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  1. Greetings all! Hope all is well with you fine folks I have a question, hoping someone might have already come up with something for this. I have a beefy gaming computer at home, that I leave in my master bedroom upstairs. I also have a workstation laptop that I use along with my multiple monitors downstairs in my living room. The laptop is connected to a USB-C hub that in turn connects to the multiple monitors and wireless keyboard/mouse. I was wondering, if there is a way to access my beefy gaming PC from the USB-C hub WITHOUT using the laptop? Please note
  2. Guess what folks! I got it to run. Although, it's about 100 MHz less than advertised, I manually changed the frequency. I kept XMP disabled, since it wasn't working well with this kit. Hallelujah!
  3. Hi guys, Quick question - I am having issues booting up my computer if I enable XMP from BIOS to get the memory to run at it's actual reading, i.e, 3333 MHz. But it doesn't boot up and I get a BSOD.. No OC, no other modifications. All other BIOS settings running at default. If I turn off XMP it works fine, but at a lower rate (What do you guys suppose the issue can be? EDIT: The OC in the picture below is after testing the above stuff. I got lucky 4.6 GHz @ 1.283v I haven't played around with the voltages yet, I am still putting in some finishing touches to the build Thanks! E
  4. Looks like this may have been the trick. No more flickering. I am going to test this out a little more. I will report what I find. Thanks! E
  5. You guys are awesome! I connected the pump to the first CPU_Fan header which is above the memory and CPU. I moved the fan splitter cable to the CPU_Fan header on the left side (near IO panel). I set the CPU fan to run at max RPM. The GPU was running at 86 degrees before.. Now it's at 26 degrees. This is ridiculous. Knowledge is power Thanks again folks! E
  6. I didn't have GSYNC turned on. The flickering happens regardless of GSYNC being turned on or not. Yet, that's a little weird isn't it? Wasn't this monitor designed to be used with GSYNC? Is there a reason why it doesn't work well with 144 Hz, but does fine with 60 - 120 Hz? Still new to the GSYNC world. I have used it but once on an Acer monitor. Really helped me keep a stable FPS playing Watch Dogs on my old system (2x 670s) I am starting to think so as well. Is there any way this could've been a dormant issue that didn't surface for the first few weeks that I played? I am thinki
  7. Hi guys, I am using two 980 Ti cards in SLi and I did a clean install (using the DDU uninstall in safe mode) of the latest drivers. I have Windows 8.1 running with latest updates. I am not sure what is causing this issue, where the monitor seems fine for the first few minutes on 144Hz, but after a bit of clicking around, moving windows, etc. it starts flickering like crazy. Here's an example video of someone who had similar issues: It's exactly like that but just a LOT more frequent - say about 10 times per minute? I have GSYNC enabled, SLi is running and resolution is at 1440p. The
  8. Alright! That sounds good. I can connect the pump independently on a separate fan header on the motherboard. But one thing I noticed was the if I connect the pump directly to the fan header on the motherboard and also connect the molex power, it doesn't run. However, that's not the case when I connect the PWM to the 8 way splitter. It works fine with the molex being connected to it as well. What is the correct way of running this particular pump at max speed? Should I connect just one of the two or both? Thanks! E
  9. Thanks for the reply Any reason why I should connect it to yet another PWM splitter? Can't I just connect the PWM connector of the pump directly to the fan header on the motherboard? Not necessarily the CPU fan header, because that should (in my head) should control the fans in the case.. Also, which PWM header on the motherboard do you suggest? There's about 4 or 5 of those on there (see above image of the motherboard) - I don't suppose that makes any difference, does it?
  10. BUMP - Has anyone found a better solution to this? I have made a similar topic for this right here: http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/465315-question-using-ek-d5-pwm-pump-with-8-way-pwm-fan-splitter/
  11. Hi guys! I am almost near the end of my new water cooling build, I will be posting the build log here really soon. But before that, I had a few questions. I am using an 8 way PWM fan splitter which connects to 10 of my fans inside the case (using fan splitters). I am also using the EK D5 PWM version pump in this build. From what I understand, the pump runs only at 40% if it's running on the molex connector. Found this out after spending hours and hours trying to bleed my loop. I really wish EK had made that predominantly clear on the instructions manual. Someone from EK posted about it
  12. Alright, I'll try boiling it tomorrow evening. I'm about to go to bed. Thanks for the tips! I'll post here what I find tomorrow
  13. What's wrong with Tygon? Isn't it better with the plasticizer free feature? I'll try the boiling the tube.. How long do you think I should leave the tube in the boiling water for? Yeah the fittings are all 3/8 x 1/2.. The Masterkleer tube you've linked, do you think I should try ordering that one and trying that instead of primo chill?
  14. I have Mayhem's liquid pastel color and liquid. I tried looking up Mayhem's tubing, but it's only in 3/8 x 5/8. It won't fit the 3/8 x 1/2 compression fittings right? http://www.performance-pcs.com/mayhems-ultra-clear-tubing-3-8-x-5-8-10-16mm-tubing.html
  15. Jayztwocents explains my issue really well right here:https://youtu.be/W7BdBPSx92M?t=625 Do you think I should get a different tube? If so any suggestions on the brand? Based on if you people have used it?