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  1. update: i used the media installer made by microsoft and its still the same results.
  2. its clear to run windows 7 so it should have no problem with windows 10.
  3. I am trying to install windows ten on a build with a dvd that i made from an iso using imgburn. it boots up and the logo appears and thats it. ive had it sit for hours multiple times. the machine is currently running windows vista home premium. anyone know how to fix?
  4. I am attempting to build a dual xeon rig. i have it up and running vista home premium 64bit rather decently but i come to find out with cpu-z that only 1 core is working. i tried to find some info on this but i was only able to find one post that said that you must use either vista ultimate or enterprise. is this true? note: i am only building this computer for a small project for fun. the build has dual xeons irwindale 2.8ghz a gtx 730, 3gb of ddr2 ecc ram (i am planning on upgrading the ram), on a super x6dvl-eg2 mother board.
  5. well this was just for fun and i was able to get all the listed parts for 15 dollars so i didnt lose much. However would it be a possibility to combine a few pci or pci express x4 cards for a multi card setup? would that be worth it at all? again this is more for just a fun project.
  6. The system i am working with is old server parts. The specs are: Super x6dvl-eg2 mother board two 2.80ghz xeons 64bit 3 gigs of super talent 400Mhz ecc memory currently running on 64bit vista home premium. I'd like help selecting good graphics card that can run games like bioshock and smite at high settings for a rather low price. The mother board has 3 pci slots, 2 pci express x4 slots, and a pci-x slot. I don't want to spend too much on this build as its not going to be my main system and its more a project for fun.
  7. The key board, mouse, and mouse pad all fit my set up perfectly all being a stealthy black design. Also those head phones look really sweet.
  8. I have a pc that I think would be awesome to transfer an oil cooled rig
  9. My favorite series is the wan show because it's an easy way to see whats going on in the tech world
  10. I like the z2 because it's water proof and that you can change the focus of a picture after you take it.
  11. I like the z2 because it's water proof and that you can change the focus of a picture after you take it.