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  1. Logo looks kinda like an alien skull over crossed-swords
  2. Yea, me too. Sorry to spam this topic but can't believe at the pinnacle of progress with groundbreaking products they slap tacky "gaming" logo on EM. By the way, not finding M65 rgb on amazon yet. I had wanted to order together with K70 rgb browns. Edit: wierd, it's there now.
  3. Ok I get that the new logo is crossed swords and that keeps with a pirate theme loosely related to the sails. While I'm not fond of it I will still order the new keyboard and mouse and probably get to like the shape over time. I just wish the products themselves didn't all the word "gaming" on them. Fine for the box and marketing etc, but not on the product. Edit: and gaming is in bright yellow lettering, sigh... Also do not yet see the brown switches on Amazon EDIT: just found them. Number 19 under search for k70 rgb
  4. Also, if they wanted to to retire the vengeance brand, why keep its yellow color in the word gaming? And for that matter why did they have to plaster "gaming" on everything. Come on corsair, we all know this is your new gaming lineup of peripherals but why plaster "gaming" on everything? It's obnoxious. Wish they would have done something more subtle like change the color of the sails to shiny metallic gold for their new "gaming gold edition" or something like that, could've kept their sails with a more subtle change of branding for the new lineup.
  5. Not fond of the logo but I'll be buying the k70rgb in brown and the m65 rgb right away. Looks like they used the vengeance yellow in the word "gaming" and got rid of their classic simple sails which for me defined them as a quality no gimmicky product and replaced it with a gaming style shape. Not crazy about but will get used to it. Thanks for thread posting.
  6. They also have the M65 rgb, but only the white one. The black one says out of stock
  7. This will be my first mech keyboard but from descriptions and YouTube guides to switch types, I'm going for brown. I think I'd like the tactile feel on my fingertips as keys register before bottoming out, but don't think I'll need the clicky sound of the blues. I may even put o rings under the keys available from a few suppliers for mech keyboards so I don't have to hear the key bottoming if I do press them all the way down.
  8. Getting really sick of waiting for the other switch types to be released. It'd be nice if Corsair would just commit a date. Making them available for pre-order would even be better.
  9. Yea I'm getting one as soon as brown switches come out regardless of the bad reviews. This KB is cutting edge and I must have it. I always take reviews with a grain of salt, many of the problems will be fixed with firmware and software updates and I love the challange of tinkering and figuring out new things. As for bad reviews regarding actual hardware issues, don't seem to be as many and Corsair genuinely seems to want to make things right. I also wonder how many bad reviews were out of impatience in learning the software from people expecting easy plug and play, without taking time to learn
  10. People were concerned that a "newer" version of the board was coming out, that perhaps there was something wrong with version that just shipped out this week. The new one may have a slightly diff model number, so people were freaking out, but Corsair is assuring owners of the boards that only change is "cosmetic", reportedly the brand/logo badge is changing, and other than that is the same exact board. No change to the hardware or firmware/software. Firm/software can always be updated anyway if there are changes, but assurance was that the pcb and lighting electronics frame etc is all the same
  11. So apparently Amazon stopped selling these and a new version is coming out with an end of the month release. Concerned new owners of the K70 rgb have been assured their keyboards are fine and new one only has a minor cosmetic change. Per an earlier post, I'm pretty sure Corsair is retiring the Vengeance brand and the K## rgb keyboards coming later this month will branded as Corsair Gaming rather than Vengeance. The logo/emblem on the keyboard is reportedly different.
  12. Is it just me or is Amazon not listing it now? Not finding it there now and even got a 404 not found from the Amazon link on the Corsair K70 rgb webpage. still finding on Newegg but I'm trying my hardest to hold out for the brown switches.
  13. Mmmmm....skittles. I'm looking forward to this with brown switches. Also, any update on release of the m65 rgb mouse?
  14. That's probably a smart move for Corsair, if true, as the "Vengence" brand of LED backlit keyboards may already be somewhat tainted, so to speak, with the problems they've had with dead LEDs in the current versions. As I understand it the problem was found to be result of ESD and fixed by grounding individual keys in the new lineup of RGB LEDs that we're all waiting for. Whatever they call it I'm getting one as soon as the brown switches are available but can't stand the waiting. Glad to finally see some new release dates.
  15. Also would like to buy m65rgb same time as the k70 w browns. Hope they come out same time. Any news of the m65 rgb release?