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  1. I already got the corsair k70 rgb I was just waiting for the m65
  2. So I went to best buy today to take a look at an iPhone 6 and I was confused when I saw the razer ultimate, kraken and deathadder chroma already out ??? Also found a corsair m65 rgb soooo I snagged it. I'll post photos later.
  3. Go with the RGB, It was suppose to come out with in late August like the K95 so I'm now assuming it'll be out at the end of this month to the beginning of next?
  4. Go take a gander in the post and read a bit will you.
  5. It's always been 169.99 lol we've known this since June....
  6. It's called a fail safe incase the test goes errant the rocket will self destruct.. I work in this career field. This is what it looks like when you don't push the self destruct button on an errant Launch. Silly russians
  7. the M65 is supposed to be released in August. but i doubt it now lol
  8. Im assuming however the m65 RGB will be released this month on schedule though??
  9. Pc for gaming and my MacBook pro ( With personal upgrades: 500gb Samsung SSD and 16 GB of RAM) for all my college stuff
  10. I personally don't mind waiting longer for the keyboard for what ever reason as long as it works when its actually released. However, the lack of communication from corsair of the delay after giving a time frame for the keyboards release is quite annoying.