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  1. Its not entrapment. Not even close, entrapment is when law enforcement make someone do something illegal they usually wouldnt do. I mean, people who view CP will view CP, they werent forced to do it.You wont find someone just go on a CP distribution site because its a good site. You'll find more paedophiles viewing the site but not regular people. Im not completely agreeing with what the FBI did but look at it this way. The people who went on those sites are going to view CP somewhere, wouldnt it be better if you get paedophiles on one site where they're monitored? Also, just shutting do
  2. I just pin all my games that arent on steam on to start. They have their own column. I mean even if all the games are in the same place it still has to launch the client for the game. Now I have to launch that and the client. Thats two things.
  3. 1) It does say it was blackmailed out of her. Also, teenagers and people close to that age do stupid things. You'll have 15 year old's drinking and smoking. Some might even be doing drugs. Bullying also occurs, some to the point of the victims committing or contemplating suicide. Its not really surprising that nudes of teens circulate in schools. 2)For some images its not that they're responsible its just that its against the law. It does say that they removed the images as soon as it was reported to them. The original poster might have been perma-banned already. Other people could have b
  4. I've heard of most of these myths as jokes. Also the ones that were serious were few and far between. From those people that were serious many were kids, and were rekt by people who knew more.
  5. Worked as a waiter. Used tips for pocket money and saved my actual paycheck.
  6. Yeah checked out your whitelist. Quite helpful. Thank you
  7. Thats essentially my build right now. Though I have a 750W Supernova NEX 80+ bronze and hyperfury X ssd.
  8. Yeah I was wondering about getting a 4690K or yeah the 4460 instead of the 4590
  9. Awesome, so get a new PSU and SSD. Might try to work with grayblizzrd's build. Thx Also wondering if I should get another CPU cooler?
  10. Edit: I think I got her. Probably going to get the 380, its a $10 difference. Not sure about PSU and SSD yet, but should have no trouble finding better ones. Might also change the case if I find a similarly priced one that I like better. Thanks to all the people that helped. Trying to get the build together, here it is http://ca.pcpartpicker.com/p/4BCHFT. Any help would be awesome 1. Budget is around $900 CAD 2.The rig is mostly going to be used for gaming, and some internet surfing. 3. Currently using a 1600x900 monitor, probably going to upgrade when I get some more money
  11. I think it's because of the controller. Since when I played a game on 30 fps with a controller on the PC it felt smoother than with the K+M. Though I have no actual proof on this [emoji14]
  12. Didn't the article but I don't think the PC is dying. I mean I'm pretty sure Dota 2 was broadcasted on ESPN. I think LoL is still has the most users playing if not its still up there. People don't upgrade PC's yearly, unlike most phone owners. Also even if OEM PC sales decline I think people who build their own PC's can still keep it alive. How many people do you think buy Lambos, Ferraris, Koenigseggs compared to the people who buy Chevys, and Fords
  13. wrong vid Right one: Yeah, I've already seen his review. Just wanting to see if anyone bought this phone and have any gripes with it. Thanks though, probably should have written that in my original post .
  14. Does anyone have this phone? I kind of want to get it. Just hoping for some feedback.