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  1. The temps are absolutely fine. Its not a reference card. Playing dying light for a hour or so it doesn’t reach a higher temp than 75C
  2. strangley enough the temps are fine no different than it was inmy 760t case. This little case has some seriously good airflow. Im even considering making a custom water loop with a 120 and 220 rad but first i want to upgrade the gpu im thorn between the vega 56 ,1070 and 2060..... but for now the 290x is fine.... i do have to fix on fan because the bearing is totally shot.... it rattles like crazy. Just ordered on from ebay.
  3. Its the case itself. You can hide your cables behind it.
  4. My little itx build before this i had a 760t case with dual xeon but the board died. So i decided to make a small pc bought a cooler master itx case but that case sucked so I bought a nzxt h200i. Kinda in love with that case.... specs are pretty modest. intel core i7 6700k asus z170 pro gaming 8gb ddr4 geil 2666 asus r9 290x direct cu ii corsair rm650 modular psu samsung ssd
  5. Yes i was actually wondering that aswell. But apparently it has. Check out this video of jay.
  6. So i had a couple of cases before this, cm stacker 831, corsair graphite 200r,corsair 760t but I wanted something smaller so bought a itx board and a cheap coolermaster itx case.... that was kind of a regret because that case sucks.... so i bought a red nzxt h200i. What a awesome little case is that. I use the pc for streaming music to a cambridge audio dac and that goes to my tube amp. I also game a little bit mainly dying light and f1 2019. Its a pretty capable little machine and very silent. I was never a fan of the rgb and i didnt even knew this case had rgb strips. But i kinda like i
  7. nice. if you need help you can always ask me:)
  8. lol I actually have two of them aswell. but I'm thinking of going socket 2011 now so don't know if Ill use them. how is your build going???
  9. Actually i can get miniral oil pretty cheap....mmmh would be awesome tho. Ill think about it.
  10. I'm thinking about watercooling it. but I don't want to spend to much money on this system(since it is aging) .
  11. Yes kaby lake will be faster .... but not much . also got a pair of x5690 3,4 ghz six core(so 24 3,4 ghz threads.... and i got the ram mobo cpu combo for the price of a 6700k..... soni really cant go wrong.... and i dont gave a single F about running costs?
  12. Well i got the mobo ram cpu combo for the price of a single i7 6700k. And i also got a pair of the x5690 six core for €100 so 24 3,4ghz threads. Wich will defenitly be close if not ahead of a 6700k.
  13. I'll probably get an EKWB block for My r9 290. But im stil considering acrylic tubing so ill what for that. And if ill stay with AMD I'm getting the 9590
  14. Should I upgrade my CPU??? I have, nzxt h440 Xfx ts 550 R9 290 8gb corsair vengeance Asrock 990fx extreme 4 Kingston 60 gb ssd 1tb hd And a sickly OC'ed FX 6300 5 GHz Ekwb custom loop 360 rad Oc specs Bus speed 210 Multiplier 24x 1.5 volt CPU gets at most 54C What should I upgrade?? the PC already does anything with ease. everything I play @ ultra 1080p and most titles around 60fps. Maybe an new CPU like the 9570 or going towards the blue team, maybe 4790k. Or should I just stick with my sickly OC'd FX 6300. Anyway here's my current h440 build.
  15. love the videos of linus media group. i was a sub since they had like 40,000 subs and i cant believe how much they have grown over the last year and a half!!! good luck in the future and keep on making those good and honest reviews!!!