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  1. I was also debating on either getting the K95 or K70 when I thought an extra $20 (I think) for 18 more keys. And correct me if I'm wrong but I think you can put macros on the keys on the K70. Planning on getting the K70 with cherry mx blues this weekend! Hope you make a good decision. 

  2. Having tried both products I woud always always always go with corsair. Razer seems to win when it comes to design and sales but when you compare build quality, technology and durability, anything else is better. It is like Apple with their amazing design vs HTC / Samsung.



    I would say Corsair because I think the Panasonic chip that controls the LEDs are way more powerful then the chroma.



    Corsair. unless you like something in particular about the Razer case design. If you do any typing whatsoever than STAY AWAY FROM RAZER KEYBOARDS. The new gaming switch they use has a raised actuation point and bump that makes bottoming out almost unavoidable. The Switches are Kahil, which are cheap, poor quality knockoff Cherry's. Don't let the 60 million preses get you either, something else in that keyboard will break far before that switch dies; assuming the switch will last that long (It won't). Also Synapse is full of bugs and uses a lot of RAM. Also Corsairs software will be open source, so you will have the modding community behind the K70. I cant wait for my board to (Modders, take notes) sync with midi files (lightshow anyone?), or flash red when wounded, play the worm game, share profiles, display my printers ink levels,  have a timer that turns off LED's as the time runs out, displays the time, looks like 8 bit mario, or really anything


    That was easy. But thanks guys, I was aiming towards Corsair anyways.



  3. Hi Dicehunter,

    Where did you see that? The only thing I could find on a later release for Blues and Browns was for the K70.  It looks like Corsair's current renditions of the K95 only come in Cherry MX Red switches according to their website.

    Did you read something somewhere that indicated there would be MX RGB K95s with blue and brown switches? (this would make me quite pleased but I haven't been able to find that anywhere, much to my chagrin)   

    Thanks :)

    You can find it here: http://youtu.be/0lSbwR3nr3E?t=3m21s