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Dr. Moose

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    Somewhere around Los Angeles, California.
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    I love filmmaking, TV shows, drawing, writing, and tech. Specifically cell phones and computer building.
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    A teenage boy wasting his life on the Internet. Learned everything about building computers simply not to build a computer. I am nothing without Spotify and Netflix.
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  • CPU
    AMD A8-4500M APU
  • Motherboard
    Generic HP Mobo.
  • RAM
    8GB (Dual Channel 2x4GB)
  • GPU
    It's an APU. Radeon HD 7640G
  • Case
    It's an HP Laptop.
  • Storage
  • PSU
    Once again. Laptop.
  • Display(s)
    1600x900 Laptop Screen...
  • Cooling
    A Lousy Laptop heatsink from HP.
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
    Logitech M510
  • Sound
    Beats Audio... Something (the sound is slightly better than most laptops)
  • Operating System
    Windows 8.1
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  1. I had a Nokia Lumia 920 for two years. Don't buy a Lumia 920. For your needs, buy a iPhone 5. The Lumia sucked.
  2. It's still liquid smooth and runs anything I throw at it with ease. Plus CM 12S is nearly ready; they're testing it and waiting for approval to send it out over the air. And if you want just flash it to CM 12 Nightlies like I did CM confirmed that the two year support for One Plus is still underway and that they'll keep their word. So yeah buy it if you can get it. OnePlus Two will be coming during late Q2.
  3. HI, I love Lollipop on my OPO but I hate the battery life I get. So I wanted to flash back CM 11s and wait for CM 12s to be released officially. SO I want to flash the ROM from this place:https://cyngn.com/products/oneplusone/ annd 1. I don't know which one to download and 2. Do I just flash it using TWRP like a normal ROM?
  4. Yeah, I have the 15 GB group share plan. And how do I check for the multimedia messaging? Is there an option in settings?
  5. It's been a problem for a while, but my phone can never send or receive pictures through SMS on Google Messenger. I have a OnePlus One on AT&T. Is there a way for me to fix this?
  6. Sorry, clarified it in my first post. But yeah, unlocked.
  7. My brother needs a new phone and he only has $200 dollars to spend. He was thinking of an S4, but I immediately thought of the 2nd Gen Moto G. What other phones would you guys recommend? It has to be GSM unlocked.
  8. Flash the CM 12 Nightly. It's pretty much finished and runs buttery smooth. I've only had a few random app crashes, but that even happened in CM 11s. The only thing it's missing now are the screen-off gestures (draw a > or < or II to control music and draw a V to turn on the flashlight) and lock screen wallpaper customization (which will probably be fixed within a few more nightlies). Everything else has been implemented now. The CM team has been working non-stop bringing new and old features from CM 11 into CM 12 with nearly daily updates. Totally worth flashing.
  9. No, I currently don't have any root permissions and my device isn't rooted because there's an issue with SuperSU. I flashed it onto my phone and rebooted into the system, opened the app, and was greeted by the message I said in my original post. Then the app closes.
  10. I've already checked this link, I can't open the app. I get the message that I previously said in my initial post and it closes.
  11. I flashed the SuperSU onto my OnePlus One, but when I open the app on my phone it shows the message, "There is no SuperSU binary installed, and SuperSU cannot install it. This is a problem!" I flashed it via TWRP and I don't know how to uninstall it or how I could install the binary, could someone help?
  12. I flashed SuperSU via TWRP. When I open the app it says: There is no SuperSU binary installed, and SuperSU cannot install it. How do I fix this?
  13. OPO doesn't come unlocked and rooted, but OnePius made it easy to do it. You will also not void your warranty when rooting and unlocking the bootloader, unlike pretty much all other OEMs.
  14. I tried after I unlocked the bootloader, but I kept getting an error. Apparently it has to do with my ADB drivers being installed incorrectly. I reinstalled the drivers a bunch of times but the same issue kept happening.
  15. When I was trying to root and unlock the bootloader for my OnePlus One, for some reason I was unable to root (some type of error would show up, I tried uninstalling and reinstalling my ADB drivers, but no luck). The tutorial I was following (this one: https://forums.oneplus.net/threads/guide-oneplus-one-how-to-unlock-bootloader-install-custom-recovery-and-root.64487/) said rooting wasn't required and I could just flash a ROM, so I took the latter option and flashed a CM 12 Nightly instead. But I realize now that I wish I figured out how to root it because there's an app that would save a lot o