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  1. I have not used unraid before but I know vmware with Nvidia GRID GPUs works amazingly well as a DaaS solution. vmware with vcenter/vmotion allows for easy expansion as well.
  2. @dual290x Sorry its been a long time since Iv been on these forums. I'm was using a 3 port res top and lined up the hole with the hole on the back of the case. then ran a small 1 - 1.5 inch piece of tube from the res top to the fill port. I actually got kind of lucky because I didn’t pre measure and so if I had mounted my res/pump combo to the front of my case any higher or lower it would not have lined up correctly. To make the actual fill port fitting fit tighter I just used a one of the circular rubber grommet from the back of my other PCs case (the HAF-X) since it was the same size as
  3. But can you hook up an external GPU though those fancy thunderbolt ports? Maybe even hack together some sort of crossfire thing? haha
  4. This is highly dependent on screen size and how far away from the screen you are sitting IMO. Sure 720p on a screen larger than say 19" is pretty much garbage but its usable on a 12" screen down to a phone. where 4k on a 12" screen would be unusable. but 720p on a 32" TV sitting 5 feet away is also fine.
  5. Seeing that No one Lives forever 2 magazine cover in the intro makes me sad. To bad NOLF3 will never happen.
  6. Cool. that is correct. I didn’t really think it was bad gpu vram. Way to many over sights and miraculous coincidences would have had to happen before you got the card. Not imposable but highly unlikely, just slightly to the left of imposable lol. Its probably just a bug in the software you original used in your first screenshot. if cpu-z only showed 3GB of vram I would have thought it was a bad driver install (it would not hurt to download the latest drivers off nvidia's site for your GPU and install those if you have not done so already) I will repost this just in case you missed
  7. No. that is your CPU info. Click the "Graphics" tab. it will be listed there.
  8. In that screen shot you posted. it says 3071MB GTX1080 ti. it should be 11264MB(11GB)
  9. That seems odd that program is only seeing 3GB of vram on your gpu. id verify with another program that its reading correctly. Iv never heard of a GPU having that much dead vram and getting passed QC (especially an evga card) let alone still working enough to play games. Id verify vram with another program just to eliminate that as an issue. With that said Id install something like MSI afterburner or evga precision and setup the on screen display to show you CPU, RAM and GPU,Vram usage, CPU & GPU clock speeds and GPU & CPU temps. This will help you figure out of something is runni
  10. lol that's awesome! If I remember correctly I think my ATi 9800 pro only gets around 10-13k.
  11. If I have time tonight I will run 3dmark01se on my P3 1Ghz with an ATI 9800 pro Win 98 SE PC I have for retro gaming. Sure my GPU would be "cheating" but my MB does not have on board video. Id love to see Linus pop in a PCI GPU into this puppy. I’m pretty sure Geforce 6000 cards had PCI versions still. EDIT: Turns out my P3 win98 PC just crashes on the first test in 3dmark 2k1. I think my GPU is going bad (it was getting 80fps at 1024x768 before it crashed). I may try installing XP on another HDD later because turns out win 98 actually kind of sucks butt s
  12. I wish Amazon would screw up like that for me. I had ordered a 6TB WD red I got a 2 TB blue. Contacted amazon to replace it. they sent me a 6TB Gold(I kept it and they refunded me 50$, So I got a $280 drive for ~$180). A few weeks later I ordered 2 more 6TB reds and they sent me 2 2TB reds. I got a refund because they they told me inventory was screwed up on their end and to re order in a week. I waited 2 weeks and ordered 2 more 6TB reds. I received 1 6TB WD red and 1 2TB red. Asked me to return the 1 drive and place a new order. But now they wont match the price I paid original
  13. I have been confused at who the target audience is for x299/i9 since they announced it. It just looks like a 1 foot in reactionary response to AMD. This just reminds me a whole lot of how Intel responded to AMD 64 x2 back in the day. Iv learned over the years of building PCs its better to skip these types of reactionary releases from companies. They always end up half baked and rushed. wait for x399 if you are one of those people who wont go AMD no matter what; my guess is a lot of people will be saying "x399 is what x299 should have been" when it comes out. When mother board manufactures hav
  14. I use Ubuntu Gnome with the "simple dock" plug-in from the gnome shell extinctions site as my daily driver at home. If I didn’t use that id go with Fedora because Red Hat is all Iv run into in the corporate world for servers iv supported.
  15. I just use nano. it gets the job done for what I do. id use vanilla notepad if I ever needed one when I have to use windows.
  16. You should not need ECC ram to run it. ECC is more a "best practice" when dealing with server hardware and Server OSs. You can download the Server 2016 trial off MS's site and install that first if you really want to be sure it runs on your hardware, But if it can run windows 7-10 it can run MS Server.
  17. The rule of thump I always tell people. Only do SLI if you are already getting the best GPUs out ie. like the GTX 1080. Or if you are buying one now and maybe another one in a year. like the 1070. SLI is not supported on anything lower than the 1070 anyway these days. A single higher end card > 2 low end cards.
  18. I don’t think id have an issue with apple limiting the ram to 16GB if they just didn’t say anything about it. The most infuriating part of it is how they try and insult our intelligence with that BS excuse. But we all have to understand that people don’t buy apple products because they are high end. they buy them because they look high end. Apple has always led from behind in actual hardware specs this is nothing new.
  19. You may need to make sure you are the owner of the files before you can make changes to the permissions on the file. Security tab > advanced > owner
  20. I would want what ever one you want to give me. Both have their pros and cons that would make either great and neither more desirable than the other one. Congrats on the 3mill.
  21. I would put this GPU in my wife's PC. She only has a GTX 660.
  22. @LinusTech I have been doing that whole VM youtube watching thing for about 4 or 5 months now. I started doing it more to off set me using adblock. I just click the "Play all" under your uploaded videos on your channel, set it to 144p and let it run to the end. this is at least my way of not completely F'ing over content creators like your self because I cant stand ads. I check it every week or so and restart it as needed. my guess is it has played almost 10k videos so far across all of the channel's I'm subbed to.. I'm sure my ISP hates me.
  23. I kind of did this same project a few years ago to play a few old games I have (rainbow six rouge spear and mechwarrior 2 & 3). Not my first PC ever but was the first one I built my self. thankfully I still had most this PC in tact. I don’t think the motherboard has been out of its case since I installed it back in 2001. haha Original Specs(Built ~ June 2001): CPU: Intel Pentium 3 1Ghz (slot-1) Motherboard: Intel VC820 RAM: 256MB PC800 RAMBUS Ram HDD: 14GB HDD (I think it was only 14GB) GPU: Geforce 2 MX( had upgraded it to a geforce 3 shortly after th
  24. I want this because it seems it hit that sweet spot between a steam link and a full gaming PC.