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    boboman342 got a reaction from NvidiaIntelAMDLoveTriangle in Post memes here! (NON LINUS)   
    Dat corner party doe

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    boboman342 reacted to SaladFingers in Upgrading PC useing same hard drive?   
    You don't really need a fresh install. Just uninstall your chipset, graphics, etc drivers. Make sure you are using the same type of connection for your drive (e.g SATA). After booting you can then install the drivers for your new hardware. It might go through an automatic startup repair, let that go through. Also since you are changing your motherboard Windows will probably need to be re-activated, depending on the type (OEM, Retail, etc). Make sure to take a backup before everything, in case something goes wrong.
    PS: @boboman342 Nice guide, didn't know anything about "sysprep". Not sure if that's absolutely needed as I've moved to different hardware without it in the past, but good to know Windows has such functionality.
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    boboman342 got a reaction from SaladFingers in Upgrading PC useing same hard drive?   
    Although I can't totally help you, this is what I did when upgrading my current pc from an amd platform to intel (swapping motherboard and cpu). This is a guide to windows 7, before I obviously upgraded to windows 10, then did a clean install of windows 10 (win 10 key stays in your motherboards bios, idk about 7/8). I would assume you could do something similar with windows 8/10, just make sure to write down your windows and any other application activation keys you have used just encase. 
    You should boot and be activated regardless, there is just concern with removing old drivers first before you do the swap.
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    boboman342 reacted to don_svetlio in Gpu not idling anymore   
    Revert to 361.75 - the newer drivers are crap
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    boboman342 reacted to Lays in GTX 1080 volt issues past 1.25v   
    That guy is a dam idiot then.
    A 1450 mhz 980 ti nearly keeps up with a 1080 at 2100.  A 980 ti at 2100 on Ln2 would absolutely destroy a 1080.
    Go find an overclocked result of a 1080 at ~2100 on firestrike, compare the graphics score to the one in my signature of my 980 ti at 1800 mhz, it's a big difference.
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    boboman342 reacted to DXMember in GTX 1080 volt issues past 1.25v   
    980ti has more streaming cores
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    boboman342 got a reaction from Lord_Karango17 in Newegg refurbished XB270HU worth it?   
    I bought mine used from Ebay for $465 and I think it was defiantly worth it. Still had the plastic on it to peel off. 
    Mine does have a few dead pixels but luckily they are all near the edges of the screen. One is near the top left and the other few are near the bottom right. Literally undetectable unless you have single color, uniform background, AND are 2in from the screen looking for them. 
    I came from a 60hz 1080p pls monitor, so every single thing about my upgrade was totally worth it. You on the other hand, already have a 1440p ips monitor. I would still say the gsync and high refresh rate are huge pros and are must haves, but maybe you could sell your old monitor(s) and recoup the costs? Just a thought, I kept my old 1080p monitor to go portrait style next to my XB270HU
    TLDR: I think the SLIGHT defects in referbs/used XB270HU's warrant the extremely discounted price for such an amaze-balls monitor. 
    P.S. Maybe consider a vr headset instead?
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    boboman342 reacted to baloonis in Password removal when login   
    It worked, just had to shut down the PC after the change, not just restart it.
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    boboman342 got a reaction from Lord_Karango17 in Newegg refurbished XB270HU worth it?   
    Well if you are the kind of person that really wants a perfect monitor, (and for the cost of a monitor like this) you should have one. Those xr34's that are $1,000 shouldn't ever have anything wrong with them, but most do sadly. I would try to find a store that sells/stocks them so you don't have to wait weeks for an rma until you get a perfect one, unless stores won't let you constantly return/re-buy the same thing again and again lol.
    Edit: Oh shit, 1k posts. Woot
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    boboman342 reacted to Lord_Karango17 in Newegg refurbished XB270HU worth it?   
    Yeah... my plans to get a new monitor are a ways away (likely some time at the end of this year), so I will wait till then to see if anything new happens. Monitor tech was moving pretty quick for a while there, but it seems to have slowed now.
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    boboman342 got a reaction from baloonis in Password removal when login   
    Follow that cnet link, but when it asks for a password, just don't put one in and you are golden!
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    boboman342 reacted to zMeul in SanDisk 960GB SSD for $200 US Amazon 3/14/2016 only   
    I'm not comparing it to 850PRO, I am saying it's based on TLC NAND
    and if anyone payed closed attention on what happens when you put that crap in a SSD, you would know that performance will drop to a bottomless pit  - case in point, the whole blunder around SAMSUNG's own 840 series
    I would not pay 200$ for that, I wouldn't even pay a single cent for it, I would not accept it if someone would gift it to me
    here is what happens to TLC NAND over time: 


    and my own, after 2 months of use:

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    boboman342 got a reaction from Zahkyto in Looking for Sandisk SSD opinions   
    I've had the Ultra II 480GB for a short while now (3-4 months) and no problems (so far). The write speeds are kind of a joke, but they will be able to keep up with gigabit lan transfer speeds so you will be fine when transferring files and what not. The read speeds are fast and for $109 when I got it, I like it. There are some other ssd options like Silicon Power 480GB ssd for $99, which are just as likely to fail or die as my Ultra II. Just make sure you go through a retailer with a good return/replacement policy and you'll be fine if you backup your data on the ssd. Not a problem for me because it's used as my steam ssd
    Here are MY read/write speeds
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    boboman342 reacted to handymanshandle in The GTX 970 vs. R9 390 thread to (theoretically) end them all   
    Planetside 2's only CPU bound on two cores. Better you just force the game to run on the last 2 cores.
    The Frostbite engine benefits rather greatly from AMD GPUs.
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    boboman342 reacted to handymanshandle in The GTX 970 vs. R9 390 thread to (theoretically) end them all   
    Note: TL;DR pros/cons list is below this text.
    I see these kinds of threads all the time, and there's a lot of misconception about them. So I wanna tackle it.  
    First, let's talk about the R9 390. Gaming, for the most part, it's on par with a 970 or above it, especially in VRAM-based scenarios (Assassin's Creed Unity, Grand Theft Auto V) or compute-based scenarios (TressFX, Sony Vegas, coin mining). That being said, it comes with a price, and that's with its heat dissipation. You must have a decent case in order to compensate for most 390s and its heat dissipation levels, as most 390s can get pretty toasty in smaller cases. In short, the 390 benefits in VRAM-based and compute-based scenarios, but it dissipates more heat and most 390s are significantly longer, wider, and thicker than most 970s. It also suffers from how AMD drivers are. They are kind of heavy on the CPU, and poorly threaded. It's not bad, especially if you have an i7. But it's still something to take into consideration, especially if you are using a Core i3, where it gets the messiest.  
    Now, let's get onto the GTX 970. In gaming-based scenarios, the card benefits heavily in tessellation-based scenarios (The Witcher 3, Batman Arkham Knight) and CPU-bound scenarios (Grand Theft Auto V, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive), to the point where the 970 can almost slaughter the 390 in some cases. This is due to the nature of Maxwell and Nvidia drivers in general. Nvidia drivers are slightly heavier than AMD drivers, but are nicely multithreaded, making them a great fit for an i3 or an FX-8320. Most 970s are smaller in almost every aspect than most 390s. However, there are not a whole lot of good 970s that aren't from EVGA, MSI, or Zotac. The most notable of these is the Asus Turbo 970, infamously known for being very mediocre in the cooling department. The GTX 970 is best used with CPU-bound applications, places where it will be cramped, or CUDA. Most 970s are moderately sized to large, and almost none of them are as big as most 390s are. Most 970s are also much better overclockers than 390s are.  
    TL;DR pros/cons list below  
    R9 390
    * significantly better compute performance than a 970, to the point where it can give a 980 Ti a run for its money  
    * more VRAM which is very useful for 2160p gaming, especially if you decide to Crossfire them  
    * works best with a Sandy Bridge or above i7 or a Sandy Bridge or above hyperthreaded Xeon  
    * slaughters the 970 in OpenCL tasks  
    * achievable OCs benefit the card far greater than the equivalent clockspeed on a 970  
    * Arguably better multi-monitor support
    * It uses more power, and that's a fact. It's not significant, but it can add up, especially if you live in a country with bad prices on electricity.  
    * Almost all of them are significantly longer, and thicker, than most 970s. This is especially noticeable with the MSI GAMING 4G 970 and 8G 390s, and the Sapphire Nitro R9 390 vs. most of EVGA's 970s.  
    * It dissipates more heat, however, the better cards like the Sapphire Nitro R9 390 or the XFX Core Edition R9 390 are still nicely cooled even in tighter spots.  
    * AMD's drivers are more reliant on a single core and makes the 390 a bad choice for an i3.  
    GTX 970
    * CUDA cores. Need I say more?  
    * Better threaded drivers, making it more suitable with an i3 or an FX chip.  
    * Better suited in CPU-bound games or tessellation-bound games  
    * Shadowplay might be a card seller for you (personally isn't for me, but "personally" is "me" and not "you")  
    * Most 970s are smaller than most 390s  
    * better on power consumption, even if heavily overclocked.  
    * better threaded drivers are kind of rendered null on an i7  
    * It fucking sucks at compute tasks. Like, I'm not even kidding. The R9 390 will beat it in those scenarios.  
    * We all know that Nvidia lied about the card's specs, so if ethics matter, then there's that.  
    * Poor performer in OpenCL tasks
    Any questions? Comment here.
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    boboman342 reacted to Tocsin_786 in (Amazon) 2016 Dell XPS 13'' W/ Infinity Display, $1299 [Good Deal]   
    i remember a time when Amazon did not have taxes at all. Now some states do and others dont  
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    boboman342 reacted to CarterDavison in I think I've gotten two of the worst 970s for overclocking   
    You can't judge a core by the memory type lol
    @boboman342 has a 980 Ti that can do 1560 (maybe higher) yet his memory can only do +200 without training..
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    boboman342 reacted to Ophidio in FX 8350 vs i5 4690K   
    Yeah I understand the whole minimum thing, but then again I'm not the kind of gamer that has to play everything maxed out you know? I adjust my settings to get the best gaming experience I can with the hardware I have so that when I play I never have large dips. Yeah it'd be nice to play at a little higher settings but the main question "is $350 worth it to upgrade" hasn't been proven. Thank you for your help. I really appreciate it and I will definitely be upgrading around the time Zen is released but I'm definitely getting a 970 and the monitor upgrade is probably the way I will go as well since I've been wanting a bigger better monitor for a while as while. Thank you.
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    boboman342 got a reaction from Ophidio in FX 8350 vs i5 4690K   
    The minimum fps is what really puts cpu's like yours behind. Maybe wait for zen or w/e and buy a gsync/freesync monitor in the mean time? It seems as if you are satisfied with your cpu for now.
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    boboman342 got a reaction from Jumper118 in FX 8350 vs i5 4690K   
    and then recoup the cost of the upgrades by selling your old shit?
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    boboman342 reacted to valdyrgramr in Strict Budget Machine? (500 including monitor)   
    Ebay trusted seller and Craig's list.  Or, the one Czex suggested.
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    boboman342 reacted to GDRRiley in Strict Budget Machine? (500 including monitor)   
    go used.
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    boboman342 got a reaction from Paul_the_Hutt in Razer Blade Stealth / Should I get rid of my desktop?   
    I suspect the mystery laptop Linus raged about in this video (around 3 minutes in) would be significantly cheaper than laptops that still include an eGPU solution, like the new GS40 and old GS30, but without having a dedicated GPU already inside the laptop. I also think that with all this thunderbolt/usb-c connectivity in new laptops, there will be even cheaper laptops from other manufactures that have a nice quadcore CPU with the ability for you to buy your own GPU dock solution.
    I guess we'll see!
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    boboman342 got a reaction from CommanderFett in Star Citizen 2.1.0 Live Release   
    Limited ships to lock 2 missiles at a time (Except 325a which allows 4 missiles)


    Also, I want the Sabre but $170 :'( I could only spend $100 and upgrade from my 325a... hmmmmm
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    boboman342 got a reaction from Paul_the_Hutt in Razer Blade Stealth / Should I get rid of my desktop?   
    Or it you DO NOT want a dedicated gpu, the Asus version of what is now the Razer Blade Stealth is a superior option.