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  1. You're very welcome for saying nothing! That's what I do all day long. Fuck me right?


    I never mentioned or compared any switches to others, only gave my opinion on Cherry MX's.


    Razer switches? Do they make switches? Wasn't this post about a new Logitech keyboard?


    Are you a fanboy of any brand? I'm not. When you spend enough time reading reviews you get to some conclusions, therefore, they aren't facts, just opinions and things that happened to people that wanted to share. And I do that when I'm buying anything, from keyboards to cars.


    If you want facts, I believe you came to the wrong place.


    Anyway, I'm not into internet arguments, I'm more into live action.




    "I never mentioned or compared any switches to others, only gave my opinion on Cherry MX's."


    which is why I asked you. If you're going to claim Cherry is better then its implied you think the others are not as good.  does it not?


    "Razer switches? Do they make switches? Wasn't this post about a new Logitech keyboard?"


    My post was about your claim that "it's not MX" so you don't like the g910. Again impling Cherry MX is better. So I ask you again why is Cherry better? And yes Razer has contracted a company to make THEIR switches.


    "Are you a fanboy of any brand? I'm not."


    Doesn't sound like it. It sounds like you are indeed a Cherry MX fan since you dismiss all the others and accept Cherry as the best based on......on ......oh yeah other fan boys saying their the best. .


    " When you spend enough time reading reviews you get to some conclusions, therefore, they aren't facts, just opinions and things that happened to people that wanted to share. And I do that when

    I'm buying anything, from keyboards to cars."


    WOW ME TOO! and other than the occasional fanboy claim that Cherry MX is the best I have not seen one shred of evidense to back that up. Matter of fact I see lots of switches that have BETTER ratings so I'm asking people that claim MX are the best why. So far no one has given any answer with any facts, including you, you all just seem to be repeating what you've heard ....you know like a fan boyz.


    "If you want facts, I believe you came to the wrong place."


    Why, are you the only one here?.


    "Anyway, I'm not into internet arguments, I'm more into live action."


    Neat-o you sound like a super hero..



  2. When you buy a 200$ keyboard and it stops working within a month or on the week after warranty expires you'll understand what's so special.



    Thanks for saying nothing.

    Do you have some stats that say MX are sooo much better they never fail? Or some stats that say the Razer switches have a higher failure rate than MX? Do you have anything to back up that claim other than maybe I'll have a kb that fails out of warranty someday and I guess you think it won't be a Cherry switch?


    Facts man facts .....do you have any?

  3. I wouldn't buy one before there are more reviews out there on the switches, keycaps, drivers, etc. It's too expensive for my taste and also not Cherry MX.... so I'd just wait.


    What's so special about a switch that has a 20 million less click life?

  4. Here is a little follow up on the software:


    It looks like we need a customizable "Command mode"


    If you have a game profile it is supposed to switch to command mode (it doesn't work though) and display the active /inactive lighting. Sadly someone somewhere has already decided what keys should be active and limited the color. So command mode seem to me where we need to be able to select which keys should be active and what they should be colored.


    As it is now if you make a new profile you have zero control of the keys that are active and if its a game that logitech hasn't added to their list of known games it selects like 6 random keys to be active and you have no way to change even that much less the colors. :-(


    Correction: I have found out how to edit what keys are and are not active but its slow and painful. You basically have to add or remove "Commands" from the "Command list". You can only do it one key at a time and you still only have two colors.



    Another product with unfinished software.

    When will these companies realize that the software that is needed to enjoy a product is just as important as the hardware?

  5. :'(  This is honestly the main thing I want from an rgb keyboard.  The only thing interesting now is the switches.

     Not that logitech will ever make a nice looking keyboard with them.  The visual style they are going for these days look like no-name china. People say razer is gawdy ha..


    Yeah I think everyone agrees its a must have feature.


    Can't say it looks all that bad sitting here in front of me I'm more concerned with how well it preforms and the software that makes it work being having what should be a basic feature for any RGB keyboard..

  6. 50 Million. I've had Cherry based keyboards for about 4 years now and throughout that time I've only had 3 switches fail(one was a solder failure, so the switch still worked, unlike the Kailhs). The cherry keyboard with the failures though was used by me for two years and I bought it used(so who knows what past it had, lol).

    I've heard a lot of people say those switches suck but never talked to anyone that actually used them. Thanks for the information.

  7. Really appreciate you telling us about it :)! One question I have is what keyboard did you upgrade from? Were you used to using a mechanical keyboard already and if so how does it compare to your previous experiences?


    Also great review, I think you should post your own thread in the Review section so more people can see it!


    I'm coming from a Logitech K800 but I've tried the k70 red, k65 red, Razer chroma those green ones? I really think I like this one the best as it's pretty quite compared to all those others. If you like clicking switches forget this one.


    I will add


    It's  looking like Logitech is being quite on the custom profile thing missing, it kind of reminds me of waiting for Corsair to answer back about their 512 colors only "problem".


    I've also realized you can't save a freestyle created lighting setup, so basically you have one set if you want another you have to make it, if you want your old one back you have to remake it. WTF?


    Not impressed with the software at this point but at least it doesn't crash. Will wait a week or two and hopefully hear back from Logitech before making final decision on this one. But if they give those two features, saves and saving to a profile, I'll be happy I think with it.


    Going to go try it out on some Titan Fall now :-)


    Thanks for the compliment! but my writing is too bad to put anywhere where more than 5 people will read it. :-)

  8. My first keyboard was a Zalman ZM-k500 and the second was a Rapoo V7. They worked fine for the first 8 months but right after that I had 3 switches fail on both of them. At the 1 year mark I had 5-7 fail and at 16 months I gave up on them because too many keys had failed and the working keys didn't feel right.

    What are those keys rated at? If you've tried them have you ever had a Cherry switch fail?

  9. Well I got my g910 today and so far this is what I've found out about it.

    The keys are quite!  No click at all, you can feel the actuation point but there is no click so it is a very quite mechanical keyboard.. (I kind of like that myself)


    It has some preset lighting modes, they are:

    Color cycle (Can control speed)


    Breathing (This mode shows to almost be like Corsairs in that the colors seem to step, if you run it slow,  and isn't completely smooth in its transition, I wonder if they have the same issue Corsair has? Its not as bad but you can see the steps)


    Star  (This mode is like reactive mode but you don't type it just changes a very keys at a time and they fade in and out I guess they think it twinkles.)


    Color wave  (It’s a wave! :-) you can make it go left or right, up or down or from the center out)


    Key Press which is reactive mode (You can control the time it takes the key to change back)

    The keys are bigger than the k70 and Razer so I don’t miss type as much. When I say bigger they are like my k800 not a big difference but it does make a difference, which I like.


    OK the looks:


    Well it’s a black keyboard and to tell the truth I can’t even see the shape of it in low light so that’s a non issue for me, it looks fine on my desk. I’m using the smaller hand rest also which IMO looks better, but to each his own. You are not going to want to remove it as there is a frame and it looks like something is missing without it.



    YOU CAN NOT MAKE A per key lit layout and connect it to a game profile! BAD BAD BAD Logitech! I have asked and I’m waiting for a reply from Logitech to see if this is in the works.

    As it is now you can only have one color (active color) but you can have separate per key COMMAND (which can be colored) linked to the G keys so right now those are the only keys you can have per key lighting, per Profile. ;-( (To sum up, the G keys can have separate colors but the rest are all one color.)

    There is also only one level of brightness.


    They mM1,m2,m3,m4 and multimedia keys cannot be changed and are membrane.


    Misc stuff:


    The dock is hmmmm really cheap and IMO stupid. It doesn’t clamp the phone or power it. Personally I’d just as soon place the phone on my desk and not the key board, Its use is questionable at best. Gimmicky


    The volume roller works well.


    One weird thing I found is there are three lights, one each,  for the Cap Lock, Numlock, and Scroll lock but when you press one of those keys the light doesn’t always turn on or off, however it is working as you can see on the screen the cap lock is being turned on or off but the light doesn’t always reflect the change. It’s almost acts like the keys aren’t working but after playing around with it, it’s obvious the key is fine and it’s a firmware issue. Not really a big deal but it’s just something I noticed.


    The key caps are fine IMO you don't really notice that bevel they have. I think they toned them down before release and they are almost like a normal key cap, almost.


    Well that's all for now if you have any questions feel free to ask.

  10. The $30 is worth it IMO. I've had too many Kailh switches fail that I can't recommend them to anybody. Also it seems like the overall quality of Razer products has gone down.


    I'm curious as to what products you had that had Kailh (sp) switches in it and what was the failure rate?

  11. I kind of wish it had some of the cool effects that the Corsair RGB keyboards have, like the ripple effect. Maybe they will add some of that kind of customization in the future?


    Yeah so far the corsair offering looks like its the most configurable but its code is so hosed right now I had to return mine.


    Just got my shipping confirmation so I'll see whats up with this KB in a few days for sure. 

  12. Not to rain on your parade. but I found that DS3's are better than DS4's. If you can answer, are G910s similar to cherry?

    You're not raining on my parade I was just torn between a more "gaming" type board and and standard board. I liked the DS4 when it had knobs (yeah I'm weird but hate Fn keys) however even without the knobs i liked how they laid out the media and volume in relation to the Fn key (lots of makers place the Fn key on the right and the Volume up and down on the top far lift "F" keys making it a two handed operation. so if I'm going to get a boards with Fn keys I lied how ducky had them. I also liked the two LED option as it adds just a little more than two colors. Soooo I liked it for its looks and lay out, never had one before but heard good things.


    I have no idea what the G-romer switches on the 910 feel , yet. 

  13. The Freezone-schema is saved automatically, but no option to export/import such a schema - so you can have only one.


    I too think this can be done very easily and it is as you said - rushed out product with SW not finished yet.

    However, as this feature is what this kb is all about this lack of feature makes me wonder.


    Still waiting for answer from Logitech Reps - in case they come up with some weird argumentation why this is not on the SW and why it will not find its way I too will return mine.

    Let`s wait and see.


    Yeah you would think that should have been very high on the list of MUST HAVE working for release list.

    I have a two week return window so I'm not waiting long to find out. :-)

  14. Really like the G910 in front of me.


    One point however is really odd - hope Logitech will fix this.


    When choosing a gameprofile all active keys are the same color and you cannot assign different colors to active keys.

    Of yourse you can create a schema on your own, all keys in any color you like,  but this you cannot link to a profile.

    So this very essential feature is not to achieve with the LG-SW - most probably this will be possible only with the SDK. (not released yet)

    But how many of us are willing or able to fiddle around with the SDK?

    Already asked at Logitechforum, but still no reaction from Logitech.

    This basic and essential feature has to be reachable easily via the LG-SW.

    This kb is made to allow this and at time of writing this it doesn`t.


    That seems odd not to be in there. Who wants to reset up a schema every time you play a game? 

    can you save a schema ? if so it doesn't seem like it would  be hard for them to implement it. My guess is the software is like all software these days ...rushed  to get the product in our hands....then we wait for the fixes :-(


    If that feature isn't in the current software and isn't coming soon I will be returning mine ASAP.

  15. Shaker Aamer : Arrested in 2002, still in captivity without charge or trial. The Bush administration acknowledged that it had no evidence against Aamer, so they cleared him for release in 2007. He's still in there.

    Abdelaziz Kareem Salim Al-Noofayee : Arrested in 2002 for wearing a Casio watch. Spent 7 years in Guantanamo, then repatriated to Saudi Arabia

    That's just 2 in the "Guantanamo Bay detainees whose surnames begin with A" section on Wikipedia. Want me to go all the way to Z ?

    Oh you're talking about non US citizens.

    But I'm with you on Getmo, it is wrong.

  16. Haha, to be honest I might buy it even before you tell us about it. It just looks so damn good, I've never used a mechanical keyboard before so this should be a good start.


    I see you also suffer from the same Impulse buying syndrome I have. I was waiting for the Ducky shine 4 but they weren't going be in stock again till 12/15 so I got this. Today I see the DH4 is back in stock...damn you mechanicalkeyboards.com you lost a sale with your bad stock predicting ... .lol I just can't win.

  17. Great specs, but UGH *vomits* it's ugly as balls. It has that stupid "Derp cheesy gamer" look to it. The G710+ is elegant and sexy, and the coloured highlights are subtle. This is about as subtle as a dump truck.


    Also, I can't see the volume wheel on it, which honestly was one of the best features of the G710+. The volume wheel on the G710+ is absolutely kickass. CORRECTION: The volume wheel is indeed there, just couldn't see it in the small pictures. It appears to be the same volume wheel as the G710+ has on it.


    Honestly I'd be a lot more excited about this, if it wasn't so Gaudy looking. I have the G710+ and love the look and feel of it. The only complaints were the fragile key caps (Check out the review posted in the user reviews subforum), and I spilled some soda on it and the space bar now sticks - even after repeated cleanings, and dousing the whole damn space actuator mechanism in alcohol. Though I 100% acknowledge that the second issue is user fault.


    Yeah I would have liked a more 710 style but as for "This is about as subtle as a dump truck."


    Come on its BLACK :)

    and you can make the keys any color you want. If you don't like super colorful colors CHANGED them.


    I'm going to try it out (I've tried all the others) if it sucks in person I will return and wait for the Duck Shine 4 which as a very nice look IMO.

  18. Let us know when you get it! I'm curios as there aren't many reviews on it.

    I know I've been looking everywhere also. The web page says if its listed as "in stock" it should ship the next business day so mine won't ship til Monday at the earliest and with 4 day shipping probably won't be til Friday or maybe next Monday :(

  19. Why is this a surprise coming from the US of A, a country that jails people without ever giving them trials or lawyers at all

    You're not from here are you? Yes we have some stupid Patriot Act BS that allows them to do that if the Government labels them a terrorist but so far it hasn't happened and everyone gets a trail and lawyer if need be.


    "It's incredible every time I think about it. We always talk about small issues about the police being too power hungry and yet here we are jailing people without any evidence, without a fair trial, without fair representation?"


    Name ONE.


    "Jailing for decades without a trial is a dark age tactic, I shudder to think that this country partakes in it."


    Again give ONE example. Good luck

  20. This looks very interesting... I hope when you plug in your phone that you could have a logitech headset and you could hook it up through the keyboard and accept calls. Anyway, as much as this SCREAMS gamer... I'll buy it.


    I think the phone dock is nothing but a clap I doubt there is any connector since android phones can have the USB just about anywhere. You can try out the Arx control now just download it from the App store or apple and Logitech's newest Gaming software. You can just sit it on your desk, its works through Blue tooth. Roccat has something similar also.

  21. Cherry MX switches also aren't rated for as many presses as the generics which have come out. I haven't gotten the chance to try them, but come on people. Not having cherry should be far from a deal breaker.


    Yeah I can't figure out why everyone thinks cherry is the holly grail of switches, heck most people probably never even heard of them before this year and have never touched one.