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  1. I got the SSD on prime day so it was a great deal Thanks for the confidence!
  2. Hey everyone, I'm shopping around for laptops right now and I need a general-use machine for my mom. She goes on trips sometimes and takes my brother with her, so at the very least I would like it to be able to play minecraft and portal. I have a 1TB SSD I picked up earlier to throw into whatever computer I get her. Do you think the Acer Aspire E 15 is a good choice for web browsing, entertainment, low-demand games, and portability? If there is something better out there, please let me know what you think. I'll be buying around this weekend because her current lapt
  3. They used a power drill to install thier cooler. That's what happens when you over tighten this stuff
  4. I've run into few hackers in BF4. Quick headshots are common, especially if you turn a corner while already aiming at head height.
  5. Ah, I have shader and shadow quality maxed out. In GTA:O I drop to about 45 fps in some rural areas but mostly I get an average 63 FPS (and it is very stable there) The difference in settings helps me understand the discrepancy.
  6. What are your exact settings in GTA V? I have turned post processing/AA down along with grass to get stable 60 fps and I have the same exact card you have. Of course, I am not running dual xeons, but I doubt that's the issue Edit: I am running the game at 3290 x 1920.
  7. Yeah, that's why I said it's fine. I would add a 15$ GPU, but I have some friends with many emergency GPUs for cheap so I always throw them in anyways. Personal choice.
  8. It's fine. I'd add a 15$ GPU to take care of the OS display, but that's just me. Give it a try!
  9. I use the glorious extended mouse mat (white edition) linked by another poster above me. I would recommend you go for a black mouse mat because the white ones get dirty easily. I wash mine regularly to keep it looking nice. Steelseries also makes excellent mouse pads
  10. Extended mouse mats leave ample room for the mouse (at least for me) How far do you move you mouse around? What keyboard are you using? What extended mouse mat are you looking at in particular? I'd imagine an XL mouse mat would give you more space to move the mouse. If you want maximum room to move your mouse, that may be the direction you want to go.
  11. That looks really awesome. I'm going to have to put this game on my watch list now...
  12. your motherboard also needs to support SLI Just FYI (check your mobo specs)
  13. I really like those headphones! They look awesome and quality headphones are completely underrated. Good luck everyone!
  14. I didn't bother to watch the hot dog video after my housemate commented on how disgusting it was... The sound effects do get annoying after a while.
  15. Most anticipated: roller Coaster Tycoon World Favorite: tie between BF4 and GTA V
  16. I'm happy with my monitors - what I'm excited for is high refresh rate and low latency VR
  17. Personally, gas mileage is a HUGE deal for me (I like my wallet and the environment) I would say unless your sister wants to chip in, there really is no incentive for you to want a larger car, especially if you don't know what you would do with the space. I own a used 1998 Toyota Camry with somewhere around 240000 miles on it and perform my own maintenance aside from changing tires (let those guys at Costco do that) and I have never wished that I had a bigger car. Then again, nobody in my family has kids. I'm not you so it is hard to give advice, but I would look at a vehicle you can affo
  18. I think an investment of that proportion should be your choice. If you want to help your sister out - by all means, do it! If you really want another type of car though, my advice would be to make a list of the reasons you want the other car. Then think about what features you have to give up to please your sister - and from there you can decide for yourself if the sacrifice is worth it or not
  19. Thank you. 4K =/= UHD All these display manufacturers need to figure this out. Sure they are close, but they are NOT the same thing.
  20. Nah, in the US you buy your phone and go home, activate it yourself, and then boom. Phone. You can get the guy who sells the phones to activate it too, but I have found it;s faster to do it myself. Also, a lot of phones can beam contacts, pictures, music, and other data to another phone using NFC, so that's not even a problem anymore.
  21. I used these in my Atom 14 build (link in my sig) They are pretty cheap, but they are bright and get the job done. I would buy again if I knew what to do with them...
  22. did you plug in the CPU power? it's the 8 pin near the top of the rear IO, not the 24 pin. The 24 pin is not the issue here. Also, the ram could be fine but the BIOS will want to start with only one stick of RAM.
  23. You could try removing all but one stick of ram (the remaining stick of ram should be in the slot closest to the CPU) then turn the PC on. Also, make sure you have the CPU power correctly plugged in.
  24. Not sure if this rebate is still going on, but last spring I bought a droid turbo at Costco and got a $100 costco card and $100 added to my Verizon account. I think the turbo is a $400 phone right now, but if this rebate still works, I think it's in your budget! Of course, it's assuming you shop at Costco and you don't mind rebates.