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    Pii got a reaction from BrianPena in Logitech G910 keyboard.   
    Well I got my g910 today and so far this is what I've found out about it.
    The keys are quite!  No click at all, you can feel the actuation point but there is no click so it is a very quite mechanical keyboard.. (I kind of like that myself)
    It has some preset lighting modes, they are:
    Color cycle (Can control speed)
    Breathing (This mode shows to almost be like Corsairs in that the colors seem to step, if you run it slow,  and isn't completely smooth in its transition, I wonder if they have the same issue Corsair has? Its not as bad but you can see the steps)
    Star  (This mode is like reactive mode but you don't type it just changes a very keys at a time and they fade in and out I guess they think it twinkles.)
    Color wave  (It’s a wave! :-) you can make it go left or right, up or down or from the center out)
    Key Press which is reactive mode (You can control the time it takes the key to change back)
    The keys are bigger than the k70 and Razer so I don’t miss type as much. When I say bigger they are like my k800 not a big difference but it does make a difference, which I like.
    OK the looks:
    Well it’s a black keyboard and to tell the truth I can’t even see the shape of it in low light so that’s a non issue for me, it looks fine on my desk. I’m using the smaller hand rest also which IMO looks better, but to each his own. You are not going to want to remove it as there is a frame and it looks like something is missing without it.
    YOU CAN NOT MAKE A per key lit layout and connect it to a game profile! BAD BAD BAD Logitech! I have asked and I’m waiting for a reply from Logitech to see if this is in the works.
    As it is now you can only have one color (active color) but you can have separate per key COMMAND (which can be colored) linked to the G keys so right now those are the only keys you can have per key lighting, per Profile. ;-( (To sum up, the G keys can have separate colors but the rest are all one color.)
    There is also only one level of brightness.
    They mM1,m2,m3,m4 and multimedia keys cannot be changed and are membrane.
    Misc stuff:
    The dock is hmmmm really cheap and IMO stupid. It doesn’t clamp the phone or power it. Personally I’d just as soon place the phone on my desk and not the key board, Its use is questionable at best. Gimmicky
    The volume roller works well.
    One weird thing I found is there are three lights, one each,  for the Cap Lock, Numlock, and Scroll lock but when you press one of those keys the light doesn’t always turn on or off, however it is working as you can see on the screen the cap lock is being turned on or off but the light doesn’t always reflect the change. It’s almost acts like the keys aren’t working but after playing around with it, it’s obvious the key is fine and it’s a firmware issue. Not really a big deal but it’s just something I noticed.
    The key caps are fine IMO you don't really notice that bevel they have. I think they toned them down before release and they are almost like a normal key cap, almost.
    Well that's all for now if you have any questions feel free to ask.
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    Pii got a reaction from BrianPena in Logitech G910 keyboard.   
    Here is a quick unboxing that gives you at least a good look at it without the lights on and then some with the lights.
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    Pii got a reaction from BrianPena in Logitech G910 keyboard.   
    I see you also suffer from the same Impulse buying syndrome I have. I was waiting for the Ducky shine 4 but they weren't going be in stock again till 12/15 so I got this. Today I see the DH4 is back in stock...damn you mechanicalkeyboards.com you lost a sale with your bad stock predicting ... .lol I just can't win.
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    Pii got a reaction from BrianPena in Logitech G910 keyboard.   
    I know I've been looking everywhere also. The web page says if its listed as "in stock" it should ship the next business day so mine won't ship til Monday at the earliest and with 4 day shipping probably won't be til Friday or maybe next Monday
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    Pii got a reaction from BrianPena in Logitech G910 keyboard.   
    Some people are receiving them, especially in Germany, however a few from the US are reporting receiving their shipping notices yesterday.
    I ordered today so we'll see soon enough.
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    Pii got a reaction from Scionyde in First Review of the Logitech G910 Orion Spark? (Logitech's RGB Mechanical Keyboard)   
    Yes there is a frame when you remove the wrist rest. It  is the one thing I don't like but I ordered it today anyways. :-)
    I've tried all the other RGB keyboards and although Corsairs is probably the most flexible it is also the most broken, software wise. The software is barely alpha quality and IMO it will take them a year to finish and polish it up. So I went with this. If corsair had finished the thing before release I'd have one now but they screwed the pooch and I and many others have moved on.
    I have not received a shipping notice yet but I have heard other US customers say theirs is on the way so it is shipping but only from Logitech. 
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    Pii got a reaction from Daftendirekt2 in An Update From Corsair About The RGB Keyboards...   
    Where have you been :-)
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    Pii got a reaction from dwitty in An Update From Corsair About The RGB Keyboards...   
    Where have you been :-)
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    Pii got a reaction from Apricity in An Update From Corsair About The RGB Keyboards...   
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    Pii got a reaction from Redliquid in An Update From Corsair About The RGB Keyboards...   
    It says right on that page
    Release Date: 09/08/2014