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  1. Love Mr. Robot, the lengths the team went to to ensure that everything was "real" and legit was really good, I remember they featured a version of Elasticsearch (Kibana) in one of the scenes, and they actually worked with Elasticsearch to use an older version that was out at the same timeframe that they were shooting in, amongst other stuff. Definitely the best series or film I've seen with regards to how "hacking" is portrayed.
  2. Hey all, we've been looking for a good way to create an alarm system that doesn't break the bank and has all the features we want - we are really happy with how this one came out! Please let me know your feedback and hope it is interesting! https://everythingsmarthome.co.uk/howto/how-to-make-your-own-dual-purpose-wireless-alarm-system-with-home-assistant-part-1
  3. I think this a very smart move from them, it should help to silence the "spyware" issues that were discussed a while back and generally make everyone feel a bit easier about trusting them, of course we will need to wait for a while to give people time to look through the code and verify, but overall a very smart business move IMO!
  4. Ah sorry, I mean IT security firms, some of the best come from Israel!
  5. Also there are a lot of security companies based out of Israel, not sure why!
  6. I don't disagree with that, their communication has been abysmal. I 100% agree. OK, "supports" was perhaps not the word I should have used, official support has been limited so far but it does work on many many devices by simply opening chrome on any other phone. Seen people running it on Galaxy's, OnePlus's etc by just using Chrome. The 1080p Chrome thing was actually communicated beforehand. However I find it interesting your saying Chrome is limited to 1080p when the entire xCloud library is limited to 720p? Again, Playstation now limited to 720p.
  7. Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/moorinsights/2019/12/16/intel-acquires-habana-labs-for-2b My thoughts: Seems like Intel is trying to finally combat NVIDIA in the AI space which it hasn't managed to do yet, NVIDIA has been pretty much unchallenged at this point. Be interesting to see if they can provide some competition within the next few years, competition is always good!
  8. Hopefully this blows over, I absolutely love NGINX and especially NGINX support (yes paid), so would hate anything to happen to it ?
  9. If you think its shit then you've been paying attention to the media spin, not the actual users. Media has hated on it from the start, not sure why. If you read community posts you will see 95% of users are having a fantastic experience. Your statement about losing games if you cancel your monthly subscription is 100% false, this is why its getting a bad rap in the media is because people are spreading misinformation: https://www.pcgamer.com/uk/cancelling-stadia-pro-wont-lock-you-out-of-your-discounted-games/ The service is 100% not on its knees, far from it. There was
  10. To be fair, the general consensus is Stadia works great, the underlying technology is there and the games are very playable. What most of the complaints are about now are the lack of basic features, which is understandable but hopefully they will deliver on those. This is good news because the actual hardest challenge (getting the games to a playable latency) seems to be great. Another point is, it isn't Google's fault that people have data caps/terrible speeds. Data caps in Europe are non-existent so it is perfectly useable for us over here. Of course, its a consideration you shou
  11. Damn, keep trying they might come back in!
  12. I just bought one just now so must have restocked. Don't know why I bought it mind you, I have no use for it...but hey ?