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  1. My mother has started to complain about not having enough room to store all of here pictures on her laptop anymore here recently. I have told that if she needs them saved to bring them to my room and put them on my computer (I have the most local storage out of anyone in the house). She always tells me that she doesn't like to do that because it is a hassle to get back at them once she puts them on my computer. Getting a NAS, this WD My Cloud to be exact, for her and the rest of the house would solve this and many other issues around the house.


    Have a wonderful Christmas everyone!


    Andrew :D






    full link: http://www.amazon.com/Cloud-EX4-Diskless-High-performance-reliability/dp/B00G4JZ2T0/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1449398884&sr=8-3&keywords=nas

  2. Just want to say thanks for all the hard you and your crew have been doing over the years. The content has always been great from you guys. I've been watching you guys since mid 2010. It was just as I was starting to get into PCs. Just happen to stumble upon one of the best YouTube channels I have ever subscribed to.


    I've been seeing these ErgoDox keyboards floating around on the internet and maybe you guys could get your hands on one and make a video review of them.

  3. Didn't see this thread yet to discuss the new Humble Bundle so I took the initiative to. 


    Games this bundle include:

    • Little Inferno
    • Awesomenauts
    • Capsized
    • Thomas Was Alone
    • Dear Esther

    Pay more than the average and get:

    • Hotline Miami
    • Prteus

    I picked this one up because I really wanted to play Little Inferno and Hotline Miami.


    Feel free to share your thoughts on this bundles games.