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  1. Your first hand experience/opinion doesn't make this a fact. I'll just leave it at that.
  2. Jager + beer = bad combo

  3. Everyone should imo. There's really no reason not to be working out.
  4. Then get on ESEA, pug a few games and link your account profile with your stats. We'll see just how "good" you really are... You're OPEN skill, nothing more.
  5. Are you depressed? Suffering a mid-life crisis? Or just growing out of it? Trust me, it happens when you mature. Games nowadays aren't that great anyway. I still find myself playing classics like CS 1.6, WoW and metal gear on the playstation. Take a break, go outside, enjoy life. There's more to it than pixels....
  6. To be brutally honest, it's negligible. You're deluded if you think otherwise. You're not going to see much gains in gaming beyond 2400 (ddr3) and 3200 (ddr4). At best your minimums will be 2-3 fps greater.
  7. What a well thought and informative response. True to the nature of a trump supporter (as I expected nothing less). Take your meme's and gtfo. On your bike..
  8. Don't think LTT is your answer, mate. Get on ESEA and play with skilled people.
  9. I have a program that monitors this because windows is unreliable. Typically I use 500-750gigs a month.
  10. I was referring to CPU overclocking FYI.. Memory overclocking literally means nothing and nets no benefits other than EPEEN flexing.
  11. The new blade runner has me excited but I think it's going to bomb. Shame they cast Ryan Gosling as the lead. Tom Hardy would've been the better choice.
  12. Marketing. There's no difference when it comes to OC capabilities nowadays. I just like them because of their color schemes.
  13. http://www.anandtech.com/bench/product/1396?vs=965 negligible difference
  14. Cesspool community filled with lazy mods and pretentious children.

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    2. GSTARR


      Excuse me?

      You can't call the community a cesspool and then be so rude when i ask how long you've been a part of ltt


    3. eLucid


      That was rude? Stop being so overly sensitive, mate...

    4. GSTARR


      lmfao! Ok man

  15. If you think a GPU is going to last you a decade, you have bigger problems to worry about.
  16. Smh... The day Americans voted for "change" and nothing came to pass. You can thank congress for that. Idiots...
  17. PSA: Now is an awful time to purchase ANY GPU (regardless of price). Wait 1-2 months!

  18. Awful time to purchase a gpu imo. Either get the monitor now and wait for 1080ti/vega. OR Get them both in one shot when the 1080ti launches. The prices should get a slight correction when AMD launches vega (if it's as good as they're claiming). Plus, WoW isn't that demading graphically anyway. It's the witcher 3 you have to worry about :).
  19. No problem, mate. It's an excellent choice. Enjoy it!
  20. y'all need jesus in your lives.