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    Winther got a reaction from Zando Bob in Fractal Design Define C, rampage 5   
    Its a Rampage 5 motherboard, so its, as far as I know, judt a wide ATX board. 
    The Define C tray looks to be raised from the rest of the case, so im pretty sure it would work. 
    Thanks for the reply! 
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    Winther got a reaction from fargonaz in Show off your latest purchase!   
    two packs of rough bread.. (not really a big hit outside Denmark, Norway and Sweden I think, so dont know how many of you know what it really is?)
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    Winther got a reaction from terrytek in What do you do for a living? (trollable)   
    thats been going on for a while now, hasnt it? :O
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    Winther got a reaction from TheSchnitzelkiller in Dyeing Noctua Fans.   
    I dont really have a lot of good photos for this, but I just though it might give someone else some ideas.
    Keep in mind that this probably good render your fans unusable.
    I bought some noctua fans last summer becuase I wanted the best performance without the sound, I didnt really mind the colors, but later I didnt like that they where so easy to see through the top of the 600T. So i decided i wanted to dye them. I just didnt want to take them apart because they are sealed so dust cant efter the motor. So I decided to try and just dye them without takaing them apart, and here are the results.
    I ofcourse let them dry before using them. Packed them in a towel and put them on the radiator for 48 hours.
    I used black Rit powder dye, one bag of it in total. :)



    And then the result:


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    Winther got a reaction from mrRockwell in |Build log| Redefine   
    This is really impressive! I really hope that my build will look as defined, as this one!
    really looking forward to seeing the results! 
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    Winther got a reaction from James_AJ in Mechanical Keyboard Club!   
    uhh, your in for a treat, thats for sure! :)
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    Winther got a reaction from Zyphera in Who reviewed the Kohler bluetooth Shower Head better?   
    I like the guy sort of, sometimes I just know how bias he really is, and the fact that he likes apple that much makes me uncomfortable, that is probably stupid, but still cant shake the feeling.
    Also the fact that quite a few of his unboxings, are of products which just doesnt interest me.
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    Winther got a reaction from JordanMac in [Finished] Project: Cobalt (Chromed Copper Piping, Laser Etching, Cable Sleeving and More)   
    I would think it would be wiser to fill the loop AFTER you do the wiring..! :P
    The build looks good though, the chrome tubing is soo much better! ;) 
    But why the big holes in the midplate? 
    Are you going to remove the Phobya sticker on the rad? would look more clean without
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    Winther got a reaction from GamerDude in Mechanical Keyboard Club!   
    Personally I really dont like Reds, they are way to light for me, I make alot of typos while my fingers are just resting, but blacks on the other hand is actually my second favorite after blues (atleast from the four main switches)
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    Winther got a reaction from AraSarkisyan in Dell/Alienware vs consoles   
    Is Dell bad?
    Alienware is bad imo, way overpriced! 
    Dont think consoles are bad really, they have their place and their people so to speak, I just dont use them..
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    Winther got a reaction from GoodBytes in Dismounting 1440p Monitor Surprising   
    To add to GoodBytes post; About the enclosure, I have worked at a plastic manufacturer and the "R&D" involved in a new product can be pretty steap and aluminium moulds for some products can reach 80k-90k usd for complicated products, from what I know. This isnt too complecated to produce I think so it might "only" be 20kusd for the mould, but thats alot for the avarage guy.. 
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    Winther reacted to GoodBytes in Dismounting 1440p Monitor Surprising   
    Here are things that add to cost:
     -> First of off the panel. Here it's cheap because they buy the reject ones. But an IPS panel is not cheap. It's not like TN panel. And even the 300$ 1080P IPS panels form Dell... those are in the range of entry level IPS. They are not true 8-bit panels. they are, like TN panels, 6-bit panels. The price on the side you pointed at, is for sure wrong. It even says 1024x768 as resolution at one spot, ans 25ms response time, which isn't the case. Moreover, on the other link (http://www.alibaba.com/product-gs/571168115/LM270WQ1_SDC1_Replacement_lcd_screen.html) it's A grade panels, not A+, so either they are refurbished or rejects. So, I don't think the price is correct. Looking at other places, I see 300-500 $ US per panel when you order depending on how many you order, with about standard of 100$ shipping per panel to add.
    So for the sakes of argumentation, lets say Dell pays 200$ for it's U2712HM monitor, as they order a lot.
     -> Second, the circuitry. You have the panel, but need to make yourself the circuitry. The circuitry that you see in that cheapo monitor is a bare-bone one. Despite the looks, it's essentially DVI directly connected to the panel. All it does is convert the DVI signal which has a full frame image, into a format for the LCD monitor to display it, which is drawing each row from top to bottom of that received frame. Name brand monitors, have a processor for the on screen menu, and it's task to alter the image that it receives to adjust the colors based on your monitor settings. This processor chip is costly. GPU's don't have one. GPU's uses software emulation. That is why when you adjust colors on the Nvidia or AMD or Windows Control Panel, you have heavy banding. Moreover, the circuitry system needs to support DDC/CI protocol as it's standard in high end consumer grade monitors. Fancier monitors have color processors and with Lookup table. And to top things off, you need fast processors, and a very well optimized circuit to minimize input lag. Oh and let's not forget that you can't just put the chips together, you need to program them, to make things possible. So you need a storage chip as well. And you need the circuitry for that as well, and a fast chip. Oh and because you have processors and stuff, you need the infrastructure.. so you essentially need a boot startup process. That is why the monitor doesn't power up instantly, and takes a moment.
    So it all adds up.  Oh and a proper multiple inputs support! Ok Well you get the point.
    -> Plus, you have R&D. I won't be surprised if it cost just as much as the panel.
    -> Then you have the enclosure. While material doesn't cost a lot, engineering and thinking about the small details like where to pass cables, means that multiple design of the monitor enclosure and stand was made, and it's a whole R&D by itself. And of course, you want solid build quality. It's more than just better and thicker plastic, but also the industrial design of it so that it has proper support everywhere, and is solid for transport and heavy usage. If right now, I decided to lift up and down the monitor continuously 50 times, without being nice to it, I expect it to hold perfectly well. And it does. That's smart design to make it solid quality. Metal parts which high end consumer grade have to keep the monitor solid and wobble free. cost money. It needs to be molded, and molding metal is expensive, and be cut, and sometimes polish to allow other parts to join in properly. The plastic and metal mold (molds aren't cheap, that we all know), needs to be done often to assure that all parts fits well, and looks perfect when you get the product. You can't have an area of your screen that is smooth while the rest is textured, because the mold is finished. Those cheap ebay monitors don't care, and uses generic enclosure which they print their name on.
    -> Then you have marketing, and let's not forget, warranty coverage, and warranty service (the people you contact for RMA or help for some tech support). Plus you needs to add the extra (USB hub, memory card reader, the cost for having people at the manufacture calibrating the monitor, either to generic settings, or actually doing a full calibration, with report, plus the supervisors, and engineers that made sure the process to do this is quick and efficient, and so on.
    So you have a lot that adds up to a high price. Now, of course profits are large. High-end products always have high profits. That is what makes companies be pushed to continue to innovate and push boundaries. Look how OEMs treat PCs now. Not a single company cares to innovate, because they porduct very low profits systems. At work, we ordered Lenovo business class desktop PC's, 100 of them. 600$ each. They are small cases (media center like size), with 120GB Samsung SSD in them. Core i5, 8GB of RAM in 2 stick, WITH 5 year warranty. So about 400$ each without the extra warranty. No wonder no one cares, Lenovo is not making profits enough to be encouraged to care.  Already you can see OEMs, at the consumer level they cut on quality and everything to get some level of profit to please their investors. But they are dying themselves, as they made the consumer believe that a powerful 300$ laptop is possible. Now laptops are crap, and desktop are crap.
    And when you have Razer, a mouse and keyboard manufacture coming in, and you have Vizio an affordable TV manufacture decide to make PC's... And both are really innovative in their design and how much power they can put inside a form factor that was not seen possible, all by being quiet, it's because you know that something is wrong. Both are not the best price.. but you can say that perhaps it's the right price.  Anyway, that's off topic.
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    Winther got a reaction from Worth in Worst Looking Graphics Card?   

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    Winther got a reaction from brownninja97 in Dell/Alienware vs consoles   
    Is Dell bad?
    Alienware is bad imo, way overpriced! 
    Dont think consoles are bad really, they have their place and their people so to speak, I just dont use them..
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    Winther got a reaction from Worth in Dell/Alienware vs consoles   
    Is Dell bad?
    Alienware is bad imo, way overpriced! 
    Dont think consoles are bad really, they have their place and their people so to speak, I just dont use them..
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    Winther reacted to notenoughtv in [COMPLETED][Build Log] Aperture Engine | White CaseLabs STH10 - i7 3930K - Dual GTX 690   
    There's way too much empty space. I didn't realize the case was so massive. 
    I thought you were going to use orange and blue tubing
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    Winther got a reaction from alpenwasser in What Graphic Card Is In Your Build   
    GTX 780.. Soon watercooled and hopefully I will have two in a couple of months :)
    this thread should be moved, not really the right forum for this..
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    Winther got a reaction from Sgt in [COMPLETED][Build Log] Aperture Engine | White CaseLabs STH10 - i7 3930K - Dual GTX 690   
    Just go out into your garden and get some there.. :P hehe
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    Winther got a reaction from Cy-Fy in Not enough money!!!   
    Honestly with a graphics card like that I would go with the PS4.
    You need a much better GPU then that to justify that CPU too, in my opinion atleast!
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    Winther got a reaction from Vitalius in Not enough money!!!   
    Honestly with a graphics card like that I would go with the PS4.
    You need a much better GPU then that to justify that CPU too, in my opinion atleast!
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    Winther got a reaction from Vitalius in Mechanical Keyboard Club!   
    I think it might have something to do with it. I initially looked at Filco but heard slick talking about them all the times so I wanted to check them out and I dont regret it, I like my G2Pro, though I want a shine 3 TKL..
    I love my blues, but Im looking forward to a green and white board too!
    I know very little about the KMAC, but I know they are expensive! Where can you buy them though?
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    Winther got a reaction from crazystorm13 in First custom loop, do I have everything I need?   
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    Winther got a reaction from FluffyNuggets in Fittings, Coolant, And Tubing   
    they probably used the wrong tubing, with a thinner wall then they should have.. :P
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    Winther got a reaction from sotiris.bos in Water cooling on a budget. Please advise   
    I haven't heard about the problems with the pump to be honest I haven't actually read that much about it.
    Though im fairly certain that the pump is powerfull enough for quite a big loop. As far as I know you dont actually need a res if you expand the system, it would be a pain in the behind to fill it without a res though.
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    Winther reacted to Complx in [BUILD COMPLETE] VX-42 (Custom Wall Mounted Home Server)   
    Hey everyone, I can't believe I didn't post this on here earlier.

    This was my first custom case built from scratch, so I thought I would share.  Im always looking for feedback to help improve my designs.  Sadly I have already completed the project and therefore don't have any way of making a proper build log style updates.

    But I made sure to take plenty of pictures of the build which can be found here:  http://imgur.com/a/tnKTh

    The premise behind this project was the need for a large amount of storage of various pieces of digital media. (3+TB or more) I have been wanting to build my own home media server for sometime and finally found an excuse to build one. I wanted to be able to stream media to my various mobile devices and run an FTP server, plus since im a gamer, I wanted to be able to host game servers for my buddies and I to play on as well.

    My biggest problem was space. My desk was cluttered enough as it was and I didn't have anywhere to put it, even the small ITX cases were too big. That's when I started browsing online for inspiration and thats when it hit me to put it on the wall.

    These first few pictures of the completed build I used a piece of smoked acrylic as the base for are the hardware, however, I didn't like it as much as I thought, so I replaced it with a custom cut piece of anodized aluminum.

    Aluminum Plate

    After Anodizing:


    Final Design with Aluminum Plate in Place:

    I got the it up on the wall in its permanent location along with the rest of my computers.  For those of you who have been following my other thread, this came before I built my monitor stand.

    I love the back lighting it provides

    Hope you enjoyed viewing this project with took many months to complete, if you have any questions, feel free to ask!