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  1. This same thing happened to me with the exact same GPU over the weekend. Had it for a week and then it shut off the entire pc with no warning and wouldn't start back up until I took the GPU out. I saw this problem in the reviews and decided to take a chance because of the good price but now seeing this, I might just ask newegg for a store credit and spend an extra ~$120 to get a 1660 ti. Such a pain. I have a 750 Watt EVGA power supply as well and my old card was an R9 280X which draws way more power than the XFX 580 so its definitely not my PSU.
  2. I dont believe it has a bios switch (XFX GTS Black edition RX 580) and I unfortunately do not have access to another pc to try it.
  3. I recently upgraded my R9 280x to an RX 580. Everything worked fine for a week and today when I was playing a game, my PC just completely turned off by itself with no warning. So I removed my GPU and tried to turn the PC on but it didn't. Then I removed RAM, and that didn't solve it either. I tested my power supply by shorting the black and green wires on the large motherboard power cable and it worked. So then I plugged the motherboard power cable back in and tried it again just to see, and it turned on (no GPU was in but RAM was). I then try plugging my RX 580 back in
  4. I will mainly be playing at 1080p and I am looking to get a 144hz monitor. My CPU is not overclocked but im not opposed to it. The only worry I have with AMD is that their cards seem to get a ton of bad reviews online.
  5. I have had my current GPU for 5 years now and I would like to upgrade it. CURRENT : i7 4790k and HIS IceQ R9 280X I am leaning towards either a 1060 6gb or an rx 580 8gb. CURRENT OPTIONS: - GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 1060 WINDFORCE OC 6GB ($330 at Canada Computers until thursday) - MSI Radeon RX 580 8GB ($320 at newegg.ca with 2 free games) - Sapphire Radeon Nitro+ RX 580 8GB ($320 at newegg.ca with 2 free games) Please help me decide which one I should get out of these (or if you have other suggestions please let me
  6. So I am going to be needing to build a PC soon (within next 3 months) and I would like to get some suggestions on the parts I have picked. I will be mainly using the PC for software development and work related tasks but would like it to be able to handle today's games as well for the odd time that I play them. I typically have my PC for around 4-5 years so I'd like it to be decent up until then. The main thing I am concerned about is the processor. I have only ever had intel in the past but Ryzen has some great stuff now from what I've heard however I don't know which would be bet
  7. How do I change those? My screen was fine 2 days ago until there was a Microsoft update
  8. I have two monitors which are exactly the same connected to my PC. Everything was fine until a large windows update caused the second monitor to look zoomed. This has happened before which is usually solved by fiddling with the display setting but in the display it is showing that both monitors have the exact same settings in windows display setting as well as AMD Radeon Settings (both are set to their recommended resolution of 1080p). I have also tried updating display adapter drivers, reinstalling drivers and nothing seems to work. One monitor is connected HDMI and the other is miniDisplayPo
  9. Hey guys, so i turned on my PC today and my speakers did not work. The audio was playing out of a USB headset that i have plugged in for a mic which has happened before but usually all I have to do is go into my playback devices and select my speakers. However this time my speakers did not show up at all and they are just gone. I checked disabled devices and looked in device manager but there is nothing. Please help me Thanks
  10. To be honest I have never cleaned it (it does not look dirty at all) however I will do just that. I took off the J key as well and the difference was that I had to press very hard to make the H key work (sometimes it still wouldn't work) but the J key activated the key stroke very precisely without very much pressure at all.
  11. Ok so i took it off and at first, the key switch for h was still super bad but i pressed it like 100 times and now it seems to be working a lot better at least lol...Not sure how long this will last but thanks for the help anyways
  12. how would i go about taking the key cap off?
  13. So I have had my Razer Blackwidow Ultimate for around a year and a bit and recently the H key has been not working very well at all. I am talking like writing out full documents and having to go back over every word with H in it because it didn't work while I was typing it out the first time. So I am wondering if there is anything I can do to fix this instead of having o get a whole new keyboard because of one key. If there is no solution, I would love some new keyboard recommendations but to warn you I am not looking for super duper expensive keyboards (I only got this one because it was on s
  14. Not sure where you found it for $60... http://www.amazon.ca/Audio-Technica-ATR2500-USB-Cardioid-Condenser-Microphone/dp/B004QJREXM