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  1. Here's a story for u cause u r awesome.

    Ones there was a god called Steve the emoticon, he created the universe in six days, he looked something like this: .

    This is the story of how Steve the emoticon created the universe. “(Bob tell the narrator to start reading!)”

    -Day 1: Steve created darkness and separated darkness from light, calling darkness "day" and light "night".

    -Day 2: Steve created an expanse to separate the waters, calling it "ground".

    -Day 3: Steve called the dry ground "seas" and gathered waters "land". On day three, Steve also created vegetation (rocks and mountains).

    -Day 4: Steve took his white pool ball and put it together with the sun and stars he had created, to give light to earth and to govern and separate the night and day.

    -Day 5: Steve created every dying creature of the lands and every winged bird, blessing them to multiply and fill the land and ground with life.

    -Day 6: Steve created man: Kim and woman: Kim in his own image to communicate with him. He cursed them and gave them every creature and the whole earth to rule over, care for and cultivate.

    -Day 7: Steve was to create extraterrestrials but when he went down the stairs to his workshop he fell and died.

    The end

  2. I have three friends with Z2's and i love that big pritty screen.

    dbrand is awesome because they are giving away a verry nice phone with an awesome skin for free to one of your fans.