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    Master Rambler & Pro Lurker
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    Computers, PC games, Programming, anime, manga, visual novels, dating sims, vocaloid, Tech News, Keyboards, etc
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    Some might call me an insensitive jerk, and it might just have probably cause! (that's up to you)

    Might be pulling an all nighter programming to fix/finish some game, or software... Check your local listings

    Currently working on an 8bit space exploration RPG type game called S.E.R.A (Thread on it to come soon)

    I'm a college student and a programmer but I've always loved tearing apart electronics to find out how they work and then ghetto rigging them into something. I have a collection of old parts from the late 90's in heaps all over since everyone gives you their old parts for no reason which is kind of cool since I set up a halfway decent server using alot of these parts.. I have build a few computers with the newest one being for myself that's actually up to date and much better than my older gaming rig using some hand me down parts from at least like 2005ish or so but the new one has all new parts and works great!
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    Application Programmer & Student


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    FX6300 @4.2GHz
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    ASUS M5A99FX PRO R2.0
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    CORSAIR Vengeance 16gb ( 2x8GB ) @ 1600MHz
  • GPU
    Powercooler R9 280 4GB
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    Corsair C70
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    HDD: Seagate Baracuda 1TB 7200 RPM SSD: Kingston SSD Now 200 90GB
  • PSU
    Seagate 620W ( too lazy to look )
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    HP 2009m monitor & ASUS 23" IPS pannel (Forgot Name)
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    DuckyShine 3 Magenta ( mx-browns )
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    Tesoro Shrike
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    corsair vengeance 1300's
  • Operating System
    Win 10 Pro

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  1. I would have been much more excited for a Vietnam setting instead, but it could be interesting.
  2. Can confirm that I have not got Hotspot Shield to work on Netflix since they said that. I just get a connection error though. (Works immediately after I turn it off)
  3. Almost starting to get used to the idea of the new form layout... I'm definitely not sure that I like it very much, but hopefully most people do so far. (Though I do definitely feel out of place, not that I didn't before at time with the extreme viewpoints of some of the younger audience lol [Not often that I get to say that at my age])

  4. Pretty sure that it is just 'color 0a' for example (The 0a being the color code).
  5. Write about what career you want, or just pick some random shit, and write about how you plan to get there. Make absolutely sure that you mention accomplishments that you have already done, and overall talk up how amazing you are. Additionally, add in how the university itself will help you get to your career and how helpful it will be. (All of this is coming from someone who won a full tuition scholarship and was applauded for how 'amazing' the essay was, and all I did was make up shit that made me sound good.) *The main point is that the essay is a tool for you to tell them how good you are
  6. I was in favor of that, since I happen to be an application programmer; however, Adobe being your price comparison is laughable at best, since they infamous for hiking up their prices to ungodly levels.
  7. I feel like you're very much downplaying the fact that it's a god damn self driving car there mate... (A software feature lol)
  8. Well RIP my chances, but my Ducky is kind of perma broke until I pull it apart to resolder parts and so is my mouse. Right now I'm using a dell keyboard and a lenovo mouse, everyday I want to kill myself because of it... Feenix Save Me!
  9. Well as a long time user of twitter it makes me kind of turned off to the whole thing, since I don't want to heart your crap. I personally miss the favorite and really hate the stupid heart idea... Too bad Twitter won't care.
  10. Yea... Speaking from the point of view as someone in the software development field I can tell you that Software Engineering and autocad are vastly different. For starters a Software Engineer is generally higher up on the food chain in that they manage a software project by working on it themselves, programming and other lovely junk, and corralling the lower level programmers, like myself. AutoCad is just a piece of modeling software that is generally required to be known by employees in the engineering and architecture field. Unless you get a job somewhere being the biggest master of AutoCad
  11. I wouldn't mind some old school flair from some older cars. If they threw in some classic goodies too I'd be excited.
  12. I know everyone loves having physical locations on their soil, but I hope this is just for those companies. I mean if it wasn't it means that smaller spots that don't have data centers in the EU straight up can't have user from their because they only have centers in the U.S. which would be stupid.
  13. Hulu was terrible in that you paid for the service and still had ads too..
  14. I bought the 15" version for my laptop and it has worked awesome for me. It has actually become one of my favorite backpacks I've ever owned and I grabbed it for $25 ($15 after a $10 off from a student referral) Exit: also I should state that I have a 15.6" laptop and it fits with room to spare in it. Additionally it has plenty of padding in it so that I've never had any issues having books and my laptop in it.
  15. I've bought from eBay many times and it varies greatly since it depends on the seller and the product. I've had stuff arrive as early as 1 day to forever long so just wait.