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  1. There are more devices using the router but it always has been the same devices for the last couple of weeks so nothing has really changed...
  2. Hello community! I've noticed i had some slow internet on my desktop as of yesterday night, usually we have fibre 150mb/s Download and upload. But for some reaason i have 2mb/s download and 149mb/s upload, my ping is fine i notice no lag in any games only i cannot load livestreams or any high quality videos. I have no idea why this happend out of the sudden... Any tips on how to resolve this? Thanks for the help! Edit: I'm connected to a cable not wifi!
  3. great vid! pretty HowToBasic style, also hello fellow dutchie werknemer van de eeuw <3
  4. The title kinda explains itself, I've read something about not having your PSU plugged into a powerstrip wich i had and now i have it directly into the wall socket but still the static sound stays, how heavier load i have on my pc how loader the static sound becomes (ex. while staring @ my desktop its minimal but when playing a game its pretty loud) Thanks for all the help if u need more info feel free to ask
  5. ty, i have CPU-Z installed on my PC so i can check it anyway atm im in school on my laptop but thanks anyway. when i'd a software wich showed me all drivers it were like 50+ except from the GPU is it all in the site of the Mobo? i cant say this enough thanks for helping out
  6. i have a AMD card i was planning to get a 970 but i couldn't wait so bought a used pc in excellent state and planning to swap the GPU and maybe CPU later... i have a HD XXXX forgot the exact model but its equal to a r9 280, and a i7 950 with a workstation Mobo and 24gb of ram my planning for the future is get a 970 and sell this GPU then maybe get a i7 4790k and new Mobo and use 16 gb of the ram ( its 6x4gb) and selling the last 2 sticks with the mobo and gpu
  7. its my first time i have to do this and there are ALLOT of drivers.
  8. for everything recent bought a new PC ( used) and installed a fresh copy of windows
  9. Does anyone know any *Free software to check for Driver updates / download / install the driver updates. the ones i found are all paid or you can only update 1-2 every day. Thanks for helping me out!
  10. So today i got a new PC and i want to instal windows 7 home premium on it ( already has a other version of windows 7 on it but since it was a used PC i wanna make a clean start) and when i try to restore it and say i want a to make a new windows it doesnt detect it. but when i look at my computer it shows E: Windows 7 home premium... anyone knows a solution how i can install my home premium and delete my old one? -edit- i can boot it while i already have the other windows installed but im not sure if it will fit on my ssd ( wich already has windows installed)
  11. also forgot to mention got a driving wheel + pedals and a joystick with it
  12. So today i bought a PC + monitor for 700 euro total the specs are: CPU: i7 950 CPU COOLER: Dark rock pro 2 MOBO: Asus P6X58-E-WS 1366 RAM: 24 GB DDR3 6x4gb CASE: NZXT model?? its white with red i love it:D! PSU: LC power LC8850850 SSD: 180Gb SSD Intel Solid-State Drive 335 Series HDD: WD 640 GB SATA600 GPU: Sapphire Radeon HD 7950 Dual X Monitor: lg flatron ips277-bn including steam account/uplay/origin ( all changed to my email). STEAM: -Age of Empires II HD Edition -Arma 3 -Assetto Corsa -The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim -Euro Truck simulator 2 -F1 2013 -GT power expansion -Life is Feudal :You
  13. No i will not. I have also a imac at home if i plan on doing any content creation i will do it on that this will be a pure gaming machine with the occasional livestreaming
  14. i will just be livestreaming for fun nothing serious yes.