacBook Pro retina 15 inch with DGPU. It has 2 thunderbolt 2 ports and 2 usb3.0 gen 1 ports. Since Thunderbolt 2 gear is wicked expensive, I was thinking of using the USB ports for networking, and with the advent of 802.3BZ adding support for 5Gb/s and 2.5Gb/s being able to hit 5gbit on my laptop. My thinking is I could conne
  9. This would allow people to access deals when they've never done so before!
  10. Has anyone started a mega thread for Black Friday deals? If not I propose we make one!
  11. Will take a look and report back, thank you!
  12. Hey Everyone! TLDR; I've been running FreeNAS 11.2-U6 on an hp ml 350 g6 for about 3 years now. I'm running a RaidZ1 with 3 3TB WD Red's, a 240 GB nvme as my arc2 cache, mirrored flash drives for the os, and 144gb of registered ECC. I've been having a LOT of trouble with FreeNAS, especially as it comes to the os getting random permission errors. This includes issues with FreeBSD jails, pluggins, Docker/RancherOS and general VM's. I love ZFS, and would like to stay with it, but am looking for an alternative OS that is also fairly idiot proof (for when I don't have time to dea
  13. Just noticed that there's a new docker variant. Will try that and report back
  14. Is there any way to run it from the system itself? I only have unix systems with me, and would prefer not to set up a whole other vm just to run the script. would it work as a cron job?
  15. NEWB question, but is this only applicable to windows 10/server based Plex installs? I'm running Plex from my FreeNas box and would love to be able to do this. EDIT: More so looking for a guide/method on how to do this from the Plex server itself if possible.