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  1. Kinda sucks they don't do a YouTube Premium family plan like how the Google Play music family plan use to give you Red. Kind of looks like they're more taking away features that were already there. I wonder how long they'll give existing Google Play music subscribers access to YouTube Premium
  2. If the GPU your using has Display Port you can get a display port hub like this https://www.startech.com/au/AV/Displayport-Converters/Triple-Head-DisplayPort-Multi-Monitor-MST-Hub~MSTDP123DP The one I had was occasionally finiky and would require me to press the re-sync button every now and then though.
  3. I wasn't very clear in my original post by "locked side" I meant as in inside your home which would mean that to rollback someone would've already had to of broken into your home to roll the lock back.
  4. I have a few thoughts on this. I do think that it's a good idea that they do have OTA firmware updates cause at least they have the ability to provide security patches to these devices (which a lot don't seem to be able to). What I don't understand is why there's no recovery firmware. I haven't seen the devices myself but why isn't there a button on the locked side (seems you can still use a physical key to unlock it) that can rollback to the previous update or install a new firmware. However and maybe I'm just getting old but I don't understand the crazy for "smart" devices like t
  5. I'm considering it. I've got an old GPU that's not doing anything really at the moment so thinking about trying a 2 gamer's 1 CPU as well as running developer VM's with Linux and Windows.
  6. Take a week off :P. They could use the extra week to make a different time consuming video or try something different.
  7. I hope this starts us on the route that any headset will work with a vr compatible game/app just like I can use any monitor for my pc.
  8. I just got the email about this and instantly thought of what this means for LTT. I guess we'll be going back to YouTube only which is fine I guess, very curious to see how they will talk about this on WAN this week
  9. Looks like my PC should just be able to run this. But I'll probably play on Xbox One. I do want to see though if I can play on PC and Xbox One at the same time with 2 different live accounts though.
  10. I always find it hilarious when they complain about people "abusing" unlimited plans.
  11. Yes people calm down this is just a rumor and almost as crazy as Reb Bull buying an F1 team...oh wait.
  12. You'd probably be required to take it proprietary fuel pumps and will charge you more for it.
  13. I wouldn't really call McLaren a luxury car maker they build super and hyper cars. Luxury cars are more in lines of Bentley and Rolls Royce. This is complete Ron speak they always come out and deny everything and only tell half truths take when Alonso got injured at the opening test day 2 years ago and they said it was "just the wind". This could be completely true and they'll deny it till it actually go through.
  14. http://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2016/09/hps-drm-sabotages-off-brand-printer-ink-cartridges-with-self-destruct-date/ Another day another company trying to monopolies a business. Not only are they causing people who bought significantly more affordable off brand ink cartridges to basically get a bricked printer but it's also popping up for people who legitimately purchased HP cartridges. I wonder how long till someone figures out a "No HP cartridge patch" to let people use the device they've purchased.
  15. Do you really need the dedicated streaming computer? I've got an older cpu and gpu but with OBS I can stream (I've done it with iRacing) using intel quicksync without much of a performance hit. Plus if your taking the sim racing side of things more seriously then you'd probably be better off each getting triple screen's.