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    theKumba reacted to BlueChinchillaEatingDorito in which OS   
    I would just continue to use XP on it if you're not dealing with critical data. That being said, a form of Linux like Ubuntu might be a better choice since you can then run an updated web browser.
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    theKumba reacted to Carfferd in What OS(s) do you use, which OS do you prefer & why?   
    Windows 10 and Mac OS Sierra. Both useful for it's own purpose. Mac OS is my 'to go' OS and Windows my main 'home' OS.
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    theKumba reacted to The Sloth in Anyone running Mac OS Sierra?   
    personally, love it, its the best OS for a laptop in my opinion. 

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    theKumba got a reaction from TAHIRMIA in Iphone upgrade to ios 9?   
    I'm sorry to have to break it to you, but there's no way for you to upgrade to iOS 9. The oldest iOS version you can upgrade to is 10.3.1, which might be jailbreakable in the next couple of months, but who knows. If you decide to do that you better do it quickly, since this version could be unsigned in the next few days.
    The reason for this is that Apple unsignes all their firmwares a couple of weeks after a new version was released. The only way to bypass this is if you have an SHSH2 blob of the version you want to up-/downgrade to. To get those you would have had to have that iOS version installed on your device at a time when it was still signed, though.
    I personally don't understand why Apple is doing this, but nobody can really do anything about it.
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    theKumba reacted to 79wjd in Why is Linux or Mac OS good?   
    No....it's not. 
    I vastly prefer OSX over Windows. 
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    theKumba reacted to manikyath in Why is Linux or Mac OS good?   
    it isnt.
    OSX is based on BSD, which they essentially completely rewrote.

    oh yeah, and OP, there's plenty more than windows, OSX, and linux to play with
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    theKumba reacted to straight_stewie in Got a Big Boy "Arduino" Today   
    Well, I have received my Terasic DE0-CV FPGA board yesterday. It's technically for a class, but I payed for it and it's mine to keep forever. At the heart of the board is an Alterra Cyclone V FPGA (E variant). Here are some basic specs:
    The Board
    The FPGA

    Pics (sorry for bad quality)

    So, for those of you that know what this beautiful machine is capable of, what should I do with it outside of class? The only just for fun thing I've done so far is made an 8 bit adder that outputs to the 7 segments and recognizes arithmetic overflow.
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    theKumba reacted to sazrocks in Arduino Projects?   
    Have any extra floppy drives?
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    theKumba reacted to colejohnson66 in Macbook Pro 16GB RAM Limit Exploration   
    I'm sorry, but no. This video is bad. The reason is pretty simple and obvious if you actually do research instead of jumping on the Apple Hate Bandwagon.
    Apple used Skylake processors which support two kinds of memory: LPDDR3 and DDR4. LPDDR3 uses less power per gig than DDR4, so obviously Apple would go with that. Unfortunatly, the controller for LPDDR3 only supports up to 16 GB of RAM. When Apple claims it's limited for battery life, they're not lying; putting even 20 GB of RAM would force them to use DDR4.
    Now, I'm not defending Apple here. If you're going to market it as a "Pro" laptop, 16 GB of RAM is just wrong. Sure, the majority of people don't need more than 16 GB, but that doesn't mean EVERYONE can get by with 16 GB. Apple's obsession with thiness has clearly gotten in the way of making a "Pro" laptop.
    Hate Apple all you want, but don't hate if you don't even know the reason behind their decisions. And before you say "Apple is greedy" or some other stupid thing, think about how stupid that makes you sound: "I hate Apple because they sell expensive stuff". So? It's not your money. If someone wants to buy a laptop with 2015 specs for $2500, why do you care? Ever seen how much a Rolex costs?
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    theKumba reacted to RedRound2 in Macbook Pro 16GB RAM Limit Exploration   
    Wow, this was just a horrible video. Even the Apple-hate disease affects unadulterated channels like LTT
    First of all, they use LPDDR3 RAM, NOT DDR4 SODIMM RAM as their only option from intel was to go with skylake quad cores. This itself pretty much invalidates all your comparisons
    Second, if they ever wanted to put anything above 16GB, they would've had to go with SODIMM DDR4 which would be much more power hungry (& space consuming, hence battery) than for a laptop this thin and light with a good battery life
    Third, the outcome of the video was pretty obvious when I saw @Slick on the thumbnail. He's pretty ignorant when it comes to Apple and doesn't seem to know anything about their products rather always hopping in the iHate Apple bandwagon. Example, and since when can LPDDR equipped laptops can have upgradable memory. It's not like they soldered a SODIMM RAM just for the sake of it
    And Jon, you too seem ignorant if you actually think Apple intentionally didn't make a 32GB Option. Other than the power/space barriers, I will give an easier analogy for haters to digest on, If 32GB was indeed possible Apple could've easily tiered it in a higher end with extra premium and reap more profit, but fact check they didn't
    PS They may have removed traditional ports, but professionals including LMG I believe uses 10Gb/s network and thunderbolt to move files around, meaning professionals investing in higher end equipment just for better performance/convenience. Talk about not catering to professionals when hypocrites don't realize Apple just released a device with much superior ports compared to anything else in the market, that too with a good number of them especially considering that the port can be daisy-chained
    And, rather than Type-C only being relevant to professionals it is also relevant to consumers and just because of this move you guys can thank Apple 2 years later down the road for ubiquitous Type-C adoption
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    theKumba reacted to potoooooooo in Macbook Pro 16GB RAM Limit Exploration   
    XMP, extra integrated GPU performance
    Also, this video was horrible. Completely ignored the difference between LPDDR3 and DDR4
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    theKumba reacted to airdeano in Is my aio water cooler broken?   
    sounds like there is nothing errored in the AIO, that the CPU just is not cooperative in the thermal area.
    one last item to look into is the H100i mod:

    remove the backplate, install 4mm x 8mm o-rings to space the thread bung away from the mobo, this will apply a firmer clamping force to provide a tighter surface-to-surface contact to the CPU IHS and cold plate of the pump/controller of the H100i.
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    theKumba reacted to tiberiusmoon5 in Is my aio water cooler broken?   
    that cooler has a 5 year warranty
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    theKumba reacted to tiberiusmoon5 in Is my aio water cooler broken?   
    no problem kumba but just keep this in mind,
    the corsair h100 was amoungst the earlier units and like all new tech are prone to bugs,
    if you ever reconsider AIO's look for ones that look like prebuilt custom loops,
    this will make it easier to replace a broken part in the long term.
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    theKumba got a reaction from tiberiusmoon5 in Is my aio water cooler broken?   
    Thanks for telling me, seriously. I would have probably thrown it out if I didn't know that.
    Just submitted a support ticket.
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    theKumba reacted to pyrojoe34 in Is my aio water cooler broken?   
    OK that's good. I only tried AIDA64 and HWINFO but if you don't turn off monitoring on the AIO and change a setting in them they fight Link for control on some Corsair AIOs and the you can hear the fans fluctuate a bunch (almost fried one of my CPUs during a stress test because the fans/pump were giving out).
    A good way to test is to set the fan speed to max in Link. If they stay at a steady 100% then there's no issue, if they fluctuate a bunch then there's an issue. Then change the settings back to your fan curve.
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    theKumba reacted to porina in PlayStation Pro   
    I don't have a current gen console, and if I go PSVR, this'll probably be the one I get over the cheaper standard model. Let's see what games we get first...
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    theKumba reacted to swordsman247 in PS4 Pro Insane Value Or Hoax?   
    It will play games better at 1080p then the ps4 but 4k will be upscaled mostly I think(even though it supports the output...) which is what the ps4 does now with games it can't run at 1080p native. It will be better but not sure by how much. I would still get one if I didn't have a ps4 already.
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    theKumba got a reaction from MachmirIndiehos in Fraud on Amazon ?!   
    This guy (or possibly company) is a acutally pretty smart.
    The first time I noticed him he had a hijacked account of some woman with ~30 ratings. Back then I was interested in one of his Oculus Rift's for less then 500€. I emailed him to be at least somewhat sure that he wasn't a scam and as a result of the short mail chat we had I can now 100% confirm that this guy is a scammer. If you send him an email with a link to a product you get an answer with a link to an external payment site. When I asked him how he could provide these products at such low prices, while still making a profit his answer was (in really broken German) "these are my prices". 
    The people that buy his stuff directly over Amazon will never get their stuff and can easily get a refund of their payment, but the people that wrote to him via email get a link to a seperate payment site. These are the people that he is acutally making money off.
    Pretty interesting to see, especially because he got banned several times now and he is still coming back. Also, the accounts he uses get more and more legit. The account he had yesterday had a couple of thousand positive reviews and an acutaly company name of an actually registered company. 
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    theKumba reacted to desertcomputer in CS:GO Poll - Enthusiasts only! (refresh rate questions)   
    Personally if you have money go ahead get 144hz but im still able to reach LEM rank with 60hz monitor and this is similar with my friends who are higher rank than my. To be fact the MM server are 64tick and they is no massive advantage on official servers. I am still able to one tap like a boss. 
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    theKumba reacted to Benji_w in Can you spot a persons age by the way they type?   
    Not really people think I'm younger than I am IRL and on here, same goes with other forums. I've spoken to people much older or younger and had no idea. On the flip-side however, you can get a guess on what they ask and their response to advice which will actually help them. Young people are very stubborn.
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    theKumba reacted to as96 in [SFML / C++] Game from scratch guide   
    Hello, LTT I've been wanting to do something like this for a while now, initially through videos but I'm too shy to do that and my upload speed won't allow me to do that so... here I am, hopefully it will help me improve my writing as well as help you guys get started with SFML.
    First of all I'm gonna answer the question that it's gonna come up for sure: "Why would I even want to read your crappy guide instead of the official SFML one?", the answer is simple, this will have more stuff and you can actually follow along and eventually create a working game.
    A good C++ knowledge is suggested and I'm not gonna teach you the language since it would be impossible, but I'm gonna cover some part of language if I think it's necessary, for example for the "union" which is pretty unknown to most people.
    I'm a human being like you, so I can make mistakes in that case don't hesitate to let me know and I'll fix them.
    This is an index of what I'm gonna do:
    - Where to download - Setup Visual Studio - Basics of SFML: part 1 - part2 - part3 - Graphics: part1 - part2 - part3 - Input - Audio - Network - Box2D integration (Physics) - Asio integration (Network) - Making a game   I'll write those parts as posts of this discussion and link them in that list. If you have any request feel free to ask. And if you want to contribute by sharing your knowledge of SFML you can simply write a post here, I'll add a link to your post in this first one, I'm probably gonna make a different index to avoid confusion.   Now let's come to the painful part... the art... prepare your eyes for some awful sprites, if you want to help you can give me some of your sprites, I'm gonna use everything you guys send as long as it's not against the CoC, so no explicit or offensive image. If your eyes start bleeding after seeing my drawing it's not my fault.   Users' contributions: - [Guide] Installation on Code::Blocks by @Nineshadow - [sprites] LMG sprites by @prolemur
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    theKumba reacted to NeatSquidYT in Recommended Mac Apps / Software   
    Microsoft Office Suite
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    theKumba reacted to 79wjd in In need of a new phone, switching from iPhone 5s   
    No. He obviously is unsure of what he wants....hence the question. 
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